News Review - 01 Nov 2019

Anger and frustration… economic pain… violent demonstrations… protests… government corruption… accusations… false news… public disorder… civil war… debt defaults…

The Gathering Storm

It seems that the world is entering a new phase, with a spirit of anger and protests happening all around the world. As the following article points out:

It has been a very long time since we have seen so many angry protests happening all over the world simultaneously.

All over the globe, the mood is turning sour. Anger and frustration are bubbling over, and protests are becoming violent in major cities all across the planet. In some cases economic pain is driving the protests and in other cases political matters are motivating the protesters, and it has been a very long time since we have seen so many angry protests happening all over the world simultaneously. Unfortunately, many believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning. Global economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating, and as economic pain intensifies that is only going to make everyone more frustrated.(

Let’s take a brief overview of the present situation, starting in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a new extradition law sparked protests back in June, but the conflict is escalating. Tens of thousands of protesters have been demonstrating in the streets of Hong Kong since June.


A criminal code in Indonesia led to protests against its draconian laws, and the president’s second term faces ongoing dissent.

Last month, thousands of protesters in Jakarta clashed with police after a new criminal code was announced. The code would outlaw sex outside of marriage and set a jail sentence of six months for unmarried couples living together, among other laws.


In the Netherlands, thousands of Dutch farmers continue to clog highways with their tractors. They came to protest claims from members of Dutch parliament that agriculture was responsible for high emissions, and that some cattle farms should be shut down.

According to Dutch automobile association ANWB, over 700 miles of traffic plagued Dutch roads at the peak of rush hour as the tractors descended on The Hague.


Several protests are ongoing in France, including an almost year long movement by yellow jacket demonstrators. In addition to Dutch farmers, French farmers are also angry with their country’s agricultural policy. Farmers held a second mass demonstration on Tuesday, following an October 8 demonstration that filled major French highways with over 10,000 protesters.


Peruvians are blockading access to copper mines, while confusion surrounding the president’s government persists. The Peruvian government authorized armed intervention last week to unblock a protested copper mine, Reuters reported. Residents of the Andean area have been blocking the mining company’s access road for almost a month.


Protesters in Haiti called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. An already tumultuous Haiti erupted into more violent protests on September 25, Azam Ahmed reported for The New York Times. Protesters called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. The country is also contending with food, oil, and power shortages. The Times reported that 30 people have died from the demonstrations, and at least 15 of which were killed by police officers.


Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese citizens are protesting government corruption. In October, protests continued after the government proposed a tax on WhatsApp messages. The demonstrations turned violent after police used tear gas against citizens.


A wave of protests hit Chile in October. Chileans are calling out increasing inequality, stagnant wages, and rising oil prices.

The protests in Chile began in early October after the government raised subway fares, spurring high school students to jump turnstiles and form a social media movement. By October 19, 180 people had been arrested and 57 police officers were injured. Eleven people have died so far as a result of the riots.” (

Further Problems In The West


After two elections, Israel still hasn’t got a new government. All sides are holding out to get their own way. Mr Netanyahu has been in power for the past decade… but has now failed twice to form a government. A third election is now likely.

“Israeli ex-military chief Benny Gantz has been tasked with forming a coalition government after PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts ended in deadlock. It is the first time that someone other than Mr Netanyahu has received such a mandate since 2009. Mr Gantz now has 28 days in which to form his own coalition.” (

Meanwhile… in a situation very similar to the impeachment calls against US President Trump, Mr Netanyahu is facing his own battle over alleged corruption, which many claim is false. All this just adds to the chaos.


Brexit is causing serious problems for Europe.

“Italian Law professor Paolo Becchi… claimed the eurozone was on the verge of collapsing as eurosceptic governments around the bloc have finally started rebelling against Germany and France austerity measures imposed on other member states. Mr Becchi’s warning comes as Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini claimed he would never allow the EU to impose new taxes on member states as he revealed he was aware Brussels was working to come up with a solution to the Brexit budget shortfall by trying to impose a new European tax.” (


Until recently, there have been a few calls in the media for US troops to leave Germany. But now, Bundestag MPs demand that US troops leave Germany to avoid tensions with Russia.

