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The modern day Jewish state of Israel…

The Beginning… Part 2

An Eye-Witness Account

Seventy years ago, in an article in the Plain Truth Magazine entitled “Jews Are A Nation Again,” Mr Herbert W Armstrong explained the basic reasons for the current Middle East strife. He held interviews with the chief spokesmen of the two opposing factions. Here is his eye witness account:

“The Jews once again a NATION of their own in Palestine, after 2,550 years! What does it all mean? What’s back of this world-shaking event? Is this the prophesied regathering of Israel back to the Holy Land? The new nation was born in turmoil, and WAR between it and surrounding Arab nations flared out immediately.

The new nation is a REPUBLIC, its president is in America, and it calls itself, officially, ‘ISRAEL’!

All Topsy-Turvy

This is not the prophesied great coming exodus of Israel back to Palestine, but man-made blundering and CONFUSION!

This is not the restoration of Israel and of PEACE in the Holy Land, but strife, misunderstanding, bloodshed in open battle! But WHY? Why do the Arabs so desperately fight against this new ‘Israel’? Why do the Jews with such fanatical fervor sacrifice lives and money for it? What is prophesied, and what does this have to do with it?

To bring you the true answers – the PLAIN TRUTH behind the news you read in newspapers and hear in newscasts – I went to San Francisco to interview the man in charge of Palestine relations for the Arabs, Sheik Hafiz Wabba, and later to London for another interview with him. I went to New York for a three-hour interview with Itzhak J Karpman, executive director of the World Confederation of General Zionists. And the amazing, almost unbelievable truth from prophecy we bring you direct from the Bible.” ( The Plain Truth – June 1948 [reprinted February 1979])

The Middle East Muddle

Writing in 1981, Mr Armstrong refers back to the 1948 article as he explains just how mixed up and confused the Middle East is today.

“The world news spotlight has been focusing on the boiling caldron of animosities and wars in the Middle East. This entire embroilment has enflamed out of an ancient jealousy between two women over one man. Yet out of the present emotional flare-up emerges now a prelude to final GLOBAL PEACE for the first time since mankind has inhabited the earth!

It is a factual story, stranger, more exciting and intriguing, than any fiction. Yet the world is unaware of this tremendous portent or its fascinating background …both Arabs and Zionists explained to me their respective view, prior to the United Nations’ declaration of 1948 making that part of the land assigned as ‘Israel’ a national Jewish state.

But what the Zionist leader, and the whole world, did not know – and does not know yet is that actually happened after God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants.

True, the promise was made to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac, and not through Ishmael. And therein lies the very beginning of the age-long animosities between Arabs and Jews.

The prophecies of the Bible affirm that the ‘Promised Land’ shall be restored to ‘the HOUSE OF ISRAEL’ – not just Judah – at the Second Coming of Christ, and that Judah would be fighting there prior to that time - as they are now, believing they are ‘Israel.’

So the whole world, including Israel and Judah, is confused and mixed up as to WHO is WHO between Israel and Judah!” ( The Plain Truth – February 1981)

Why The Arabs Fight

“My first interview with [Sheik Hafiz Wabba] from Arabia was at the San Francisco Conference in 1945… ‘ Why do the Arabs oppose the Jews in returning to Palestine?’ I asked.

We do not oppose the presence of Jews in Palestine,’ he corrected me. ‘We only oppose further and unlimited immigration of Jews into Palestine.’

‘But the Jews claim Palestine as their Holy Land,’ I said. ‘They believe Almighty God promised that land to Abraham, and that they are the children of Abraham, and therefore that Palestine belongs to them by divine right. Now I understand the Arabs are also the children of Abraham, descended through Ishmael. Do you believe that, and claim the right to possess Palestine on those grounds?

‘We are the children of Abram,’ he replied, pronouncing it ‘Uhbrahm,’ with the accent on the last syllable, ‘and we are descended through Ishmael, yes, and Ishmael was the firstborn son of Abram and therefore the rightful birthright holder and heir to the land promised Abram. But,’ and he emphasized the point, ‘ we do not present our claim to Palestine, or oppose further and unlimited Jewish immigration, on those grounds.

Then he explained the Arab position – and he gave me an UNANSWERABLE ARGUMENT – yet the Zionist director in New York later gave me a sizzling answer to the unanswerable argument! ‘Let me put it this way,’ the sheik continued. ‘How long have you Americans been here in California – when did your first white men come here?’

‘Only some three or four hundred years ago,’ I replied.

‘Exactly! And you have only been established as a government here a much shorter time than that. Now you are still at war against Japan. [This was in the spring of 1945.] A considerable number of Japanese had immigrated into California before the war and established homes here. You did not object or fight against this limited Japanese immigration and residence here, just as we did not, for a long time, against the Jews’ immigration into Palestine.

