News Review - 15 Feb 2019

German air force in a sorry state… ammunition stocks low… submarines not in use… army not combat ready… weapons sub-standard…

Truth – or Propaganda?

In the run up to the end of the age, we are getting very mixed messages from Germany. On the one hand, they tell us that their military is bordering on being non-operational – yet they are already involved in several overseas war zones.

The problem the German government has is that it has had to change the attitude of the people – who, since WW2 have been pacifist – happy to live under US protection.

As the following article points out, many allies want Germany to take a more leading role in world affairs. To achieve this, the pacifist attitude of the German people had to be changed.

13/12/2014 “The need for a ‘more active foreign policy’ clashes with the deep-seated pacifism of the federal republic. The atrocities of the Third Reich, in which the army played an active role, left Germans with a profound aversion to any sort of military adventure… recent polls suggest this could be changing…

‘Germany needs to step up and play its part,’ said [German foreign minister] Steinmeier recently. ‘Many of our international partners demand a more active foreign policy from Germany. And I think they are right’.” (

How Has This Change Come About?

The last few years show how this change has been achieved! Keep in mind that the Germans are past masters when it comes to propaganda. Check the following headlines starting from 2007… German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the EU to have its own army.

24/03/07 “The European Union Needs an Army” (

Followed a year later by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier – note – it’s not yet a German army – it’s still an EU army!

11/05/2008 “Steinmeier calls for European army” (

Unease in the UK Parliament…

24/02/09 “The Express reports that Labour MEPs have been heavily criticised by the Conservatives for backing a European Parliament report calling for an ‘ integrated European Armed Force’.” ( Open Europe Press Summary)

An army needs weapons, and Germany has been quietly developing a huge armaments industry…

15/03/10 “German arms exports more than doubled during the last five years, according to a new report, placing the country behind just the US and Russia on the list of the world’s largest weaponry exporters.” (

The calls for an EU army continue…

16/05/10 “The EU may dare to take further steps, for example for a European army” (

2013 - The Year It All Changed

Suddenly, it is revealed that the GERMAN ARMY (not the EU) has been involved in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kosovo and off the Horn of Africa. All change from an EU army! 2013 starts the era of real change.

07/01/2013 “When Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted a recent reception for military families, she greeted parents, wives and children whose loved ones were spending their ‘holidays’ in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kosovo and off the Horn of Africa. German deployments overseas, Ms Merkel said, ‘will soon encompass the entire globe’.(

Then the German Bundeswehr [armed forces] intensifies its combat exercises…

16/01/2013 “The German Bundeswehr is intensifying its combat exercises with dictatorships on the Arabian Peninsular. The German Air Force just concluded, at the end of the year, two major training manoeuvres in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), each exercising joint combat operations.” (

As the US cuts back, Germany fills the vacuum…

26/02/13 “For decades after the devastation of World War Two, Germany recoiled from any prospect of military engagement. Now the country is under pressure to get involved in foreign military conflicts as the US cuts back its role as the world’s policeman. Germany has been a pacifist nation ever since the catastrophe of World War II. Any call to deploy German troops would trigger mass protests. Those attitudes are changing.(

The last US tanks leave Germany… “…so we need to protect ourselves”

05/04/2013 “The US Army’s 69-year history of basing main battle tanks on German soil quietly ended last month when 22 Abrams tanks, a main feature of armored combat units throughout the Cold War, embarked for the US. ‘There is no [US] tank on German soil. It’s a historic moment,’ said Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Marotto, 21st TSC spokesman.” (

Make the idea of an EU army more acceptable – so link up with other EU members… German army links with the Netherlands…

05/06/2013 “The German Bundeswehr has announced the formation of a permanent military unit of foreigners under German command. Beginning in January 2014, approximately 2,100 soldiers from the Netherlands will be integrated into the ‘Rapid Reaction Force Division’ as a result of a declaration of intent signed in Berlin last week by the defense ministers of both countries.” (

Grass roots support for the German military… the power of the media propaganda machine gets to work, changing German attitudes…

