News Review - 24 Jul 2020
Germany Rising

Germany should lead Europe to lead the world… an independent power in global politics… Germany must want to lead… the US is the opponent… Merkel Has Fulfilled Hitler’s Dream…

Germany Rising

We are now living in a rapidly changing world. Germany now views the USA, along with Russia and China, as a threat! Attitudes are changing in Germany. “The world needs grown-up leadership”… “Europe must fill the vacuum left by the retreating USA”“Together. Making Europe strong again” … as the following article points out!

“Time for Germany to step up. With Germany at the EU helm, there’s a unique chance for Europe to fill the vacuum left by the retreating USA. Not only is Angela Merkel’s government chairing the EU, it is a member of the UN security council until 31 December. The first step is for Berlin and Brussels to wean themselves off their over-dependence on the US, a fact recognised by Merkel.” (

Germany’s EU Council Presidency

“Germany took over the rotating presidency of the European Union for six months from July 1. This is being accompanied by an aggressive campaign for militarism and a more independent German-European great power policy. Significantly, the official motto of the German government for the Council presidency is…

‘Gemeinsam. Europa Wieder Stark Machen’
(‘ Together. Making Europe strong again’) .

…Berlin’s counterpart to Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again.’

In pursuing these interests, the German foreign minister above all identifies the US as the opponent. Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, transatlantic relations are about to turn into open hostility. In an editorial headlined ‘ Germany must want to lead’ the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), warns that Germany must no longer be merely ‘the motor, moderator and bridge-builder’ in Europe, but must finally show ‘leadership’.” (

The Link Between German Industry And The Nazis

When Hitler wanted support to achieve his political ends, he appealed to the industrialists. When the Germans realised that they were going to lose the war, they organised the industrialists, as Mr Armstrong explained!

What follows is part of a Plain Truth article written by Mr Herbert Armstrong entitled “Under Cover IN EUROPE” in November, 1949.

“In the middle of May, 1943, top German industrialists held an important secret meeting… Here plans were laid for divorcing German industry, so far as the facts appeared before the outside world, from Nazism. It would be much easier for them to keep German industry free to prepare for World War III if they convinced the allied nations that the Nazis did not run it.

At this meeting in the Krupps chateau, plans for making it appear the Nazis were entirely disconnected with the source of arms production for the next war were carefully laid. It was planned for Baron von Schnitzler to try to use his many contacts abroad to re-establish relationships with former friends in America, Britain, and other countries.” ( The Plain Truth, November 1949)

Europaische Wirtschaftgemeinschaft – May 2009

The Germans called it ‘Europäische Wirtschaftgemeinschaft’ – which translated is - ‘European Economic Community’. The following article was published in the Daily Mail on the 9th of May, 2009. This article backed up what Mr Armstrong had written some 60 years earlier.

“The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading. But US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944.

The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany’s post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis’ return to power and work for a ‘strong German empire’. In other words: the Fourth Reich.

The three-page, closely typed report, marked ‘Secret’, copied to British officials and sent by air pouch to Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State, detailed how the industrialists were to work with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany’s economy by sending money through Switzerland.

…the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire - but not just German.

They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad. They would wait until conditions were right. And then they would take over Germany again.

The industrialists included representatives of Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmitt. Officials from the Navy and Ministry of Armaments were also at the meeting and, with incredible foresight, they decided together that the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire - but not just German .” (

The Military - Industrial Link

In Hitler’s speech to the Dusseldorf Industry Club on January 26, 1932, he called on big business to support him and the government in pushing through a militarist foreign policy turn against the will of the people.

In 1944, when it became clear that Germany could not win the war, the Nazis and the industrialists got together to plan Germany’s future.

Slave labour was an integral part of the Nazi war machine. Many concentration camps were attached to dedicated factories where company officials worked hand-in-hand with the SS officers overseeing the camps.

The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants, reborn as democrats, soon prospered in the new West Germany . There they worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration.” (

2014 – Same Tactics!

The strong link between industry and the government still exists. In December 2014, the then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier - now President of Germany - appealed to business heads to support Germany’s rise to be a world power. At the end of the following article, note the respose from the industrialists present!

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier’s ‘Great Power’ Speech to Big Business

“In his opening speech at the SZ Economic Summit, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to business heads to support Germany’s rise to be a world power.