But now suppose the Japanese wanted to increase their immigration into California until there would be more Japanese than Americans here, and then they also demanded that you let them take over the State of California and set up a new Japanese NATION here on your soil. Tell me, would you oppose that? Would you call out your armed forces to fight against it?’

There was only one answer to that! Of course the United States would fight to prevent it, with all the power and resources of the nation, if need be!

‘Would you think you were right in doing so?’ he asked.

We would!

‘Well,’ he explained, ‘the Arabs have lived in, and had possession of Palestine, for thousands of years. Our homes are there. We didn’t object to a few Jews coming into our land. We know they have brought us many benefits. They have brought with them money, energy, industry. Our people have benefited by the additional prosperity and other advantages they have brought us.

That we welcomed, as long as they were a beneficial minority in our midst. But now Jewish immigration has been increasing at such a rate that soon there will be more Jews than Arabs. Now the Jews want to take our land away from us and make it their own NATION!

That land has belonged to us many times longer than California has belonged to Americans. You say you would oppose and fight against Japanese immigration flooding California with more Japanese than Americans, taking your fair state away from you and turning it into a new Japanese nation. Well, that is exactly why we oppose further Jewish immigration and will fight to the last man against the Jews setting up a NATION on our land!’


The Jewish Position

But what is the Jewish view on this question? Have they an answer to Sheik Hafiz Wabba’s ‘unanswerable’ argument? In New York, returning from Europe, I spent nearly an entire afternoon in conference at the American office of the World Confederation of General Zionists with Itzhak (Isaac) J Karpman, executive director of the World Confederation. A young Jewish Palestine labor leader, Hapoel Hatzair, had just arrived in New York from Palestine, and he sat in on our chat for about an hour.

I told Mr Karpman what the Arabian minister had told me – the Arab’s ‘unanswerable’ argument. And did he have an answer? He had a sizzling answer!

…‘All right,’ said Isaac Karpman, ‘let’s take the Arabian minister’s example – California – and see if the circumstances are the same.

‘Conditions are altogether different. Today, the real life in Palestine is JEWISH! The real life in California is American, not Japanese. In Palestine today industry, banking, insurance, commerce is 90 percent Jewish! Only 10 percent Arab! Agriculture in Palestine – 40 percent Jewish! Jews pay 87 percent of the income tax in Palestine. How much do the Japanese pay in California?

…‘Mr Wabba’s California illustration is not a fair comparison at all!’ And Mr Karpman waxed almost vehement. ‘The Japanese have their ancient home in Japan. If such an absurd event should happen as for them to ask for California for a new Japanese nation, such demand would have no basis whatever. But we have every basis for demanding Palestine for our home! Or, I suppose he might say the Indians might demand California back as their national home.

The Indians were there before the white man. But the Indians had never developed California; the Jews did, and are now, developing Palestine. Arabs never did, and are not now, developing Palestine! California never was the center of Indian life, religion, and industry, or any semblance of national life. There is no comparison whatever!’

What Arabs and Jews Did in World War

…‘ Prior to World War I, there was no independent Arab nation! All Arab peoples were under Turkey!’ The Zionist leader was far from finished! ‘After World War I the Arabs got independence – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. They are still just deserts – and just backward, undeveloped people – but they were made independent! They didn’t contribute anything to the war – but they got independence!

‘The Jews participated, in the war in the US, British, and other armies and played an important part – there was a special Jewish Legion in World War I – and yet all our people got out of it was the right, by 52 nations, to have a national home in Palestine!

Now look at World War II. A million and a half Jews participated in Allied armies. The Palestinian Jewish Brigade fought in the desert, and in Italy against Rommel. It was help supplied by Palestine Jews which actually turned the tide of the entire war in the Allies’ favor at El Alamein. One of our greatest war correspondents wrote a book about Jewish participation, called Our Forgotten Ally. Yes, America and Britain seem to have forgotten their Jewish ally! But now what did the Arabs do? Arab leaders brought the Nazis into Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The British had to force Egypt to change its government from pro-Nazi to King Faruk.

No Arab country declared war, or entered the war, against the Nazis until three months before V-E Day – and then only to get a place in the United Nations!

‘Arab leaders from Palestine, Iraq and Syria flew to the side of Hitler in 1941-42 and worked with him and helped him slaughter Jews! …After this last World War, the Arabs got additional new independent nations out of it – Iraq [formerly British], Syria and Lebanon [formerly French], and Transjordan [previously under the British and French] – all given independence – and what for? As a reward for helping Nazis during the war!’ The Zionist leader was a little bitter now.

But what do the Jews get out of it for helping the Allies defeat Germany? When we have these homeless survivors from Hitler’s race-hatred slaughter in their present pitiful plight, we get the door to our homeland slammed in our faces! After 25 years of the mandate from 52 nations which said it is the Jews’ right to go back to Palestine, that mandate is exercised by the British fighting against any Jews who try to go there – sending these Jews to Cyprus and detention camps, placing them as prisoners behind barbed wires!