24/10/2013 “The leadership of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) is promoting the adoption of the German government’s military doctrine by the trade unions. The most recent expression of this development is the DGB’s scheduled ‘Peace and Security Policy Workshop,’ to be held in Berlin next week.” (

America is weakening, Germany must take over… yet again… “we need to protect ourselves”

29/10/13 “About 50 representatives of Berlin’s foreign policy establishment are calling for more German ‘leadership’ in global politics. The document contends that, because the United States is showing signs of weakening, Germany, currently a ‘policy shaping power in waiting,’ should develop stronger global activities to become a leading power.” (

Then the media, part of the German propaganda machine, get even more involved… claiming that the German military is in a dilapidated state…

01/10/14 “For months the German media and leading politicians have been calling for an end to Germany’s postwar policy of military restraint. Last week the campaign for militarism reached a new highpoint. The media campaign has been carefully prepared. Not a day goes past without a new ‘unexpected’ revelation regarding the dilapidated state of the German army.” (

The media pushes more massive increases in defence spending…

03/10/14 “On virtually an hourly basis the German media features new ‘revelations’ about alleged ‘technical glitches’ and the ‘ailing’ state of the German army (Bundeswehr). The reports all have one clear objective: a massive increase in defense spending.” (

The pressure increases with the Ukraine crisis. Now there are calls to replace US missiles with German products… Germany under threat from Russia…

30/10/14 “As a pretext for the rearmament program, government spokesmen are citing the civil war in Ukraine, which was set in motion by the support of the US and Germany for the fascist-led coup that overthrew the elected pro-Russian government and installed a Western puppet regime last February. They insist on the development of a new generation of MEADS [Medium Extended Air Defense System] air defense systems to replace the army’s existing stock of US Patriot missiles.” (

Continue to link up with other EU members… now Poland

03/11/14 “The German government is accelerating the creation of an EU army by means of bilateral military cooperation. The German-Polish ‘declaration of intent’ on military cooperation of the two countries’ armed forces, signed in the middle of the week, is the most recent example.” (

The army called an “attractive employer…”

01/02/15 “The German government announced a long-term plan for the modernization of its armed forces on Friday. Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen, of the ruling centre-right Christian Democrats, said she wanted to make the Germany Army into the most attractive employer in the country.” (

For a more assertive role in global security – Germany calls for a larger military. Note: It’s now confirmed as a German military – not an EU force

03/03/15 “Germany has pledged to raise military spending in coming years, as Berlin seeks to reconcile a commitment to play a more assertive role in global security with a military that is in dire need of overhaul.” (

The propaganda continues… the German goal is to “restore state power and stability in other countries…” - taking over America’s role…

13/11/15 “New military interventions by the German army (Bundeswehr) in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are being discussed and prepared in German defence and foreign policy think tanks, under the pretext of the ‘struggle against the causes of [refugee] flight’. The article quotes Federal Defence Minister Von der Leyen: ‘ We need to restore state power and stability in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya’ .” (

An army to “take control of a nation’s borders without the consent of the relevant sovereign government”

20/12/15 “So they finally got there. Along with two parliament buildings, an anthem, a flag, an over-bloated, underworked, unaudited staff, an army can now be added to the unchecked expansion of the European Union. It will have the considerable power to take control of a nation’s borders without the consent of the relevant sovereign government.” (

Now the EU is involved. To make the whole concept more palatable to the German people, Germany pushes for an EU military independent of NATO!

18/11/16 “Under German pressure, the EU is pushing toward the establishment of military structures, independent of NATO, as is evidenced by recent decisions taken by its defense ministers.” (

The ANTI-NATO idea continues: “The EU should also be prepared to act autonomously in cases where NATO is not willing to take the lead.”

