News Review - 27 Oct 2017

Italy on the brink… Hungary rejects EU superstate… Austria goes Eurosceptic… Czech Republic threatens Brussels… Poland rejects EU directives… In Germany, Nazi’s in the Bundestag… and then there is Brexit…


Several EU countries have become openly hostile to rule from Brussels, spurred on by the ongoing chaotic Brexit situation. To add to the chaos, the wealthy regions of Catalonia in Spain, and Lombardy and Veneto in Italy, all seek independence.

One of the overriding problems in Europe right now is the huge influx of over one million predominately young Muslim men welcomed into the EU by Germany’s Mrs Merkel. This has fuelled the rise of the right wing parties across the EU. The big question is, was this a deliberate ploy to create instability in Europe, and lead to a right wing takeover? Can the EU survive in its present form?

The following article claims that Europe is heading for a… “ geopolitical, demographic and economic crisis”.

The Disintegration of the European Union is Inevitable

“Although Europe still remains one of the wealthiest and best-organized regions of the globe, there are visible political and economic cracks.

The disintegration of the European Union is inevitable; France and Germany, once the leading nations, are themselves in full decay. While the Germans saw themselves holding the high moral ground by letting in one million Africans and Asians, their Eastern neighbours in particular watched in horror, so much so that their opinion was not sought.

Europe, driven by a suicidal ideology which, to top it all, is implemented by a weak leadership, is heading for a geopolitical, demographic and economic crisis. Tension is building up not only along the continent’s borders but also in European nations, leading up to secession movements inside the Union (Brexit) and inside individual EU member countries (Scotland and Catalonia).

In order to defuse the euro crisis, the new French president wants to further EU integration while more and more Europeans are losing faith in Brussels’ bureaucracy and its failed leadership .” (

Is Europe Swinging To The Right?

“Amid a migrant crisis, economic inequality, growing disillusionment with the European Union and a sense of lost national identity, right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains. The right-wing parties included below range across a wide policy spectrum, from populist and nationalist to far-right neofascist.


Under Sebastian Kurz, the conservative People’s Party won 31.5 percent of the vote in the recent election, giving it the largest bloc in the national Parliament. Almost as many people voted for the insurgent far-right Freedom Party… If the right-leaning coalition forms, Austria could join Hungary and Poland in demanding that the European Union pursue tougher policies on migration.


The far-right Alternative for Germany party, known by its German initials, AfD, started four years ago as a protest movement against the euro currency, won about 13 percent in the latest election, becoming the third strongest party. It marked the first time in more than 60 years that a far-right party moved into the federal Parliament. The party’s policy platform says ‘Islam does not belong in Germany’ and calls for a ban on the construction of mosques. In January, Björn Höcke, a prominent state lawmaker in the party, drew broad criticism by challenging the collective national guilt over Nazi crimes and the Holocaust.


The anti-European Union, anti-Islam Party for Freedom, led by Geert Wilders, failed to win a plurality in a March 15 election in the Netherlands, finishing in second place. Mr Wilders, one of Europe’s most prominent far-right politicians, has said he wants to ban the Koran and close mosques and Islamic schools.


Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party roared back into government by winning 39 percent of the national vote in the 2015 parliamentary elections. Since assuming power [they have] moved to restrict public gatherings, strengthen government control of the media and curb the independence of the judiciary.


Viktor Orban and his right-wing Fidesz party, running on a joint list with the KDNP, a Christian Democratic party, have won the last two parliamentary elections in Hungary, worrying many Western leaders about his increasingly authoritarian rule. The party also decisively won in voting for the European Parliament in May 2014.


The far-right Sweden Democrats party, which has disavowed its roots in the white-supremacist movement, won about 13 percent of the vote in elections in September 2014, up from only 2.9 percent eight years earlier, which gave it 49 of the 349 seats in Parliament. The Sweden Democrats’ platform calls for heavily restricting immigration, opposes allowing Turkey to join the European Union and seeks a referendum on European Union membership.


Founded in 1980, the neofascist party Golden Dawn came to international attention in 2012 when it entered the Greek Parliament for the first time, winning 18 seats. The election results came amid the country’s debilitating debt crisis and resulting austerity measures. The party, which the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner described in 2013 as ‘neo-Nazi and violent,’ holds extreme anti-immigrant views, favors a defense agreement with Russia and said the euro ‘turned out to be our destruction.’ Golden Dawn again won 18 seats in parliamentary elections in September, making it Greece’s third-largest party.


The National Front is a nationalist party that uses populist rhetoric to promote its anti-immigration and anti-European Union positions. The party favors protectionist economic policies and would clamp down on government benefits for immigrants, including health care, and drastically reduce the number of immigrants allowed into France. ‘We are living through the end of one world, and the birth of another,’ Ms Le Pen told a cheering gathering of members of European right-wing parties in Germany in January.” (

Germany In Control?

The following article points out a German view for the future of Europe. They still want a united Europe, but a German led Europe! Having tried and failed twice to conquer Europe by war, this time the thrust is economic.

