News Review - 14 Jul 2017

European leaders go to the Pope for advice… and that advice is now given…

“Form a Federal State!”

The following was written over 50 years ago – and still holds true! When you go through the following articles, it seems very obvious that the Roman Catholic Church is seeking to gain total control over Europe.

No understanding of world events!

“I know this may sound incredible, but it’s true. And it’s time the facts were understood! Editors, news-casters, foreign correspondents and reporters do not understand the real meaning of the world news they report, analyse and discuss.

Equally incredible – heads of governments are utterly unaware of the true significance of the world shaking events with which they deal. They have no conception of where these events are leading. Incredible? Perhaps – but true!( US and GB in Prophecy - Chapter 1)

The Roman Catholic Dream…

The resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire

Just after the Second World War, Mr Armstrong attended a Catholic Church service where the speaker made a bold attempt to get the squabbling nations to put themselves under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The offer was totally ignored, but that hasn’t stopped the Catholic Church from pursuing its goal!

“The Catholic hierarchy was well aware that the United Nations conference was producing nothing but strife and bickering, and was destined from its inception to end in total failure. Yet world leaders were pronouncing it the world’s last hope – with the only alternative annihilation of humanity!

And in this solemn hour, amid the psychological build-up of this impressive service, this dynamic Catholic speaker with ringing voice offered these world politicians the last straw for their drowning nations to grab, when they should later see their world Organization sinking into oblivion.

Without divine help, he assured them, the United Nations structure is doomed to collapse. That divine aid was offered through the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic position is that the pope is, therefore, supposed to be the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, by divine authority. He is supposed to be in authority over all kings and civil governments.

Bare carefully in mind this interpretation whenever God is placed over nations. The Catholic meaning is that their church must be placed, as God, and in place of God, over the nations. It has been enunciated by encyclicals of many popes. It was practised in fact for 1260 years through the dark ages! They openly admit they seek to put it in practice again!( The Plain Truth - December 1948)

1957 – The Treaty of Rome

The foundation of the present European Union was laid in 1957. The vast majority of the founding fathers were Roman Catholics, and the treaty was signed in their capital city, Rome!

1957 - …prominent Catholics such as the former French Prime Minister Robert Schuman were central players in the processes set in motion by the 1957 Treaty of Rome.” (

1982 – Pope John Paul II in 1982 at Santiago de Compostela, performed a solemn ‘European act’ during which he pronounced these memorable words:

‘I, bishop of Rome and pastor of the Universal Church, from Santiago, address to you, old Europe, a cry full of love:

Return to yourself! Be yourself! Discover your origins. Revive your roots.

Experience again those authentic values that made your history glorious and your presence in other continents beneficial.’

Pope John Paul II launched ‘the project of a Europe aware of its own spiritual unity, based on the foundation of Christian [Catholic] values’.” (

Pope Benedict Continues The Idea

2005 - Speaking before yesterday’s Angelus prayer to a group of some 8,000 pilgrims in Les Combes, in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, where he is vacationing, the Pope [Benedict] recalled Europe’s deeply Christian roots and challenged the continent to return to them. ‘Contemplating these saints,’ he said, ‘it is natural to pause and reflect on the contribution that Christianity has made, and continues to make, to the building of Europe’ .” (

The Pope Speaks: Politicians Listen – And Act

The Pope intervenes in a financial crisis:

3rd December 2012 - The Pope gives a speech calling for a reform of the European financial system, and for countries to give up part of their sovereignty to a central power in the common good. (source:

7th December 2012 - German President Gauck Meets With Pope Benedict. In talks behind closed doors, the topic of conversation switched between politics and religion. The discussion centered on the impact of the economic crisis, and the role of the church and Germany within Europe. It would seem that the Pope’s advice is being taken seriously! Keep in mind that it is Germany that controls the ‘purse strings’… (source:

13th December 2012 - European finance ministers reach a deal on rules for supervising eurozone banks - a key step towards banking union. (source:

Note: This would involve participating nations giving up a part of their sovereignty.

14th December 2012 - EU leaders promise further steps to quell crisis… (source:

The big question is who is really in control: Europe, Germany, or the Roman Catholic Church? It looks like the Pope sets the direction – and Europe changes!

In 2013 – Yet Another German/Vatican Get-Together!

16th May 2013 - Pope Francis has called on world leaders to end the "cult of money" and to do more for the poor, in his first major speech on the financial crisis. (source:

18th May 2013 - Just 2 days later - see the result!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew to Rome to meet Pope Francis just days after he made a speech calling for financial reform. Responding to the criticism, Merkel told reporters that the financial scandals demonstrated that crucial checks and balances had not been observed. Her Christian Democrat party relies heavily on the Catholic vote.( News Review - 2013-07-20)

Mrs Merkel gets an audience with the Pope, with just 48 hours notice? This would be impossible under normal circumstances. One is left to conclude that the two are working together.