23/11/16 “The European Union (EU) Army will be up and running in less than a year after MEPs today voted for the creation of a super force which can override NATO. And astonishingly it has been agreed that the EU should also be prepared to act autonomously in cases where NATO is not willing to take the lead.” (

The EU Army used to force more integration on Europe

13/12/2017 “The German government has announced that the EU Military Union will be officially launched this Monday, with the European Council formally adopting 17 projects aimed at creating joint EU military structures. According to the German ministry of defense, the military union is not only aimed at reaching more ‘independence’ from the United States, but also at advancing EU ‘integration,’ which is difficult to achieve with civilian means .” (

Now the EU pushes for an EU army

15/12/2017 “Leaders of 25 European Union states have signed the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) pact that will see them undertake more joint projects and increase their defense budgets with the idea to likely create a permanent EU army.” (

Again, yet more propaganda to prepare the German public for higher defence spending. German armaments are much sought after by many nations because of their quality and effectiveness. Yet the German public, and the rest of the world, are supposed to believe that the German armed forces’ equipment is non-operational, even sub standard? Are they trying to project the idea that Germany is not a threat to other nations?

22/02/18 “Shortfalls in the German army’s personnel and equipment are ‘dramatically’ hindering its readiness for combat, according to a new report. No submarines or large transport planes were available for deployment at the end of last year, the report says. It also points to failures in planning and leadership that have exacerbated existing problems in the military. ‘At the end of the year six out of six submarines were not in use. At times, not one of the 14 Airbus A-400M could fly,’ he said.” (

Germany to lead “NATO’s multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force”… with equipment that is substandard and non-functioning? Really?

24/05/18 “While the EU is paving the way for tanks in Europe, preparing infrastructure, Germany is arming itself with the newest A7V modification for the Leopard 2, advertised by the producer as the world’s most powerful main battle tank. The Bundeswehr plans to be fully operational in 2019 when Germany is to take over the leadership of the NATO’s multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) team in Eastern Europe.” (

Still the media continue to support the idea that the German military is not a real threat to anyone…

30/05/18 “The German army has more problems than previously reported, as the country’s defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, had allegedly tried to hide the malfunctions of the military equipment, according to reports. Over recent months, reports have repeatedly come up that the German army has been suffering from equipment and staff shortages.” (

Meanwhile many in Germany want all US forces to go home. Anti-American sentiment continues to rise…

12/07/18 “Almost every second German favors the withdrawal of US forces based there, according to a poll taken prior to the NATO summit, at which Donald Trump accused Berlin of relying on Washington’s protection and not contributing enough.” (

A real slap in the face for the US – the Germans don’t want to buy the US F35 fighter jet – they want to produce their own.

01/02/19 “Politicians in Berlin said they needed more time to decide how to replace an ageing fleet that must be nuclear capable. The Bundeswehr faces pressure to purchase European-made planes, though it favors American models.” (

Now, Germany on the UN security council for the next 2 years… Germany “even closer to the crises and conflicts”

07/01/19 “The German government has entered the new year with the announcement of new global policy ventures and a plea not to shy away from ‘difficult decisions’ in international conflicts. Berlin must assume ‘responsibility’ and seek ‘global solutions,’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, sees Germany having been moved ‘even closer to the crises and conflicts’ of the present day, by its two-year membership on the UN Security Council, which began January 1.” (

Yet again, the same old story about equipment that doesn’t work. With all of this negativity, it’s amazing that Germany sells so much “defence” equipment!

29/01/19 “The bulk of the new military equipment delivered to the German Armed Forces last year is not ready for service, the German Defense Ministry has admitted, as the force struggles to free itself from a torrent of failures. Out of 97 pieces of military equipment delivered to the Armed Forces in 2017, only 38 are fully operational, the German Defense Ministry acknowledged, in response to a parliamentary inquiry.” (

A few days later, the same old story hits the press.