“The American military presence is incompatible with the peace principle enshrined in the constitution. German MPs have demanded that the government expel US forces stationed in Germany. MPs argue that their presence only serves the purposes of the US illegal wars in the Middle East and stokes tensions with Moscow. More than 35,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany…” (

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has led Germany since 2005. She has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world, and "leader of the free world", but now her popularity is waning. With the German economy edging close to a recession due to Brexit and US trade wars, support for the AfD is on the rise.

“Angela Merkel has suffered fresh humiliation after her Christian Democrats (CDU) were beaten into third place in Sunday’s regional election in the eastern state of Thuringia… Preliminary results had Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) polling at 21.8 percent, behind the left (31 percent) and the AfD (23.4 percent). The results show huge gains for the AfD, who have snatched a 12.8 percent rise in votes, while the CDU plunged 11.7 percent. It follows strong results for the AfD in the eastern states of Brandenburg on September 1, where it surged to second place, and marks another major setback for Ms Merkel.” (

The Vatican

There is controversy and strife within the Vatican, with many Cardinals against the Pope’s more liberal stance on doctrine.

“Pope Francis is defying his conservative critics once again as he prepares to allow married men in the Amazon become priests in a move that contradicts centuries of tradition and continues to anger his Vatican opponents. However, in the first centuries of the church, married men did serve as priests. Even the first pope, St Peter, hand-picked by Jesus, was married. Francis’ controversial, convention-defying policies have led to murmurs of growing opposition in the Catholic Church.” (

Britain - Brexit Violence?

Being “badly injured,” a “price worth paying” according to the majority!

A majority of both ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’ in Britain see violence against MPs in parliament as a ‘price worth paying’ if it meant their views on Brexit won out, according to new research. A survey based on polling from YouGov and conducted by academics at Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh found 71 percent of leave voters in England think using violence against UK lawmakers is worth it to get Brexit done.

A greater number of those taking part in the survey also insisted that turning on their fellow citizens during Brexit protests, even if it resulted in them being ‘badly injured,’ would be fine in their eyes.

Many people on social media expressed their shock at the figures, with one person asking: ‘What have we become?’ British actor Stephen Mangan simply said: ‘We’ve completely lost our minds’.(

“The head of the police service in Northern Ireland has warned that any Brexit deal seen to threaten the United Kingdom could lead to disorder. Simon Byrne told the BBC on Wednesday that there was potential for unrest among communities who consider themselves loyal to the UK. Byrne says the ‘loyalist community has at times shown it can mobilize quickly, bring large numbers of people on to the streets and engage in public disorder in support of their cause’.” (


The impeachment and removal of US President Donald Trump is an ongoing issue that is seriously dividing the American people.

“The number of registered voters who oppose the impeachment and removal of US President Donald Trump, at 49 percent, is the same as those who are in favor, the results of a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll published on Friday show.” (

The situation is now so serious that the majority of Americans fear civil war! As the following article points out: …the 2020 presidential race will be the most uncivil ever.

“A new poll conducted by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service finds that 7 in 10 Americans believe the country is nearing civil war. The survey found that 67% of Americans think the nation is on the way to such a scenario. A clear majority of Americans, 84%, also believe that ‘behavior that used to be seen as unacceptable is now accepted as normal behavior,’ suggesting the 2020 presidential race will be the most uncivil ever.(

America – Laughingstock Of The World

While America is under pressure politically, both from without and within, there is an even more serious crisis. America is being destroyed – from within!

America is rapidly being transformed into a rotting, decaying cesspool of filth, corruption and wickedness

Throughout human history we have seen great nations rise and fall, and for many of them it was not actually an external threat that took them down. When the social decay inside a society gets bad enough, it is just a matter of time before that society falls apart. At one time we were the most respected nation on the entire planet, but now we have become the laughingstock of the world. And instead of setting a good example for the rest of us, our leaders are some of the greatest examples of corruption and filth.

…what would an article about social decay be without at least some discussion of the human feces in our streets? Normally I bring up examples on the west coast, but today let me share with you what has been happening in downtown Miami…

‘The situation is the worst I’ve seen in my 25 years here,’ said business owner Jose Goyanes. ‘The stench is really bad, even after you hose it down. We see people urinating against buildings or pulling their pants down and squatting because they have nowhere else to go.’

Deposits of human waste can be seen in planters, doorways, gutters — or right in the middle of the block. The pavement behind the old Macy’s department store is soaked with urine. Feces ferment in front of vacant storefronts for days when there’s no landlord to clean up. People who work and live downtown are calling in a Code Brown.