The meeting did not take place in the Dusseldorf Parkhotel, but in Berlin’s Hotel Adlon. Sitting in the audience was not Fritz Thyssen and Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, but Thyssen-Krupp CEO Heinrich Hiesinger and other current heavyweights of German big business. And of course, the Social Democratic Party Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is not Adolf Hitler.

Nevertheless, Steinmeier’s appearance recalled Hitler’s speech to the Dusseldorf Industry Club on January 26, 1932. Like the soon to become Führer, Steinmeier made a direct appeal to German big business to support Germany’s rise to be a world power. He explicitly called on big business to support him and the government in pushing through a militarist foreign policy turn AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

A steady flow of articles in the mainstream media tell the nation that their military is a shambles – when nothing could be further from the truth! Here is just one example:

‘There is a lack of material in all areas.’ There are ‘barely any operational Leopard 2 [battle tanks],’ ‘no tankers in the Navy’ and ‘a large part of the submarine’ fleet was ‘broken.’ In addition, ‘less than half of the Eurofighters and Tornados are airworthy’. ‘Is our Bundeswehr even operational?’(

Steinmeier’s programme strongly recalls the German lust for power, once believed to be a thing of the past. ‘ Germany should lead Europe to lead the world’… The implications of these words are unmistakable. The German elites once again see it as their ‘task’ to dominate Europe in order to become a world power. Today, as before, this programme of German imperialism means conflict with Russia and the United States.

Steinmeier’s entire speech makes clear that the ruling elites in Germany are no longer willing to ‘hide’ behind any ‘principles’ or restrictions that they had to accept after defeat in World War II. They are preparing to impose the new foreign policy programme on the German people.

What Steinmeier is proposing is an alliance of the state and big capital against the population that is overwhelmingly hostile to the new war course. Such an alliance, combining the rich and the powerful against the majority, is deeply undemocratic. After the terrible experiences of two world wars, opposition to war is deeply rooted, especially in Germany. Nevertheless, the ruling elites have decided to return to a policy of war, and impose this on the population.

When Steinmeier had finished, there was thunderous applause in the ballroom of Hotel Adlon.(

2014 - German Government Plans Massive Re-armament

Europe has a fear of Russia. In 1980, Mr Armstrong explained:

“As the Russians mass more troops and other military hardware closer to West European borders, and as the United States vascillates, European leaders will become more and more frightened – and they are frightened against this Russian threat already!” ( Co-Worker Letter – January 23, 1980)

“As a pretext for the re-armament program, government spokesmen are citing the civil war in Ukraine, which was set in motion by the support of the US and Germany for the fascist-led coup that overthrew the elected pro-Russian government and installed a Western puppet regime last February. Their plans also include the development of a new, third generation of Leopard tanks. They argue that equipping troops with the latest technology as part of the government’s ‘Soldier of the Future’ program should no longer be limited to foreign deployments, but should be introduced across the board.” (

German Government Plans New Military Interventions And Massive Re-armament

“The German army (Bundeswehr) is preparing for new military interventions. Five years after the German government announced the end of military restraint at the Munich Security Conference in 2014, the ruling class can no longer hide the fact that it is basing its foreign and great power politics on the militaristic traditions of the German Empire and the Nazis. In his major lecture on foreign policy at the end of October, the president of the German parliament, Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), described 1945, ie, the date of the downfall of the Third Reich and the defeat of Germany in World War II — as a ‘catastrophe’.” (

Germany Reportedly Reviving WWII-Era "Leopards"

“While the EU is paving the way for tanks in Europe, preparing infrastructure, Germany is arming itself with the newest A7V modification for the Leopard 2, advertised by the producer as the world’s most powerful main battle tank. The Bundeswehr plans to be fully operational in 2019 when Germany is to take over the leadership of the NATO’s multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) team in Eastern Europe.” (

Germany Strengthens Baltic Naval Alliance

Other European nations welcome the fact that Germany is taking the lead!