02/02/19 “The parliamentary Defence Commissioner Hans-Peter Bartels (Social Democratic Party, SPD), lists his complaints over more than 120 pages. ‘There is a lack of materiel in all areas.’ There are ‘barely any operational Leopard 2 [battle tanks],’ ‘no tankers in the Navy’ and ‘a large part of the submarine fleet was ‘broken.’ In addition, ‘less than half of the Eurofighters and Tornados are airworthy’ and ammunition stocks have been ‘reduced to a minimum.’ Terms such as ‘fully equipped’ and ‘national and alliance defence’ are euphemisms for a new German war policy.(

In a world of “growing global instability caused by sabre-rattling leaders in Russia, China and the US,” the new “German leader in waiting” repeats the call for an EU army

08/02/19 “Germany’s new Christian Democrat leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has called for the creation of a European army amid growing global instability caused by sabre-rattling leaders in Russia, China and the US. Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer’s speech focused on the idea of a ‘Europe of security’ and she insisted an EU army was a ‘logical step’ in pursuit of that goal.(

Accord With Russia Soon?

“Before World War II, a mutual [Non-aggression] Treaty was signed by Germany and Russia. History often repeats itself.” ( The Plain Truth, October 1985)

Are we about to see history repeat?

Back in 1955, we were warned that the USA was creating the “Frankenstein Monster” that would eventually destroy both Britain and the USA!

“In its final phase, to appear in our day, will merely be a restoration of that ancient Roman Empire – a United States of Europe which we are beginning to foster within the confines of the ancient Roman Empire! We are building the Frankenstein Monster that is destined to destroy us!( The Plain Truth, June 1955)

The USA is forcing Germany to rearm

10/02/19 “Ambassador Richard Grenell has accused Berlin of failing to meet its defense spending commitments under the alliance. While the German government has backed plans to gradually increase spending, some see it as a waste. US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell on Sunday criticized Germany’s pledge to incrementally raise its defense spending to 1.5 percent until 2024 in an interview with German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag.” (

What They Say Vs What They Do

What They Are Saying?

We must not be confused by the propaganda… the message coming across strongly in the German media is that the German military is a total disaster. Nothing works! Ships, submarines, aircraft – mostly non-operational. Troops under-trained and under-armed. If German defence equipment is so unreliable, how come Germany is the third largest arms supplier in today’s world?

What They Are Doing?

Germany will not pay its full contribution to NATO – but it can afford to build up its own military

Germany has the worlds third largest arms industry

Germany seeks an army independent of NATO

Germany is already militarily involved in several overseas countries…

Germany is to take over the leadership of NATO’s multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) team in Eastern Europe in 2019.”

Germany starts its two-year membership on the UN Security Council… January, 2019!

The Warning Went Out… Unchanged Since 1934…

As you read the following item, keep in mind that East and West Germany were only finally reunited in 1990 and today, Germany IS the leading nation in Europe!

1964 “Germany — a UNITED GERMANY with her former territories restored — is ready to emerge as the strongest nation on earth at the head of a revitalized and resurgent Europe! This power colossus is then going to deal a death blow to the United States and Britain…” ( The Plain Truth, October 1964)

Coming Next!

14/08/82 “Events I have foreseen, proclaimed over the air and published in The PLAIN TRUTH for 48 years, [since 1934] are at last suddenly falling into place. The gigantic new world power – the United States of Europe – the resurrection of the medieval ‘Holy Roman Empire’ – is about to blossom into almost unbelievable REALITY!” ( Co-worker Letter, 22 November 1982)

We are already seeing links to the Holy Roman Empire… in the media

28/01/19 “German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron …met in the city of Aachen earlier this week… Aachen was chosen to make a statement. It was there during the 9th century that Charlemagne, the king who united much of western Europe into his HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE , made his home. Britain was never part of that empire.” (

The fulfilment of the following warning is not far off now…

14/08/78 “Undoubtedly GERMANY will head the new resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ Who conquered the German armed fist twice – in the two great world wars? It was Britain with the United States pouring in the real knockout power! Who will they go forth to DESTROY? Britain and the United States!” ( Co-worker Letter, 14 August 1978)

We Were Warned

The message that Jesus Christ revealed to His end time Apostle is coming to pass before our eyes!

Germany HAS risen from the ashes of WW2 – to become one of the world’s leading trading nations.

Germany IS the leading nation in Europe.

Germany IS rearming.

Remember The Lesson Of The Fig Tree

“Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.(Matthew 24:32-34)