News Review - 4 Sep 2020
One World Government

Philosophers philosophise about it… Politicians politic for it… Jesus Christ came preaching about it… the elusive dream…

One World Government

Throughout man’s history the quest has been for one World Government. Some succeeded for a short time… Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome all had their day – and all ultimately failed. At the end of the Second World War – as the United Nations was being founded, the Roman Catholic Church tried to push for control – over all the nations… ( The Plain Truth - December 1948) but failed.

Earlier this year, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres was again pushing for World Government – a World Government with “teeth”!

Lack Of Unity Is A Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus

“United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres is calling for a ‘multilateral’ level of governance with the ‘teeth’ to ‘function as an instrument of global governance where it is needed’. ‘The problem is that today’s multilateralism lacks scale, ambition and teeth,’ Guterres said during a Thursday press conference on the launch of the UN’s ‘comprehensive response to COVID-19’ — the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China. ‘And some of the instruments that do have teeth, show little or no appetite to bite, as has recently been the case with the difficulties faced by the Security Council.’

In the interdependent world of today, ‘national interests are not easily separated from the global good,’ Guterres said. In the face of such problems, ‘world leaders need to be humble and recognize the vital importance of unity and solidarity,’ he said. ‘And we need an effective multilateralism that can function as an instrument of global governance where it is needed.’ ‘My friends, make no mistake. The greatest threat we face now is not the virus itself. Rather, it’s the lack of leadership and solidarity at the global and national levels’.” (

The Impossible Dream

But mankind is totally incapable of forming a World Government. Here is how Mr Armstrong explained it:

“Would the United States say to the leaders of other nations, ‘We are ready to relinquish all sovereignty over ourselves, and place our great nation under the absolute rule of leaders from Russia, China, France, Egypt, and other countries’?

And, if men should undertake to establish a Super World Government, wielding all the military power over all nations, what form of government would the nations submit to? …Most nations would never accept democracy as the form of World Government, and the United States would accept nothing else.

Could anything be more impossible than for this world’s nations to get together, in a new World Government of some form, each surrendering all its power and sovereignty to it?” ( Tomorrow… What It Will Be Like - Chapter 5)

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Testing The World

The head of the World Health Organization said recently - “The world’s lack of solidarity — not the coronavirus — is the biggest threat we face…”

What he is pointing out is that a lack of a World Government is the real issue.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the world – and humanity is failing because of a lack of leadership and unity, the head of the World Health Organization declared in a passionate speech Thursday.

‘How is it difficult for humans to unite and fight a common enemy that is killing people indiscriminately?’ WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus asked at a briefing in Geneva, his voice rising with emotion. ‘Are we unable to distinguish or identify the common enemy?’ he asked.

The world’s lack of solidarity — not the coronavirus — is the biggest threat we face,’ Tedros said, adding that divisions among countries and people give an advantage to a virus that has been holding the world hostage for months.” (

The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want

This COVID-19 pandemic is causing chaos around the world. People are confused by the news – which is often contradictory. As result, people become “blinded with fear” and are ready to accept Government restrictions which are put there to “protect them”. The problem is, these new laws tend to stay long after the problem is solved – to be used, or abused, at a later date.

“All over the Western world ever since 9/11 there have been incremental steps towards what many liberty advocates would call a ‘police state’; a system in which governments are no longer restricted by the boundaries of civil liberties and are given the power to do just about anything they want in the name of public safety. The use of ‘the law’ as a tool for injecting tyranny into a culture is the first tactic of all totalitarians.

Make no mistake, there is a very OPEN and easily identifiable agenda on the part of globalists to establish a heavily centralized police state system in every country they are able. This is not ‘conspiracy theory’, this is conspiracy fact.

For many years now there have been numerous analysts, economists and geopolitical experts in the alternative media that have predicted and warned the public about the globalist strategy of ‘order out of chaos’. In other words, the ultra-wealthy power brokers that hold influence over most governments on Earth seek to ‘reshape’ the existing social order through the creation of crisis and disaster. By engineering public desperation, they hope to lure us into accepting restrictions on our freedoms that we would have never considered otherwise.

This reminds me immediately of the post 9/11 push to rapidly remove constitutional protections while the public was blinded by fear and confusion.

As US globalist Rahm Emanuel would say: ‘You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.’

Right now, Australia and New Zealand are slamming citizens with perhaps the most draconian measures yet in the Western world. These are policies that the elites want to introduce everywhere, but they are going full bore in Australia, and it just keeps getting worse.