Sadly, this is a perfect metaphor for what is happening to the country as a whole. We need to call a ‘Code Brown’ on the entire nation, because America is rapidly being transformed into a rotting, decaying cesspool of filth, corruption and wickedness.(

Bankers On The Brink

This world’s financial situation is now so serious that even the Bankers are worried, as the writer of the following article points out:

“It’s no longer just me using terms like ‘Armageddon, crisis, devastating, chaos, Great Depression;’ it’s leaders of the world’s most august and conservative central banks! Oh, but that’s still not the end of it. In case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating how badly the Fed is failing, it just got even worse — much worse!

The Fed announced this week it is increasing its overnight repos from $75 billion a shot to a massive $120 billion!

…We’ve come into that place we’ve never been before.

Catastrophic’ and ‘Armageddon’ are the words bankers and analysts are using for it, but whether that comes about by sudden heart attack or slow strangulation, who can know?

‘Unusual remarks and actions by the outgoing head of the Bank of England and other central banking insiders strongly suggest that there is a very ugly scenario in the works to end the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. In the process, this would involve that the Fed deliberately triggers a dramatic economic depression.

The about-to-retire head of the very special Bank of England, Mark Carney, delivered a remarkable speech at the recent annual meeting of central bankers and finance elites at Jackson Hole Wyoming on August 23. He indicates that [change] … often needs wars or depressions, as he cites the role of World War II forcing out sterling in favor of the US dollar. What Carney finds more immediate is a new IMF-based monetary system to replace the dominant role of the dollar.

Note that Carney, a former Goldman Sachs banker, is mentioned as a leading candidate to replace Christine Lagarde as IMF head. Is his speech an open admission of what is being planned by the world’s leading central bankers as the next step to a world currency and global economic control?

Were the Fed now to resume rate rises and continue its less-publicized Quantitative Tightening into 2020, a domino-style series of debt defaults, corporate bankruptcies, home mortgage foreclosures, default on car loans and student loans could quickly make a second Trump Presidency in 2020 more than doubtful.

However that would be no grounds for the rest of the world opposed to Trump policies to cheer. It would also trigger collapse in major emerging market countries who have borrowed hundreds of billions denominated in US dollars, including Chinese state companies, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil to name a few. EU banks from Italy to Germany to France would fail.(

The “Future” Is Not Far Off!

Back in July,1984, Mr Armstrong gave this warning:

“I think God has been holding the winds of war and of nuclear war and the final crisis back for at least fifteen or twenty years now. When it seemed like it was due back in the late nineteen sixties. It seemed like it was going to be due in a few years and it had not happened. Now I can see where things can come to a head…

It’s the gathering storm that is taking place right now getting ready for the grand smash crisis that’ll bring about the end of this world.

…I can see now the event that is going to trigger the formation of reunification in Europe; the resurrection of the Medieval Holy Roman Empire that we’ve been looking forward to that is prophesied to come.

I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly just like out of a blue sky that is going to shock the whole world and is going to cause the nations of Europe to realize they must unite. Well, now I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger it and that is the economic situation in the world.

Now when the financial structure breaks down, all civilization is going to break down. I just wanted to say that much - maybe you can begin to see how serious this thing can become!” ( Sermon - 7 July 1984)

The "Gathering Storm" Is Now At “Category 5”

All around the world, we are witnessing a huge upturn in violence, hatred and strife - people against people, nation against nation. Global economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating, trade wars and political strife dominate our daily news.

The nations that should be leading the world - the USA, Britain, Germany, Europe, Israel, are all locked in political turmoil – with no obvious solutions in sight!

Efforts to impeach President Trump, and the ongoing Brexit saga in the UK are resulting in both nations being weakened - both internally and in the eyes of the world.

Turning back looks highly unlikley now as both sides beleive that only their way is right!


Several people have said to me recently that it would be great to see some positive, uplifiting news items. But there is good news… even great news!

Today’s bad news IS good news!

Today’s bad news shows us that we are very near to the end of the age… that we are very near now to the return of Jesus Christ – to rule all nations… to put an end to all strife, rebellion, chaos, corruption and suffering!

"You don’t have to believe it! It will happen, regardless. It is sure – the world’s only sure hope.

This advance good news of tomorrow is as certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun." ( Tomorrow…What It Will Be Like)