“Using the secessionist conflict in Catalonia as a backdrop, the website of the German weekly Die Zeit published a fiery appeal for dismembering Europe’s nation-states. For quite some time, the author, Ulrike Guérot, has been promoting the ‘disappearance of the nation-state’ in Europe. The nation-state should be replaced by regions with their ‘own respective identities’ that could be ‘ethnically’ defined.

Wolfgang Schäuble, as President of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) in the early 1980s, was also promoting regionalist plans. Inspired by former Nazi functionaries, the AEBR criticized the ‘nation-state’s barrier effect’ of borders in the interests of large corporations. Current economic maps indicate which areas in the EU would form the continent’s most powerful block if regionalization should take effect: south and central Germany as well as its bordering regions from Flanders to Northern Italy.

Rougement, an OSS-affiliate and professed federalist, complained in a 1948 ‘Message to the Europeans,’ that ‘Europe’ was ‘barricaded behind borders impeding the circulation of its commodities,’ and because of this, is threatened with economic ruin. On the other hand, ‘united,’ it could, already ‘tomorrow, build the greatest political entity and the largest economic unit of our times.’

…German Continuities

Former Nazi functionaries were actively participating both on the AEBR’s committees and in the immediate entourage of its planning of the ‘regionalization’ of the border regions, including Gerd Jans, the former member of the Waffen SS in the Netherlands, Konrad Meyer, responsible for the Nazi’s ‘Generalplan Ost,’ Hermann Josef Abs, of the Deutsche Bank, as well as Alfred Toepfer, described by the publicist Hans-Rüdiger Minow as ‘infamous for his border subversion of France’s Alsace.’ In an extensive study, Minow describes the continuities of the Nazi’s concepts.

…Germany’s Supremacy

Guérot ultimately argues in favor of her regionalization concepts, using the allegation that through the removal of nation-states, ‘Germany’s supremacy… can be overcome.’

The opposite is the case.

Economic maps by the EU’s Eurostat statistics administration show the regions where Europe’s wealth and, therefore, Europe’s economic power is concentrated, a block with its centers in southern and central Germany, to the west, in Flanders and spreading to segments of the Netherlands, and to the South to parts of Austria and Northern Italy and in various separate regions of Western and Northern Europe.

A number of these regions maintain close relations to Germany, or to the German regions. This clearly German-dominated block would hardly have any difficulty controlling a ‘Europe of the Regions’ .” (

Yet Again, The Warning Went Out!

What follows is part of a Plain Truth article written by Mr Herbert Armstrong entitled “ Under Cover IN EUROPE” in November, 1949.

In the middle of May, 1943, top German industrialists held an important secret meeting.

They assembled at Chateau Huegel, suburb of Essen, residence of the Krupps, head of the giant Krupps war munitions plants. Present were Krupp von Bohlen-Halbach, the Krupps works head, Baron Georg von Schnitzler, chairman of the board of world-famous IG Farben works, Otto Pietzch, owner of Germany’s largest machine factory, Herr Hallersleben, president of the Vereinigte Kugellagerfabriken, Dr Otto Fischer, chief of the Reichskreditanstalt, Herr von Schroeder, and others.

Here plans were laid for divorcing German industry, so far as the facts appeared before the outside world, from Nazism. It would be much easier for them to keep German industry free to prepare for World War III if they convinced the allied nations that the Nazis did not run it. They well knew that German industry is the economic heart of all Europe.

The other nations in Europe simply cannot function economically without German industry and German commerce any more than a human body can keep alive without a beating heart.

These industrialists understood fully that, after the war, the other nations of Europe could not keep alive economically without German industry. They knew America and Britain would be faced with the problem of keeping Europe alive. They foresaw the threat of Communism if Europe were plunged into economic chaos and faced starvation. They well realized that for these reasons Washington and London would wish to set German industry going ahead full blast — if they could be fooled into thinking the Nazis no longer were connected with it!

At this meeting in the Krupps chateau, plans …for the next war were carefully laid. It was planned for Baron von Schnitzler to try to use his many contacts abroad to re-establish relationships with former friends in America, Britain, and other countries.” ( The Plain Truth - November, 1949)

Sixty Years Later – The Plot Verified!

Headline: “Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich …in the EU”

9 May 2009 - “The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading. But US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944.

The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany’s post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis’ return to power and work for a ‘strong German empire’. In other words: the Fourth Reich.

The three-page, closely typed report, marked ‘Secret’, copied to British officials and sent by air pouch to Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State, detailed how the industrialists were to work with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany’s economy by sending money through Switzerland.

They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad. They would wait until conditions were right. And then they would take over Germany again.

The industrialists included representatives of Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmitt. Officials from the Navy and Ministry of Armaments were also at the meeting and, with incredible foresight, they decided together that the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire - but not just German.

The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants, reborn as democrats, soon prospered in the new West Germany. There they worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration.

Is it possible that the Fourth Reich those Nazi industrialists foresaw has, in some part at least, come to pass?”