Then the Pope speaks to the European Parliament …and he is far from complimentary!

2014 - Addressing the European Parliament for the first time, Pope Francis has alluded to a general impression of ‘ageing and weariness’ in Europe and said a new spirit should be built, where humans are treated not as programmable objects.

‘In many quarters, we encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe which is now a “grandmother”, no longer fertile and vibrant. As a result, the great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attraction, only to be replaced by the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions,’ the Pope said.” (

The Charlemagne Prize

May 2016 - An audience with the Pope is valuable for any political leader. So when the presidents of the three main European Union institutions travel to Rome this week, their hope is that Pope Francis will lend the EU a bit of his moral authority. Martin Schulz, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk — in order of appearance in the official program — won’t miss the opportunity to praise the Pope during the Charlemagne Prize ceremony Friday.

‘It’s a symbol,’ a senior Schulz aide said. ‘Three presidents, all three Charlemagne laureates, and three Catholics.’ The Charlemagne Prize is a prestigious German award that honors ‘work done in the service of European unification.’ And unity is urgently needed, according to Schulz, who wasn’t afraid to warn of the EU potentially falling apart in a recent interview with POLITICO.(

The Pope Keeps Up The Pressure

2017 - Pope Francis has warned the European Union (EU) ‘risks dying’ without a new vision, during an address at an EU summit in Rome. The Pontiff addressed EU leaders at the event which highlighted the 60th anniversary of the bloc’s foundation. In his address, he warned Brussels faced a ‘vacuum of values’ and was losing its ‘sense of direction’.

Prime ministers and presidents from 27 EU members states have gathered in Italy to mark the 1957 founding of the Treaty of Rome, receiving a Papal blessing on the eve of the anniversary.

The Argentinian-born pontiff told the leaders they needed to promote Europe’s ‘patrimony of ideals and spiritual values’ with greater passion and vigour. The pope has repeatedly criticised Europe over the past five years for its perceived lack of vision…(

The Politicians Act

May, 2017 - The new French president, Emmanuel Macron, and German chancellor, Angela Merkel, have broken with previous statements by saying they would be prepared to look at changing EU treaties in order to allow a further integration of the eurozone.(

Merkel Seeks The Pope’s Approval

Before the recent G20 meeting held in Hamburg, Germany, Mrs Merkel goes to see the Pope at the Vatican for guidance.

June 2017 - Pope Francis was all smiles when German Chancellor Angela Merkel popped to the Vatican to discuss climate change ahead of a G20 summit. Merkel said the pope encouraged her to work to preserve the Paris climate accord despite US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement at the beginning of the month.

She added that Francis shared her aim to ‘bring down walls’ rather than building them. The pair met for around 40 minutes today. Their talks come ahead of the G20 summit Germany is hosting in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July. Merkel told reporters that she also briefed the pope on Germany’s G20 agenda.” (

The Media Mostly Missed This Statement

While the eyes of the world were focused on the G20 meeting, the Pope made a statement that went almost totally unreported in the mainstream media. The Pope is forcing the pace. “Go Federal or Europe will be a non-player in world events”:

July 2017 - Francis, the first non-European pope in 1,300 years, said he was afraid of ‘very dangerous alliances among (foreign) powers that have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, (Vladimir) Putin and (Bashar al-)Assad in the war in Syria.’

Pope Francis was also quoted as saying Europe should adopt a federal structure as soon as possible or ‘it won’t count for anything in the world’ .” (

After The meeting With Pope Francis…

“In the Rome Declaration they signed, the 27 EU heads of state and government affirmed their commitment to a common future. ‘The European Union is facing unprecedented challenges, both global and domestic: regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migratory pressures, protectionism and social and economic inequalities. Together, we are determined to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world and to offer to our citizens both security and new opportunities. Our Union is undivided and indivisible’.” (

The 27 leaders of the EU went to Rome to seek guidance from the Pope because their European dream is turning into a nightmare. They are looking to the Pope to “ provide leadership that politicians miss” as he is the only leader that “ has the skills and the vision to say things that transcend the obvious…(

It looks like we are witnessing the beginning of the prophecy in Revelation chapter 17. The “woman” - the great false church - is beginning to “ride” - to control – the “Beast”!

“Horrible Hidden History”

As the following article points out, “The Third Reich, like the EU, was an attempt to revive the Roman Empire”.

The Third Reich, like the EU, was an attempt to revive the Roman Empire. The higher strategy of the Vatican and the acquiescence of the Catholic Central Party had brought Hitler to power. Instrumental in this strategy were Reich Chancellor Franz von Papen [a Catholic] and Papal Nuncio, Monsignor Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII. Von Papen goes down in history as the man who obtained Hitler his two-thirds majority, signed the law which made him Head of State and was also responsible for the enormously important Concordat with the Church of Rome in 1933.

