News Review - 7 Dec 2018

The United DEBTS of America… state of perpetual war… Brexit on the brink… disunited UK parliament… EU on the point of collapse… Vatican interference… push for a third Temple… famines and floods…

Prophecy Healthcheck (part 2)

As 2018 draws to a close we can look back on an eventful year. In America private individuals, companies, some individual States, and especially the Federal government, all are drowning in debt!

Bankrupt America

America, you officially have a debt problem, and I am not just talking about the national debt. Consumer bankruptcies are surging, corporate debt has doubled since the last financial crisis, state and local government debt loads have never been higher, and the federal government has been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the federal debt ever since Barack Obama entered the White House.

The rate of people 65 and older filing for bankruptcy is three times what it was in 1991… Collectively, US households are 13.15 trillion dollars in debt, which is the highest level in American history. All over the nation, companies are also going bankrupt at a staggering pace.

On top of everything else, everyone else around the world has been on a massive debt binge as well. Total global debt is well above 200 trillion dollars, and it has nearly quadrupled over the past 17 years.

Are you starting to understand why they call this a ‘debt bubble’? Unfortunately, all debt bubbles must burst eventually, and the one that we are in right now is definitely on borrowed time.(

Holiday Debt Hangover

“For some people, opening up a credit card statement is like a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past… 28 percent of shoppers are entering this holiday season still paying off debt from last year’s festivities, according to NerdWallet.” (

US Christmas Sales Predicted To Surpass $1 Trillion

“Christmas holiday retail sales in the US are expected to climb above the $1 trillion mark for the first time this year, on the back of low unemployment, solid income growth and higher consumer confidence, according to a study released Tuesday.” (

If the US really has “ low unemployment, solid income growth and higher consumer confidence”, then why do 13 million households not have enough food to eat?

“Have you ever had a day when your children were crying due to hunger but the cupboards were completely bare and your bank account was empty? If you haven’t, you should consider yourself to be extremely blessed, because this is what real life feels like for millions upon millions of Americans in 2018. At this point, more than half of all US households with children receive assistance from the government each month.(

America’s Permanent-War Complex

Here is where a lot of the money goes…

“What President Dwight D Eisenhower dubbed the “military-industrial complex” has been constantly evolving over the decades, adjusting to shifts in the economic and political system as well as international events. The result today is a “permanent-war complex,” which is now engaged in conflicts in at least eight countries across the globe, none of which are intended to be temporary.” (

War On Terror Price-tag About To Top $6 Trillion

With the longest war in US history now dragging into its 17th year, Americans are looking at a massive bill. Total costs of the War on Terror now approach $6 trillion, according to a new report – to say nothing of the human costs.” (

Debt Ceiling: $22 Trillion

“The federal government is set to reinstate its borrowing limit, and a new analysis indicates that it will be a record-high $22 trillion — and then, it won’t provide enough money to fund the government past summer. It is set to be reinstated on March 2, 2019. The analysis warned of troubles with the growing debt.” (

Hit By Usury… $1.5 Billion – PER DAY!

Annual interest payments already approach $500 billion. Every uptick in the interest rate increases that number. At the current trajectory, the cost of paying the annual interest on the US debt will equal the annual cost of Social Security within 30 years.” (

Now… The Rift With Europe Grows Wider…

“The French town of Strasbourg has unveiled its official poster for the European Parliament election campaign featuring an image of US President Donald Trump covered by a star-shaped European Union flag. The poster also features a blurry stop sign and the slogan: ‘This time, I’m voting!’. The aim of the slogan is to remind voters of the importance of a strong Europe in the face of Trump’s America, which is hostile to the European project.

Jean-François Lanneluc, head of communications at the Strasbourg town hall, told French media: ‘Europe is a model which provides an alternative to isolationist tendencies, which Mr Trump embodies. When you look at the way he treats Europe… We take full responsibility for the poster’s message.’