For now, the nation state endures. But these three typewritten pages are a reminder that today’s drive towards a European federal state is inexorably tangled up with the plans of the SS and German industrialists for a Fourth Reich - an economic rather than military imperium .” (

“The Wise SHALL Understand”

This world is rapidly descending into chaos. While Germany is the leading nation in Europe, Europe itself is unstable. Around the world, we see threats of economic collapse, wars and nuclear terrorism. As the end of the age rapidly approaches, our focus must be on the future… See how Jesus Christ Himself encouraged us…

Let not YOUR heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also . And whither I go ye know, and THE WAY ye know.(John 14:1-4)

Our Spiritual Heritage

In his booklet, “ Just what is an APOSTLE?”, Mr Bowles wrote the following regarding our spiritual heritage:

“The Spiritual heritage, left for the people of God to follow faithfully after the death of the apostle sent to them, is much more extensive than human beings naturally grasp. It is ‘The Way’ that is continually mentioned within Acts, and comprises the spiritual administration of the new covenant prophesied within scripture (2 Corinthians 3:6).

It is also ‘The Way’ in which Christ applied the scriptures when He was here on earth as a human being, magnifying the very Spirit of the Law. It is therefore only possible humanly through the Spirit of God. That Spirit is given as a gift, and is only given to those willing to humbly place themselves in obedience to God ( Acts 5:32; Hebrews 5:9).

‘This Way’ must be thoroughly learned by God’s True Church, so it can be effectively taught within the World Tomorrow. ‘This Way’ can also be described as the Government of God. It is also the ‘Way of Give’ as opposed to the ‘way of get’ that Mr Armstrong continually returned to when describing the account of the two trees.

‘This Way’ is our spiritual heritage . It is the priceless gift God has left us after the death of the end-time apostle He sent to us – Mr Herbert W Armstrong.” ( Just What is an APOSTLE?)

More encouragement and instructions from Jesus Christ to His brethren at the end of the age…

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name (authority)…

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” (Revelation 3:8,11)

The Real Cause Of Today’s Evils

“In Ephesians 2:2, Satan is called ‘the prince of the power of the air.‘ I have written many times recently how Satan broadcasts. The human spirit in each human person is directly IN TUNE WITH SATAN’S WAVELENGTH.

As I’ve said many times, he does not broadcast in sounds or pictures. But through the spirit in every man, he infuses ATTITUDES of depression, discouragement, vanity, lust, greed, competition, strife, resentment, discontent, rebellion, frustration.

He is WORKING IN people in this way. He is the SOURCE and CAUSE of all of today’s evils. But soon now – in our living generation – Christ will return as KING of kings and LORD of lords, to RULE ALL NATIONS with the GOVERNMENT OF GOD.” ( The Plain Truth – October/November 1978)

Writing to the Christians in Ephesus, the Apostle Paul explained:

“Whether or not human beings like to admit it, the Bible plainly teaches that supernatural powers control and operate this world. The apostle Paul was inspired to write that human beings must struggle ‘against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wicked spirits in high places’ (Ephesians 6:12, Authorized Version, marginal reading).” ( The Good News – August 1984)

So - Is the EU about to implode?

It looks like what we are seeing now is the European Union heading towards a major crisis. Dramatic changes are likely to result. Out of all the turmoil could well emerge the prophesied 10 nation/power-centre Europe (Revelation 17:12) – a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire…

Undoubtedly GERMANY will head the new resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ Who conquered the German armed fist twice – in the two great world wars? It was Britain with the United States pouring in the real knockout power! Who will they go forth to DESTROY? Britain and the United States!” ( co-worker letter, Aug 14th, 1978)

The End Time Warning

“Do you think so great a fall could not come to so great powers as Britain and America? Do you say, ‘It can’t happen HERE?’ Do you think the GREAT GOD who was able to GIVE them such unprecedented world leadership and power and wealth is not able to take it away from them and throw them, like their ancient forefathers, back into SLAVERY?

You need to OPEN YOUR EYES to the fact that Britain’s sun already has SET! You need to WAKE UP to the fact that the United States, even still possessing unmatched POWER, is afraid - fears - to use it, just as God said: ‘I will break the PRIDE of your POWER’; that the United States has stopped winning wars - that America was unable, with all its vast power, to conquer little North Vietnam! The United States is fast riding to the GREATEST FALL that ever befell any nation! The handwriting is on the wall.( The US and GB in Prophecy - Chapter 13)


Make no mistake. World War III is on the way! World Wars I and II were merely small forerunners of the DESTRUCTION which will break suddenly upon the nations. This time it will be so hellish, only the second coming of Christ will be able to save mankind from extinction. That’s why God commands us to ‘WATCH’ (Luke 21:36) – to watch world news so we may be AWARE of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy – and ‘pray’ to be accounted worthy to ESCAPE the catastrophic events soon to fall upon this heedless, rebellious world!” ( Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 3)

  • Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
  • But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. (just as we were caught flat-footed when the Church was shattered)
  • Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. ( Matthew 24:42-44)