News Review - 24 Nov 2017

We pride ourselves on being the most advanced, enlightened, scientifically developed generation that ever lived… miraculous advances of medical science… wonder drugs… vaccines… then…

Why Sickness?

For every effect, there is a cause. In our modern enlightened world, people are fed by the food industry. When they get sick, they go to the health industry for help. But as the following article points out, there is a basic problem:

People are fed by the FOOD industry – which pays no attention to HEALTH… and are treated by the HEALTH industry which pays no attention to FOOD!

In its natural state, the body is perfectly capable of maintaining itself. When healthy and unaltered by any detrimental chemicals, foreign hormones, heavy metals and poisons, our immune system is designed to provide us sufficient protection and healing power to prevent and overcome any diseases.

But how come are we getting sicker? Why do nearly half of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease? Why are illnesses such as cancer, bone diseases, heart diseases, neurological damage, asthma and diabetes affecting us more than ever before?

These are good questions! But an even better question will lead you to the simplest, most obvious answer: What are our bodies mostly exposed to in our everyday lives?


  1. Food
  2. Water/Liquids
  3. Air
  4. Personal care products
  5. Pharmaceutical drugs

It only makes sense that what we allow into our bodies will define whether or not it will operate at its peak capacity. So what is it about what we eat, drink, breathe, apply on our skin and take as medicine that has damaged our health?

The most commonly known forms of pollution are the air we breathe, water and soil pollution, all of which greatly affect human health and the eco-system. Pollution could be eliminated and the destruction of our planet could be reversed by committing to changing our ways and implementing free/clean energy technologies that are already available but have been suppressed for the threat they represent to the 200 trillion dollar oil industry.

Environmental pollution, however, is only a small part of the toxicity story.

Did you know that harmful chemicals are deliberately added to water supplies, popular foods, personal care products, pharmaceutical drugs and even vaccines?

  • More than 77,000 chemicals are in active production in North America.
  • More than 3,000 chemicals are added to our food supply.
  • More than 10,000 chemicals in the form of solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives are used in food processing, packaging, wrapping, and storage.
  • 315 chemical contaminants were found in US tap water.
  • One in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals.
  • Neurotoxins and other chemicals are added to vaccines, and a German study shows that vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.
  • More than 1,000 new chemicals are developed each year.
  • Most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies.

And guess what: Studies show that everyday chemical exposure is among the leading causes of the rapidly increasing cases of chronic disease in America.

Many commonly used chemicals have been linked to cancer, gastrointestinal illnesses, neurological damage, heart diseases, hormonal imbalances, enzyme dysfunction, altered metabolism, reproductive impairment, diabetes, obesity, immune system deficiency, allergies/asthma, arthritis, endocrine disorders…” (

The Results Of “Science”

It is interesting to note that some of the major drug producing companies also produce agri-chemicals… and GMO seed!

Cancer Deaths Double in Argentina’s GMO Agribusiness Areas

A report by the Ministry of Health in Córdoba, Argentina reveals that deaths from cancerous tumours are double the national average in areas where genetically engineered crops are grown and agri-chemicals are used.(


Amazingly, the drug is still in use today – to treat leprosy…

“Fifty years ago, the sedative Thalidomide was withdrawn after thousands of mothers gave birth to disabled babies. Limbs can fail to develop properly, in some cases also eyes, ears and internal organs. No-one knows how many miscarriages the drug caused, but it’s estimated that, in Germany alone, 10,000 babies were born affected by Thalidomide. Many were too damaged to survive for long.

After 1961, the drug didn’t disappear - medical researchers discovered it can be extremely effective in certain treatments. Stringent precautions should be taken, particularly with women patients of child-bearing age. But sadly, in Brazil, where the drug has been widely used in treating certain leprosy symptoms, there is now another, younger generation of disabled Thalidomide survivors.(

The Promotion Of Misleading Information

The media is filled with “helpful” dietary information: eat low fat food… ban sugar… ban butter… and so on – but this type of information is being promoted by health professionals who are sponsored by Big Pharma and the food industry, as the following article points out:

“The American Heart Association has just issued some curious advice to cardiologists, saying that people should stop consuming butter and replace it with vegetable oils instead. While it’s not surprising to see a group with strong ties to Big Pharma promoting such careless advice, it is very concerning to think of the potential effects it could have on public health if it is followed.

The AHA has long gone after healthy fats, and this time it even went so far as to say that coconut oil is bad for your heart. They would say that, of course, because eating these healthy foods keeps people from needing the prescription drugs made by the firms that support the group .

When will people wake up to the fact that many of these groups do not have our best interests at heart?(

Mega-Pharma Fraud

The following article, written in 2012, asks a vital question:

Think pharmaceutical companies have your best interest at heart?

Then why have they been repeatedly fined billions of dollars for fraud?

Any television commercial or ad that suggests you ask your physician if the nondescript product alluded to is ‘right for you’ is suspect to begin with. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that pharmaceutical companies are repeatedly the biggest fraud offenders in our country.

Last month, the Department of Justice ordered GlaxoSmithKline to pay a $3 billion fine for fraud, marking the largest fine of its kind in our country’s history (not just in the pharmaceutical industry). And while it may be the biggest, it’s certainly not the first, and probably not the last, either.