“Germany has been trying to bring the navies of NATO and EU countries on the Baltic closer together since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, starting with regular meetings of fleet commanders the following year. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said last month that as the biggest NATO and EU country on the Baltic, Germany must ‘take more responsibility for the region’ - a sign it is slowly shedding its post-World War Two reluctance to take the military lead. Other Western countries welcome the German initiative. ‘We are very happy that Germany has taken the lead in that sense,’ Finnish navy chief Admiral Veijo Taipalus said.” (

Germany’s Global Policy Aspiration

“German military experts have presented their first concrete plans for an EU naval operation in the Persian Gulf. Previously, Foreign Minster Heiko Maas had rejected the US demand for Germany to deploy warships in a US-led naval mission in the Middle East. Berlin is positioning itself to be an independent power in global politics.” (

Germany And EU Expand Military Deployment In Africa

“The coronavirus pandemic is acting as a catalyst in the scramble by the great powers to redivide Africa. German imperialism sees the crisis as an opportunity to assert its global geopolitical interests by force of arms. In the last few days, the Bundestag (parliament) decided to extend or prolong two military operations. Besides Libya, Mali and Somalia, German forces may operate in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger in the future. ‘Through its presence in the sea area off the Horn of Africa, the EU… protects European interests and contributes to the stabilisation of the region,’ reads the German government’s mission statement.” (

German Navy Prepares For Worldwide Military Missions

“Given the growing conflict between the great powers over geopolitical zones of influence and trade routes, the re-armament is being systematically promoted by the grand coalition of Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) as well as German industry. In mid-May, the two German shipyards Lürssen Group and German Naval Yards Kiel (GNYK) announced their intention to merge into a national German shipyards’ alliance. The declared goal is to create the necessary armament structures for the building of German warships. ‘The know-how in German shipbuilding, to which naval shipbuilding makes an important contribution,’ had to be ‘secured’.” (

Merkel Has ‘Fulfilled Hitler’s Dream’

Germany now controls Europe, without firing a shot! The plan is working – a German controlled Europe has arrived! One man made the point – and lost his job for telling the truth!

“Malta’s ambassador to Finland has had to resign his post after saying that Germany’s Angela Merkel had ‘fulfilled Hitler’s dream’ to ‘control Europe’ on social media.” (

A Warning To God’s People

“We have been seeing these end-time world events coming for several years now. GOD HAS DELAYED – HELD UP WORLD EVENTS. Yet he will suddenly cut his work short, and end things, as unexpectedly and suddenly as when the trap springs on a rat before he can move. WHEN EUROPE SUDDENLY UNITES, our work, which Christ is doing with and through us, will quickly be over, and Christ’s coming very soon thereafter.” ( Co-Worker Letter – July 24, 1983)

Satan To Speed Up His Wrath

The coronavirus pandemic is destroying the world economic system. The world is on the brink of great changes, both economically and politically.

“World events are moving swiftly toward the grand-smash climax at the close of this world – this civilization! World news intensifies! God undoubtedly has held back progress of world events toward this final crisis. But indications now are that GOD WILL ALLOW SATAN TO SPEED UP HIS WRATH, for he knows he has but a short time!” ( Co-Worker Letter – September 17, 1982)

United States and Great Britain destroyed by Europe

“Germany — a UNITED GERMANY with her former territories restored — is ready to emerge as the strongest nation on earth at the head of a revitalized and resurgent Europe! This power colossus is then going to deal a death blow to the United States and Britain…” ( The Plain Truth, October 1964)

“The whole world will be literally stunned when, very soon now, this union of nations in Europe is publicly announced. It will be a new stupendous world power, possibly even greater than either the Soviet Union or the USA!

And it is much nearer than we have believed! Brethren, time is running out on us.” ( Co-Worker Letter – July 16, 1982)

As Mr Armstrong clearly warned us all as he put the Church back on track:

"We go along day-to-day careless, each doing his own thing. And we don’t realize, in the meantime, Satan is very busy; and Christ is also on the job. And suddenly, like a mouse getting caught in a trap… He doesn’t know it. He doesn’t see it. The first thing he knows, he’s caught and can’t get out…

That is going to happen to many of you! I am warning you now. SOME OF YOU — matter of fact, MAYBE MOST OF YOU — WILL IGNORE IT; and you will just go on taking it easy. All of a sudden, it is going to strike; and Christ warned us that, ‘in such an hour as you think not,’ it is going to happen.

We are very close to the end time.( Warning To the Church - 1 July 1978)

The Wise WILL Understand!

“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.

Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.

But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.” (1 Thessalonians 5:1-11)