Framed as a battle between centrist, pro-EU parties and nationalist far-right groups that want to stop immigration and restore national sovereignty, next May’s parliamentary election is expected to shake up the bloc’s political landscape.(

BREXIT – The Beginning Of The End?

The Brexit saga continues. If Mrs May cannot get this “deal” passed by parliament, then we are off into the unknown! One thing is for sure – this problem is simply not going to go away anytime soon!

“The Prime Minister is to threaten British Members of Parliament that they must support and vote for her Brexit proposals or face going ‘back to square one,’ appearing to repeat claims Brexit could not happen at all if they rebel. The ultimatum will form part of an aggressive two-week campaign launched today to save her Brexit deal, The Times reports, aiming to push through her increasingly unpopular deal and save her premiership.

Critics have argued Mrs May’s deal could lock the UK to EU rules and institutions for decades to come, and over the weekend, French premier Emmanuel Macron claimed that the ‘Irish backstop’ would be used to keep the UK in the customs union if French ships are not allowed access to UK waters.” (

EU Leaders Agree UK’s Brexit Deal At Brussels Summit

Many British members of Parliament and the media have claimed that this agreement is pro-Europe – and the fact that it was approved by the EU Parliament within one hour” seems to back up this view!

“EU leaders have approved an agreement on the UK’s withdrawal and future relations - insisting it is the ‘best and only deal possible’. After 20 months of negotiations, the 27 leaders gave the deal their blessing after less than an hour’s discussion. They said the deal - which needs to be approved by the UK Parliament - paved the way for an ‘orderly withdrawal’. The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. The UK Parliament is expected to vote on the deal on 12th December, but its approval is far from guaranteed.” (

What will happen if UK Parliament REJECTS Theresa May’s ‘only deal’?

The answer to this question might become clearer during this next week. Parliament is due to vote next Tuesday (11th December) on this “agreement”!

“EU leaders have warned British MPs that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal is the ‘only deal possible’ after approving it at a summit in Brussels on Sunday. But what will happen if the UK Parliament rejects the deal? The 27 EU leaders said today they won’t start new negotiations if Mrs May loses the vote in parliament…

Mrs May needs 320 votes for the deal to achieve a majority and move the draft along to allow it to be ratified before the March 29 Brexit deadline. As it stands, she can count on about 240 - a way off what is needed, and a massive uphill battle to gain supporters before the vote. Those who oppose the deal said it’s not what people voted for, and could keep the UK tied to the EU indefinitely without any remaining input on its rules.”

The UK could leave with no deal when the withdrawal deadline hits on March 30, 2019, if MPs vote down Mrs May’s only deal. This means there would be no transition period and a huge amount of uncertainty on the future relationship between the EU and UK. If there’s no arrangement in time, the UK could lose 70 international trade deals and lose access to EU criminal databases. British farmers would face a nine-month wait for approval to export organic goods to the EU and fishermen could be blocked from EU waters.

If the Brexit deal is voted down in Parliament, this may also be seen as a vote of no-confidence in Mrs May. Another General Election may take place as a result…(

May’s ‘Deal’ With EU: ‘Dishonesty… Shameful… Betrayal’

“The agreement reached by the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to take the UK out of the EU has angered many supporters of Brexit, who are calling it a shameful surrender and betrayal of the 2016 referendum. Nigel Farage, former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader called it ‘the worst deal in history’ and urged any genuine Brexiteers in the cabinet to ‘resign or never be trusted again’.” (

EU Collapse WARNING: ‘Italy BIGGER Threat’ To Bloc Than Brexit As Budget Clash SOURS

Italy is the ‘biggest threat to the existence’ of the European Union because of the eurosceptic Italian Government’s refusal to submit to budgetary demands from Brussels, economist Joerg Kraemer claimed. Speaking to Bloomberg, the economist said: ‘The biggest threat to the existence of the union is not Brexit, of course, but Italy. Italy is too big to fail’.” (