At a time when Americans are consuming more prescription drugs than ever before (more than $300 billion worth annually) and often in combinations that have not been tested for safety, pharmaceutical companies are repeatedly charged for illegal promotion of their patented prescription drugs, primarily to treat conditions for which they’re not approved. In some cases, they’ve never even been tested on the conditions for which sales teams are promoting them.

In GlaxoSmithKline’s case, the company pleaded guilty to the charges, which included the unlawful promotion of certain drugs (Paxil and Wellbutrin), failure to report safety information, and false price reporting. In a statement on the Department of Justice’s website about the case, James M Cole, Deputy Attorney General said, ‘At every level, we are determined to stop practices that jeopardize patients’ health, harm taxpayers, and violate the public trust — and this historic action is a clear warning to any company that chooses to break the law.’

If pharmaceutical companies would go to these lengths to sell more drugs, how trustworthy can the products be in the first place?” (

$1.05 trillion
That’s the total revenue of the global pharmaceutical market. To put that number in perspective, it’s roughly one-quarter of what the U.S. federal government will spend in 2016.(

Big Pharma’s Big Fines

Sometimes pharma companies bend the rules. And increasingly, they’re getting caught.

“In the last few years pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pay over $13 billion to resolve US Department of Justice allegations of fraudulent marketing practices, including the promotion of medicines for uses that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Here are summaries of some recent large settlements.

January 2009 - Eli Lilly - Eli Lilly was fined $1.42 billion to resolve a government investigation into the off-label promotion of the antipsychotic Zyprexa.

September 2009 - Pfizer - Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion, then the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States. Pfizer pled guilty to misbranding the painkiller Bextra…

April 2010 - AstraZeneca - AstraZeneca was fined $520 million to resolve allegations that it illegally promoted the antipsychotic drug Seroquel.

November 2011 – Merck - Merck agreed to pay a fine of $950 million related to the illegal promotion of the painkiller Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after studies found the drug increased the risk of heart attacks.

May 2012 – Abbott - Abbott was fined $1.5 billion in connection to the illegal promotion of the antipsychotic drug Depakote.

July 2012 – GlaxoSmithKline - GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay a fine of $3 billion to resolve civil and criminal liabilities regarding its promotion of drugs, as well as its failure to report safety data.

October 2012 - Boehringer Ingelheim - Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc agreed to pay $95 million to resolve allegations that the company promoted several drugs for non-medically accepted uses.

December 2012 – Sanofi-Aventis - Sanofi-Aventis agreed to pay $109 million to resolve allegations that the company gave doctors free units of Hyalgan (an injection to relieve knee pain) to encourage those doctors to buy their product.

December 2012 – Amgen - Amgen agreed to pay a $762 million fine to resolve criminal and civil charges that the company illegally introduced and promoted several drugs including Aranesp, a drug to treat anemia.

November 2013 - Johnson & Johnson - Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay a $2.2 billion fine to resolve criminal and civil allegations relating to the prescription drugs Risperdal, Invega and Natrecor. The government alleged that J&J promoted these drugs for uses not approved as safe and effective by the FDA

February 2014 – Endo - Endo Health Solutions Inc and its subsidiary Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc agreed to pay $192.7 million to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from Endo’s marketing of the prescription drug Lidoderm. As part of the agreement, Endo admitted that it intended that Lidoderm be used for unapproved indications… (

December 2016 - Pfizer - Pfizer fined record £84.2 million for overcharging NHS 2600%. The CMA, issuing its biggest ever fine, said the extraordinary price rises have cost the NHS and the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds. (

May 2017 – Aspen - One of the world’s leading drug companies could face a fine of up to £220 million if it is found to have been hiking the prices of cancer medicines by as much as 1,200%. The European Commission has opened an investigation into Aspen Pharmacare over claims it ‘imposed very significant and unjustified price increases’ on five lifesaving drugs.” (

The Evils Of Big Pharma Exposed

“Plenty of empirical evidence exists that confirm concerted diabolical efforts have been made to ruin the lives of pioneering heroes who have come up with possible cures for cancer, AIDS and other terminal illnesses. Obviously their work poses a serious threat to medical status quo. Hence, their treatments have all been effectively suppressed by conventional medicine.

Bottom line, if humans are healthy, the healthcare industry does not survive.

Thus, it’s in its own inherently self-serving interest to promote illness in the name of wellness.

$515 billion
Of the $1.05 trillion revenue for the global pharmaceutical market, nearly half of it - roughly $515 billion - comes from the US and Canada. However, the two countries make up only around 7% of the total world population.(

Also because natural healing substances cannot be patented, Big Pharma has done its sinister best to squelch any and all knowledge and information that come from the far more affordable means of alternative health sources that explore ancient traditional cultures’ medicinal use of hemp along with thousands of other plants and roots that could threaten drug profits and power of Big Pharma and modern medicine as they’re currently practiced and monopolized.

Another cold hard reality is pharmaceutical drugs especially when consumed to manage chronic disease and symptoms cause severe side effects that also damage, harm and kill. The most prescribed drugs of all are painkillers that typically are highly addictive.

