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European empire… German leadership… military union… fear of Russia… trade wars… financial collapse… here is a…

Prophecy Healthcheck (part 1)

The Unchanging Message

Since the production of the very first issue of the Plain Truth Magazine in 1934, the message has not changed! Back in November, 1982 Mr Armstrong warned yet again: the “United States Of Europe Is Coming”.

“I have known for years (and you have heard me proclaim again, and again, and again) that the United States of Europe is coming. They are going to unite – ten nations in Europe; and the Vatican will be on top of the heap. Why has it not happened? Forty-nine years have gone by. At last I can tell you that it is. All the pieces are falling into place now, all of a sudden.

Well, in Europe there are many nations. They speak different languages. They are divided by various languages. They are divided by different national aspirations, and national patriotisms, and by different currencies.

Now they have gotten together in an economic system. That’s been going on now for a good many years – the EEC, or the European Economic Community. But that is only something that knocks down tariff barriers for the international trade among the nations of Europe. Now what they want is political union. What they want is one military force. What they want is one great world power; and, actually, they are right on the borderline of the Soviet Union.

Now, we are a long ways from Russia; and we are fearing the Soviet Union. The two great powers in the world are the Soviet Union and the United States – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States; and we are really fearing Russia. Let me say right here: I know of no prophecy in the Bible that speaks specifically of any war between Russia and the United States; and I have been saying for years and years that is not the way that World War III will come.

However, let me say that the resurrection of this so-called Holy Roman Empire that existed from 554 on to 1814 in Europe WILL TRIGGER World War III – the nuclear World War III that is going to DESTROY OUR MAJOR CITIES. I MEAN DESTROY THEM! One third of our people are going to be killed. Another third are going to die of famine and pestilence, according to Ezekiel’s prophecies. And the third remaining are going to be taken as slaves into other nations and moved out of this country.” ( Sermon - November 27, 1982)

Europe is now politically united.
Out of this group will appear the final 10 nation Europe.
The Eurozone has a common currency.
A European army is under construction.
And now, the latest idea is…

Europe Must Become An “Empire”

“France’s Economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire also claims in an interview with the Handelsblatt: ‘I hope that the Federal Government will specifically respond to the suggestions of Emmanuel Macron in the coming weeks.’

He could no longer ‘imagine anything else’. Europe must become an ‘empire’ similar to the US and China, demands Le Maire.

He sees this empire as a peace force based on the principles of a constitutional state.

‘I use the term to raise awareness that power will be in the world of tomorrow. Power will make the difference: technological power, economic, financial, monetary, cultural power will be crucial.’

‘Europe should no longer shy away from playing its power and being an empire of peace’.(

German Leadership

Undoubtedly GERMANY will head the new resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ Who conquered the German armed fist twice – in the two great world wars? It was Britain with the United States pouring in the real knockout power! Who will they go forth to DESTROY? Britain and the United States!” ( Co-worker Letter – August 14, 1978)

Germany Can’t Accept Being Treated Like An Occupied Country

“Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder didn’t mince his words about the incumbent US Ambassador to his country Richard Grenell, saying the US envoy’s treatment of the host country was insulting. Speaking with Reuters about Grenell, the veteran German politician said the ambassador’s actions suggested that he believed Germany to be occupied by America.

We can’t accept being treated like an occupied country. When I look at the behavior of the US ambassador to Germany I get the impression he sees himself as an occupying officer rather than an ambassador in a sovereign country.” (

Launching Europe’s Military Union

“According to the German ministry of defense, the military union is not only aimed at reaching more ‘independence’ from the United States, but also at advancing EU ‘integration,’ which is difficult to achieve with civilian means.(

Please take note of this statement: “…the military union is not only aimed at reaching more ‘independence’ from the United States, but also at advancing EU ‘integration,’ which is difficult to achieve with civilian means.

This shows how the Germans are thinking. Use a common enemy to unite the nations.

Europäische Wirtschafts-gemeinschaft
(European Economic Community)

“A former code-breaker and a man who actually talked with Dr Konrad Adenaur, (known as the old fox) and the Chancellor of the first post-war German Government, Harry Beckhough wrote a book about his extensive knowledge of Germany, and has explored the development of its aggressive nature from its earliest years. This book, due to requests from many people has now been re-printed and what follows is an extract from it:

‘In 1941 Walter Funk, Hitler’s economics Minister, launched Europäische Wirtschafts-gemeinschaft to establish a single European currency, the Reichsmark. Plus the integration of all European economies into a “Single Market”. Thus, Arthur Spiegelman reported: “Realising they were losing the War in 1944, Nazi leaders met major German industrialists to plan a secret, post-war network to restore them to power”.

The Fourth Reich - The New Beginning.