Greek Crisis Returns

Greece’s financial crisis has come back to the boil as Athens draws up emergency plans to stabilize the banking system, raising concerns that the country may ultimately need a fourth EU rescue to escape its depression trap. Global risk aversion and contagion from Italy’s parallel banking drama has lifted a lid on the festering legacy of bad debts, and exposed the implausible methods employed by Greek regulators and the EU-led troika to camouflage the problem.” (

EU On The Brink

Poland is close to crashing out of the European Union because of its ongoing conflict with Brussels over rule of law, according to the bloc’s most senior official Donald Tusk. The European Council President insisted there is a ‘very serious threat’ that ‘Polexit’ could happen by ‘accident’ if the country’s leaders continue to row with EU bosses.” (

Emmanuel Macron Warns “Brussels On BRINK” Due To Brexit

“French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday the Brexit vote had shone a harsh spotlight on growing divisions in many modern democracies, but said it was impossible to compare the wave of discontent sweeping France and Britain’s decision to leave Europe. The loss of faith in the European project and its leaders has become increasingly widespread, boosting the visibility of anti-EU leaders who have promised to unite against the bloc’s progressives in next May’s European Parliament elections.” (

If The EU Does Not Drastically Change, It Is Doomed

“Brussels might learn from Russia’s disastrous experiment in top-down political rule. When great empires and political systems fail, they tend to do so at frightening speed. Thus it was with the Soviet Union, which in the early 1970s was at its apogee, a global superpower which some commentators still expected to surpass and even render irrelevant its supposedly degenerate Western counterparts. But less than twenty years later, it was gone…” (

The Vatican

1945 - Right at the end of WW2, the Catholic Church warned the nations that unless it was given control, the United Nations would not work!

The speaker “… stressed the seriousness of the world condition – how this effort to unite nations for peace was man’s LAST CHANCE… Unless the Roman Catholic Church was put at the head of it… it was doomed to failure.

It was prophetic, because this is precisely what PROPHECY says will happen in the new European Union, now emerging in Europe, to resurrect the Roman Empire!( The Autobiography - Chapter 48)

Pope Francis To Share Wisdom With EU Leaders

2017 - “On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, EU leaders will hold a summit in the Italian capital on 25 March with the hope of creating a new positive vision for the Union, which is faced with multiple crises. But the day before, they will meet with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat mentioned on Monday (27 February) a possible meeting with the Pope, which in his words would ‘provide leadership that politicians miss’ in the context of the historic date of the Rome anniversary. Pope Francis was the only moral authority to provide guidance to EU leaders.(

They are looking to the Pope to “provide leadership that politicians miss” as he is the only leader that “has the skills and the vision to say things that transcend the obvious…”

Once Again – The Warning Went Out!

“Its leaders talk continually of POLITICAL union – which means, also, military. So far they have been unable to bring about full political union. This will be made possible by the ‘good offices’ of the Vatican, who alone can be the symbol of unity to which they can look .” ( The US and GB in Prophecy - Chapter 14)

Famine Ahead?

In the last few weeks we have witnessed devastating fires in some parts of America and Australia, yet in other parts of the same countries - floods! In Europe, the drought is getting serious, while some nations are suffering severe flooding. Earthquakes are also on the increase, with the latest magnitude 7 in Alaska causing serious damage. The weather forecast for the immediate future looks grim…

A Weather Warning From The United Nations

The weather forecast for next year ties in with prophecy. The Prophet Amos was inspired to write:

“‘I kept the rain from falling when your crops needed it the most. I sent rain on one town but withheld it from another. Rain fell on one field, while another field withered away. People staggered from town to town looking for water, but there was never enough. But still you would not return to me,’ says the Lord.” (Amos 4:7-8)

The end of this prophecy reads:

“Therefore, I will bring upon you all the disasters I have announced. Prepare to meet your God in judgment, you people of Israel!(Amos 4:12, New Living Translation)