Big Pharma with the help of their global army of doctors have purposely and calculatingly turned a large percentage of us especially in the United States into hardcore drug addicts, both physically and psychologically addicted to artificial synthetic substances that are detrimental to our health and well-being.

Bottom line, if humans are healthy, the healthcare industry does not survive. Thus, it’s in its own inherently self-serving interest to promote illness in the name of wellness.

More than three quarters of US citizens over 50 are currently taking prescribed medication. One in four women in their 40’s and 50’s is taking antidepressants. Though the US contains just 5% of the world population, it consumes over half of all prescribed medication and a phenomenal 80% of the world’s supply of painkillers.

Those who admit to taking prescription drugs on average take four different prescription drugs daily. Taking massive amounts of prescription drugs has caused an epidemic that’s part of a sinister plan to squeeze yet more profit out of a system designed to keep humans chronically unhealthy.

Blind obedience to Big Pharma and a conventional medical system too dependent on surgery and technology has inflicted more harm than good on the US population.

Then look at what we are now learning about Big Pharma vaccines and the wanton reckless endangerment of children and pregnant mothers with toxic levels of mercury causing increased rates of autism, brain damage and even death. The criminal cover-up by Big Gov and Big Pharma is egregious.

Flu vaccines have recently been exposed that are totally ineffective along with the horrific damage being done to humans worldwide. Instead of preventing and decreasing illness, vaccines too often have had the opposite effect, exponentially increasing illness, causing irreversible damage and even death to thousands of unsuspecting victims mostly living in Third World nations.” (


Just as our society could readily implement clean energy technologies, many harmless ingredients could easily replace the most popular chemicals that are used today. But why do most companies keep using them?

Well… not only are some of these chemicals cheap enough to maximize profits, they are also very good friends to the health care system. But why would health damaging chemicals benefit the ‘Health Care’ system?

Here’s a hint: We judge our success in healthcare according to the number of diseased people we treat, not by how many people are healthy.

To put it simply, the health care industry would be better described as a sickness industry. It benefits from illness rather than health.

After all, maintaining symptoms and diseases are what generates a steady cash flow. We are being sold on the belief that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are the key solution to all of our health problems.

But what about all the doctors and research scientists now expressing their concerns? You can see it on TV; chemical-filled products and fast-foods are glamorized, and when it comes to health, all we hear about is which drug can fix one symptom — only to put us at risk of having 30 new symptoms (side-effects).


The people in charge of the system do not care about our Health because it thrives on the profit generated by illness.

That is why it is of no concern to most companies and corporations to promote misleading information and add cheap and detrimental ingredients to everything we consume.

To them, it is a 3 in 1 benefit: chemicals are inexpensive, keeping us unaware minimizes the chances of us seeing the bigger picture, and there is nothing more profitable to the pharmaceutical and health care system than those who are sick.(

Sickness And Disease Are Not Natural!

As Mr Armstrong pointed out, sickness and disease are not natural!

We pride ourselves on being the most advanced, enlightened, scientifically developed generation that ever lived.

We suppose that we are now on the doorstep of eradicating sickness and disease, due to the miraculous advances of medical science. We suppose the great advances in sanitary measures, in the new ‘wonder drugs,’ in preventive serums, vaccines and inoculations are bringing modern civilization into a state of wonderful health.

We couldn’t be more wrong!

Modern civilization is not bringing health nor abolishing disease. While the medical profession works to reduce TB, cancer and other diseases, modern civilization is creating new diseases never heard of a few generations ago. Sickness and disease are on an accelerating increase!


I suppose many would ask: ‘ But isn’t it natural to be sick? Are we not made in such a way that we simply have to become sick and contract disease? And didn’t God raise up medical science to combat it?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Sickness and disease are NOT natural! We were made to be well!( The Plain Truth – January 1982)

Dramatic Change Needed!

People are fed by the FOOD industry – which pays no attention to HEALTH… and are treated by the HEALTH industry which pays no attention to FOOD!(

This world is run on the principle of “get”! The Food Industry wants to get – the Health Industry wants to “get”…

What this world needs is a total dramatic change in direction. And that change is not far off! The return of Jesus Christ to take over the rulership of this world will bring about a total change in the way the world is governed. The new basic principle will be the Law of God, the way of “give”!

The present system cannot be fixed – it is corrupt - it must be, it will be, completely swept away.

“Let’s understand the real meaning of this word ‘cure.’ Do you realize that cures for diseases already contracted merely mean rendering God’s laws ineffectual? It means ignoring the cause – allowing people to perpetrate the cause – and then treating only the effect. It means continuing to break nature’s laws which God has made to operate in the human body, and then trying to prevent nature’s laws from exacting their penalties.

But God shows that, when His Kingdom rules, He will teach people to obey nature’s laws – stop causing sickness and disease. In other words, stop sinning – because sin is defined as transgressing God’s laws (1 John 3:4).

God reveals a great result of the increased productivity of the land, and the abundance of right and good foods – together with right knowledge and education in health laws – will be good health for all.( Tomorrow… What It Will Be Like - Chapter 6)

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).