The Arabs won six seats in the United Nations. The Jews won nothing for their help in the war . We have no representative – no voice nor approach – in the United Nations councils. Yet they sit in judgment over our fate in Palestine and give us not one voice!

‘Palestine,’ Itzhak J Karpman concluded, ‘is not an independent Arab nation at all, but has been under mandate to Great Britain. In this mandate, those 52 nations promised the Arabs nothing – they promised the Jews a home – and we have not been getting it!’

And thus the Zionist leader gave answer to my friend, Sheik Hafiz Wabba!( The Plain Truth – June 1948 [reprinted February 1979])

Jerusalem: An International City?

This was the goal when the United Nations voted to establish a Jewish homeland in 1947.

“On 29 November 1947 the member states of the United Nations – almost a quarter of the current membership – voted for the partition of Palestine into two states. Jerusalem was to be internationalised.(

Jerusalem: Before 1967

The armistice line drawn at the end of the 1948 war divided Jerusalem into two. Between 1949 and 1967, Israel controlled the western part of Jerusalem, while Jordan took the eastern part, including the old walled city containing important Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious sites.

Jerusalem: After 1967

Israel captured the whole of Jerusalem in 1967 and extended the city’s municipal boundaries, putting both East and West Jerusalem under its sovereignty and civil law. In 1980 Israel passed a law making its annexation of East Jerusalem explicit. The city’s status remains disputed, with Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem considered illegal under international law. Israel is determined that Jerusalem be its undivided capital…(

2018 - Israel Changes Law To Make It Harder To Cede Jerusalem Control

January 2, 2018: “Israel’s parliament passed an amendment on Tuesday that would make it harder for it to cede control over parts of Jerusalem in any peace deal with the Palestinians, who condemned the move as undermining any chance to revive talks on statehood.

The legislation, sponsored by the far-right Jewish Home coalition party, raises to 80 from 61 the number of votes required in the 120-seat Knesset to approve any proposal to hand over part of the city to ‘a foreign party’.

Last month US President Donald Trump angered the Palestinians, Middle East leaders and world powers by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.” (

In 1980, Mr Armstrong wrote:

“NO SPOT ON EARTH is as fraught with explosive international tension as the Old City of Jerusalem. It is now a powderkeg, which could be loaded with nuclear potential.

It is the religious shrine of three major religions. It is the city that GOD chose, and therefore that is emotionally and violently a center of contention between religions and nations of this world…

The Arab world wants the Old City of Jerusalem back into Arab control. Some nations contend Jerusalem should be made an international city. But the State of Israel has control, having wrested it from Jordan in the war of 1967…

What about making Jerusalem an international city?

I would ask, as Mayor Kollek asks, WHO – and from what race or nation – would RUN the international city? The Jews would never accept an Arab and the Arabs would never accept a Jew. And neither would accept someone else. The very idea is out of the question.( The Plain Truth – October/November 1980)

The Future Revealed

We understand from prophecy that Israel is invaded by a ‘Beast-led’ European army – the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. This invading army surrounds Jerusalem and stops the daily sacrifices.

“And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate [Luke 21:20] set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days” (Daniel 12:11).

This indicates that the Jews are still in Jerusalem at the time of the invasion by the armies of the Holy Roman Empire!

Writing to the ministry in 1979, Mr Armstrong explained:

“‘…from the time the daily sacrifice shall be taken away…’ Consider this a moment. This does NOT imply a material temple to be built in our time in Jerusalem. It does seem to imply the Israelis may restore the daily (twice daily) sacrifice – possibly at the wailing wall. The indication is the armies of the ‘beast’ of Revelation 17, entering Jerusalem (Daniel 11:41, Zechariah 14:2), will stop this daily sacrifice.” ( Pastor General’s Report – November 20, 1979)

Another prophecy about the end of the age reveals even more information:

IN THAT DAY shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them AT THAT DAY shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them. And it shall come to pass IN THAT DAY, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem(Zechariah 12:8-9).

Not only will there be Jews in Israel when Israel is finally invaded, but this prophecy in Zechariah 12 indicates that they are there right up until the return of Jesus Christ!

Jerusalem – The Future

God once chose Jerusalem as His city. But ancient Israel polluted it and their covenant with God. They were conquered and driven out. God turned His back on Jerusalem. He says He will YET choose Jerusalem – it will YET become His chosen city – but it is not that today.

“In that day [now soon] shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them” (Zechariah 12:2-3, 6, 8).

…and continue in verse 9:

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem” (Zechariah 12:9).

Israel 2018

“But at Christ’s coming as KING of kings to rule ALL NATIONS – to usher in WORLD PEACE – He shall again choose Jerusalem as HIS CAPITAL – then to become the CAPITAL FROM WHICH THE WHOLE WORLD SHALL BE RULED FOR A THOUSAND YEARS!” ( The Plain Truth – October/November 1980)