“The United Nation’s (UN) World Meteorological Organisation says there is a 75-80 percent chance that El Nino will be a ‘weak event’ in the next couple of months. Unfortunately this means El Nino’s role as a natural buffer to the formation of huge storms will also be weakened. As a result, the natural weather phenomenon will lead to both serious droughts and serious flooding in early 2019 as climate patterns are thrown into chaos.” (

The Global Food System Is Broken

“The global food system is broken, leaving billions of people either underfed or overweight and driving the planet towards climate catastrophe, according to 130 national academies of science and medicine across the world. Providing a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly diet for all people will require a radical transformation of the system, says the report by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP). This will depend on better farming methods, wealthy nations consuming less meat and countries valuing food which is nutritious rather than cheap.” (

Drought In Europe

“Tourists planning a winter getaway on a romantic cruise along Europe’s rivers are facing stranded ships and long coach journeys after the dry summer left water levels at record lows. Things are no better on the Rhine, where cruise ships are struggling to make it to Cologne or to the Rhine Gorge.” (

The Third Temple

The calls for a third Temple to be built are increasing. The Temple Institute has made ready everything necessary to start the Temple sacrifices – at a moment’s notice.

Jews Call For Third Jerusalem Temple To Be Built

2016 - “Jewish eschatological teachings have it that the Holy Temple will rise up from the ground for the third time when Armageddon nears. In 2016, Breaking News Israel reported that the community Nascent Sanhedrin also called in letters to Russian President Vladimir Putin and US president-elect Donald Trump to join forces and ‘fulfil their Biblically-mandated roles’ by rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.” (

The Temple Institute

“After many years of effort and toil, the Institute has completed the three most important and central vessels of the Divine service: the seven-branched candelabra, or Menorah, made of pure gold; the golden Incense Altar, and the golden Table of the Showbread.

The Institute has completed the sacred uniform of the Kohen Gadol, the High Priest. The High Priest’s Choshen (Breastplate) and Ephod have been completed.” (

Temple Institute Announces Birth Of Red Heifer

“Last Tuesday, the Temple Institute’s Red Heifer program was blessed with results; an entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service and marking the final stage of redemption.” (

Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations To Hanukkah Dedication Of Altar For The Third Temple

“The nascent Sanhedrin released a declaration to the 70 nations for Hanukkah to be read at a ceremony in Jerusalem on the last day of the holiday.

nascent: only recently formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly

The ceremony will include the consecration of a stone altar prepared for use in the Third Temple. The declaration is intended as an invitation to the nations to participate in the Temple and to receive its blessings.” (

The outdoor altar can be operational at little more than a moment’s notice, reported the Israeli magazine Matzav Haruach. The altar is the last major component needed for the long-obstructed sacrifices to resume in a future Jewish temple.

Temple – Or Daily Sacrifices?

We are told to watch, but we must make sure that we are watching for the right event! Mr Armstrong made this point by quoting Daniel 12:11:

“‘ From the time the daily sacrifice shall be taken away…’ Consider this a moment. THIS DOES NOT IMPLY A MATERIAL TEMPLE TO BE BUILT IN OUR TIME IN JERUSALEM. It does seem to imply the Israelis may restore the daily (twice daily) sacrifice – possibly at the wailing wall. The indication is the armies of the ‘beast’ of Revelation 17, entering Jerusalem (Dan. 11:41, Zech. 14:2), will stop this daily sacrifice.” ( Pastor General’s Report – November 20, 1979)

Our Spiritual Heritage

Jesus Christ revealed the overview of end time events to His end time Apostle. We were told what to watch for. The Apostle might be dead, but the message still stands!

God has set me as YOUR WATCHMAN – to watch world events, and WARN you when I see this Great Tribulation really coming. For the sake of your LIFE you had better HEED! I say this solemnly in LOVING CONCERN.( Co-Worker Letter – June 10, 1980)