‘So it continues: after each defeat, they are already at work, preparing for the next aggression. Their nature never changes, as has been stated by Churchill, Nietzsche and others, as is now, once again, clearly apparent. Those who scuttled, built new international offices in Madrid, and began plans for a new approach to their continuing plan to conquer Europe.

‘This time with the major difference that, after so many repeated military defeats (especially from the stubborn British and American Allies), they sought a different tack, FIRST BY ECONOMIC MEANS, with the provided EU set-up already to hand, to be taken over and used for their purpose. Under the cloak of European Union they could weave new plans for domination of all Europe’.(

Military Union

The EU has lied for 50 YEARS

“Nigel Farage accused the European Union of ‘lying to us for 50 years’ after French President Emmanuel Macron called for a ‘real European army’ to reduce Europe’s dependence on the United States for defence… ‘ Folks, they’re building a European army, they’re not messing about.

Its leaders talk continually of POLITICAL union – WHICH MEANS, ALSO, MILITARY.
( US and GB in Prophecy)

‘Do you know something, they’ve been lying to us for 50 years about the true intentions of the European Union.’ He later added: ‘These people really worry me. I think a European army is very very dangerous’.(

‘Real Army’ Will Defend Europe ‘Against China, Russia, US’

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Tuesday for a ‘real European army’ as the continent marks a century since the divisions of WWI. ‘We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and EVEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ,’ Macron told Europe 1 radio.

Faced with ‘a Russia which is at our borders and has shown that it can be a threat,’ Macron added: ‘We need a Europe which defends itself better alone, without just depending on the US, in a more sovereign manner’.” (

Back in 1982, Mr Armstrong explained why the Europeans would unite militarily to counter the threat from Russia and even the United States! It’s now happening! Governments have changed – but the threat remains!

“Now one of the great things that is urging Europe on, and perhaps the greatest thing that will cause them to hurry and get together on this, is their fear of what’s going on in the Kremlin and the Soviet Union (Russia). And Andropov is frightening them, and that is going to rush them. They are losing confidence in the United States as having a military umbrella over them to protect them, and they want their own military force to protect themselves. That’s the way they feel over there. Now that is a chief incentive to unite them and that is taking place… this whole United States of Europe, when it goes together, is going to trigger nuclear World War III.( Sermon - November 27, 1982)

Europe Can Shoulder Its Own Defense Burdens

“Creating a capable European security organization to handle purely European contingencies makes sense. Developing such a capability also would transform Europe into a true ally instead of a glorified US protectorate, which could prove crucial if it becomes necessary to confront a menace to the entire transatlantic community.” (

Macron Wants ‘European Army’ To Share ‘Nukes’ With Berlin

“President Emmanuel Macron wants to create a ‘European army’ in order to share France’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council, as well as its nukes, with Germany, the head of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen said. Macron wants to use the coveted ‘European army’ to share the ‘place in the Security Council’ and the French ‘nuclear arsenal’ with neighboring Germany, Le Pen told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.” (

EU Army: Will It Be Easy For Europe To Get Rid Of American Political Diktat?

“The creation of a European army would be a boon for Russia-EU relations, various military experts have told RT. It would mean getting rid of the US political diktat – and that’s why Washington will not allow it. Were the European Union to create an army of its own, as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have recently suggested, the friction with NATO would be enormous, several military and political analysts predict. At the same time, an EU army would be a tremendous tool for normalizing relations with Russia.

Accord with Russia Soon?

“Before World War II, a mutual accord had been made between Germany and Russia. History often repeats itself.”
( The Plain Truth, October 1985)

NATO has never been about protecting anyone, Ivashov says. It’s always been about holding Europe hostage and bringing profit to trans-national corporations run from the USA. Should there be a break from NATO, the EU will come looking for new allies, believes Konstantin Sivkov, military science PhD and one of the founders of the Academy for Geopolitical Problems – not least in order to stand up to its former trans-Atlantic partners. ‘No enemy is worse than a spurned ally. THAT WOULD MAKE THE US AN ENEMY OF EUROPE,’ he says.” (

Trade Wars Soon?

Back in 1963, the world was a very different place. Germany was a divided nation – separated by the Berlin Wall while the Eastern European nations were firmly controlled by the Soviet Union. Yet this warning appeared in the Plain Truth Magazine in December 1963 – over 50 years ahead of its time!

“… your Bible predicts a great TRADE WAR between the burgeoning economic power in Europe and the United States. It predicts terrible financial COLLAPSE for this country [USA]! Make no mistake! Germany, and all Europe, would not escape unscathed in a hot trade war between the Common Market and the United States. Terrible economic disasters would result! And the result from such disasters? A NEW NAZI GERMANY!( The Plain Truth, December 1963)

The Threat Grows… Worldwide

“Growth forecasts for the global economy have been slashed by ratings agency Moody’s who say the ongoing trade war between the US and China will cause shocks around the world. Germany, Japan, South Korea, the US and China are among those who will be hit hardest next year, according to the Moody’s report.” (

US Trade War With The EU?

“Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder didn’t mince his words about the incumbent US Ambassador to his country Richard Grenell… Grenell, who was appointed to his current job in May, has made quite a stir in Berlin. Some MPs even called for his ouster, over his stated sympathies for European right-wing political forces and a forceful approach in promoting the interests of American businesses AMID A LOOMING TRADE WAR WITH THE EU. This remark was absent in Reuter’s English-language story about the interview at the time of writing of this article, but picked up by German language media.” (

The Nazi’s ARE Back!

“Angela Merkel quit politics today after it became crystal clear the German nation was turning its back on the mainstream and finding comfort in the parties more usually on the fringes.

To those with longer memories evidence of the increasing disaffection with the mainstream, and the move towards the extremes, will make for uncomfortable reading. In 1919 the fledgling National Socialist German Workers Party was an angry rabble railing harmlessly at the establishment but building grassroots populist support.

Just 20 years later Hitler was Germany’s totalitarian Nazi leader and fired the opening shots of the Second World War.(

Back in February 1973, a Plain Truth article entitled ‘ 1973 Critical Year for the New Europe’ used a quotation from The Economist magazine:

Only something TRULY SHATTERING, it seems, might quickly produce the united Europe… Europe’s nations like being themselves too much, and feel little compulsion to be anything else.(The Economist January 22, 1972)

( The Plain Truth, February 1973)

In the light of present day events, that “TRULY SHATTERING EVENT” that “MIGHT QUICKLY PRODUCE THE UNITED EUROPE” could be very close. And that event is…


In July 1984, Mr Armstrong wrote:

“… I can see now the event that is going to trigger the formation of reunification in Europe ; the resurrection of the Medieval Holy Roman Empire that we’ve been looking forward to that is prophesied to come… I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly just like out of a blue sky that is going to shock the whole world and is going to cause the nations of Europe to realize they must unite.

Well, now I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger it and that is the economic situation in the world.

But lust or love of money, desire to get and to have more and more and more and more and never have enough, is what is possessing the world that is based on a type of living and a lifestyle of getting and everyone wanting to get more and get more and get more; and one nation wants to get more from other nations. Now when the financial structure breaks down, all civilization is going to break down. I just wanted to say that much - maybe you can begin to see how serious this thing can become!” ( Sermon - July 4, 1984)

France Warns Of Euro Break-up In Next Crisis

“France has launched a feverish campaign to shore up the euro before the next global downturn, warning that monetary union is not strong enough to withstand another crisis and faces disintegration without fiscal union.

If there was new financial and economic crisis tomorrow, the eurozone could not respond. It is really urgent that we build-up the eurozone’s defences. We have been talking for too long,’ [Bruno Le Maire, the French finance minister] told the Handelsblatt. ‘Time is running out…’” (

Not Just In Europe – In The USA As Well!

“The federal government is set to reinstate its borrowing limit, and a new analysis indicates that it will be a record-high $22 trillion — and then, it won’t provide enough money to fund the government past summer. The shocking number, however, is only slightly higher than the current actual debt of some $21 trillion. The ceiling has been in suspension and the debt has grown under President Trump. It is set to be reinstated on March 2, 2019. The analysis warned of troubles with the growing debt.” (

A Perfect Storm Is Brewing

“We just witnessed the worst October for US stocks since the financial crisis of 2008, and at this point more than 8 trillion dollars of global wealth has been completely wiped out. Let there be no doubt – if US stocks crash really hard, it will cause a massive credit crunch, and that would absolutely strangle economic activity… many experts believe that this market is ultimately going to decline much, much further.” (

World Warned Of Resurging ‘Old Demons’

“World leaders with the power to make war but a duty to preserve peace solemnly marked the end of World War I’s slaughter 100 years ago at commemorations Sunday that drove home the message ‘never again’ but also exposed the globe’s new political fault lines. ‘THE OLD DEMONS ARE RISING AGAIN, READY TO COMPLETE THEIR TASK OF CHAOS AND OF DEATH,’ Macron said.” (

Mr Armstrong had this message for the Church:

“When the resurrected ROMAN EMPIRE appears, it will form a THIRD WORLD POWER even mightier than Russia or the USA! It will plunge the world into THE GREAT TRIBULATION of Matthew 24:21-22. And even that, God will CUT SHORT for His people’s sake!

God has set me as YOUR WATCHMAN – to watch world events, and WARN you when I see this Great Tribulation really coming. For the sake of your LIFE you had better HEED! I say this solemnly in LOVING CONCERN.( Co-worker Letter – June 10, 1980)