He declared, ‘the Third Reich is the first power in the world to put into practice the lofty principles of the Papacy.’ Incredibly, given his responsibility for Nazi atrocities, he was acquitted at Nuremberg and later became Papal Chamberlain to Pope John XXIII. Pacelli, as Pope Pius XII, became notorious for his silence with regard to the Holocaust and the other appalling crimes committed by the Fascists in Europe. The Vatican’s attempts to canonise him have proved highly controversial.

The Nazi leadership was mainly Roman Catholic.

Hitler and Himmler were greatly influenced by the Jesuits, as was Mussolini whose Father Confessor was a Jesuit. Hitler said of Himmler, ‘in Himmler I see our Ignatius de Loyola.’ Joseph Goebbels was also Jesuit-educated, as was Walter Schellenberg who led the SD or Sicherheitsdienst, the Security Service of the SS, and before being sentenced to death at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity, stated that, ‘the SS organisation has been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order . Their regulations and the spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly’.

The lesson and warning of history is that undemocratic regimes whose leaders owe allegiance to the Pope or practise ‘the lofty principles of the Papacy’ pose a threat to individual liberty, and carry out religious persecution.(

The Roman Catholic European Union

The European Union of today was founded by a group of Catholic politicians. It looks like a democracy, but this is a deception. Those who actually run the EU are unelected politicians. The EU is a dictatorship!

“The European Coal and Steel Community was formed after the Second World War by Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Konrad Adenauer and Alcide De Gasperi. Of these, only Monnet – the French political economist who became the community’s first president – was not a conspicuously devout Catholic. (His private life was complicated: he was married to a woman who left her husband for him and had to travel to Moscow to obtain a divorce; the Monnets could not have a Catholic wedding until the first husband was dead, by which time Jean was 85. The ceremony took place in the basilica at Lourdes.)

It is surely quite significant that many of the EU’s founding fathers, including Alcide de Gasperi, Robert Schuman, and Konrad Adenauer, were devout Catholics. Adenauer, for example, was responsible for founding the Christian Democratic Union, today Germany’s largest political party, incorporating a mix of Protestant-Catholic dialogue, Catholic political thought, and conservative social policy. Adenauer has even been championed by some European bishops as a potential cause for canonization .” (

Whatever the EU is today, its beginnings are inseparable from Catholic thought. What’s needed, is for Catholics to involve themselves in European institutions, and reconnect the EU with its Christian roots. Those roots run impressively deep.” (

The Catholic Goal – A United Europe!

“Considering the Church’s history and its social doctrine, its call for a supranational authority is hardly a surprise. The Church has long viewed nation-state sovereignty as a challenge to its autonomy. Historically, it was far more comfortable operating in more fluid internationalized settings, such as during the Holy Roman Empire or Medieval Christendom.

The devastation of World War II convinced senior European Catholics that the power of nation-states had to be tamed. This helps to explain why the Church was such an advocate of European unification. Indeed, prominent Catholics such as the former French Prime Minister Robert Schuman were central players in the processes set in motion by the 1957 Treaty of Rome.(

Understanding The News

With a close look at the history of Europe, we see that both the Second World War and the European Union involved Roman Catholic leadership. With this understanding, we can evaluate the statement by Pope Francis: “… Europe should adopt a federal structure as soon as possible or it won’t count for anything in the world”.

This is a clear challenge to the EU leadership!

The Roman Catholic Church has a plan, and no matter what the peoples of Europe want, it is pressing ahead towards its goal. And it will succeed!

The Pope is encouraging Europeans to “ …go back to your roots ”!

Those roots go all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire. Tens of millions of people were brutally tortured and murdered during this period of time… for not falling into line with Rome.

Could This Really Happen Again, In The 21st Century?

“The lesson and warning of history is that undemocratic regimes whose leaders owe allegiance to the Pope or practise ‘the lofty principles of the Papacy’ pose a threat to individual liberty, and carry out religious persecution.” (

A “Great Tribulation” IS Coming

“It is a persecution – a torturing – a martyring of the saints of God – the very elect who cannot be deceived (Matthew 24:24). Except those days of Great Tribulation be shortened, no flesh could be saved alive. But, for the sake of God’s persecuted saints those days shall be shortened (Matthew 24:22). God shall intervene. Christ shall ‘come quickly’.” ( Who or What Is the PROPHETIC BEAST? - Part Two)

Look At The Facts!
The Warning Went Out

“United within the ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire; united by the common spiritual bond of universal Catholicism; united in a burgeoning and booming industrial economy that dominates today’s world; united geographically in the most productive and industrial complex of all the earth — at least ten nations of modern Europe will march onto the scene of world history as the greatest single human force ever seen by man!” ( The Plain Truth, March 1962)

That Roman Catholic led Europe is emerging right now – WATCH!