The easiest method for the globalists to get what they openly say they want is to either conjure a crisis or exploit an existing crisis in order to ‘erode sovereignty’. The current pandemic fits this plan perfectly, but before sovereignty can be eliminated on a national level they need to undermine sovereignty on an individual level first. Actions within the US and nations allied to the US suggest an accelerated attack on personal liberties is at hand.

In various areas of Australia ‘Level 4’ response measures have been enforced for at least the next six weeks, including curfews, strict mask policies including people being forced to wear masks OUTSIDE (contrary to everything science and virology has to say about low possibility of transmission in sunlight and open air), residents are not allowed to travel more than 3 miles from their homes and only one person from a household is allowed to leave at any given time. Citizens violating these rules are subject to $10,000 fines or arrest. And yes, people are being arrested simply for not wearing a mask or being too far from home.

While Australia has been using quarantine facilities to force people considered high risk to isolate, NZ quarantine camps are now fully under the control of the military, and ALL citizens that test positive or are suspected to have Covid can be separated from their families and placed in the camps, which are hotels converted into prisons.

It is the complete erasure of personal liberties all because of an increase in cases which has amounted to a mere 525 deaths in Australia and 22 deaths in New Zealand.” (

Mayhem In Melbourne

Look at the example of what is happening in Australia…

“On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: ‘People are entitled to think there is an “agenda to destroy western society.”’ The gist of an August 13th article on the Melbourne lockdown is captured in the title:

Australian Police Go FULL NAZI, Smashing in Windows of Civilian Cars Just Because Passengers Wouldn’t Give Details About Where They Were Going.

Another article with an arresting title was by Guy Burchell in the August 7th Australian National Review:

Melbourne Cops May Now Enter Homes Without a Warrant, After 11 People Die of COVID — Australia, This Is Madness, Not Democracy. ’ Burchell wrote that only 147 people had lost their lives to coronavirus in Victoria (the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capital), a very low death rate compared to other countries.

The ramped up lockdown measures were triggered by an uptick in cases due to ramped up testing and 11 additional deaths, all of them in nursing homes (where lockdown measures would actually have little effect). The new rules include a six week curfew from 8pm to 5am, with residents allowed to leave home outside those curfew hours only to shop for food and essential items (one household member only), and for caregiving, work and exercise (limited to one hour).

‘But the piece de resistance,’ writes Burchell, ‘ has to be that now police officers can enter homes with neither a warrant nor permission. This is an astonishing violation of civil liberties…’” (

Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” (

COVID 19 - A Fantastic Opportunity

“It is clear from the WEF’s [World Economic Forum] own words, that they see COVID 19 as a fantastic opportunity. They state:

‘The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making… As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.’


It is as simple as that.

It is remarkable that there are still so many who accuse any who point to this long standing New World Order plan, extensively documented and spoken about by political leaders for generations, of being so called conspiracy theorists. One wonders if these people can read.” (

The “Impossible Dream”

“Statesmen, scientists, educators know the only hope for survival and for peace is one world government.

We could quote many scores of world leaders affirming this.

We could quote other scores of world leaders saying it is impossible.

So it’s ‘world government – or annihilation’ on the one hand, and it’s ‘world government is impossible’ on the other hand.

That is the stark paradox of terror facing all mankind today.

No wonder God Almighty says ‘the way of peace have they not known’ (Romans 3:17).” ( Tomorrow… What It Will Be Like - Chapter 7)

The Answer Rejected

Jesus Christ came bringing the answer to World Government, but mankind killed the messenger and changed the message!

“Few seem to have understood the purpose of either Christ’s coming to earth more than 1,900 years ago or His prophesied Second Coming, now imminent.

He came the first time as a divine messenger, bearing a message from God. That message was the good news (Gospel) of the kingdom of God – A FUTURE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

That message was Christ’s Gospel. In other words, it was the true Gospel of Jesus Christ – the very Gospel He commissioned all New Testament ministers to preach to all the world throughout this age. Yet almost universally that true Gospel message is rejected today, and men have, as prophesied, turned to another gospel – a gospel about a different Jesus, certainly not the same Jesus described so vividly in the New Testament.

Yes, it was Jesus Christ who first proclaimed to the world the idea of world peace through a future World Government.” ( The Good News – September 1982)

The New World Government

“Now notice just HOW the new world government will function!

It will not be a so-called democracy; it will not be socialism; it will not be communism or Nazism; it will not be human monarchy, oligarchy, or plutocracy. It will not be MAN’S government over man. Man has proven his utter incapability of ruling himself!

It will be DIVINE government – the government of GOD. It will not be government from the bottom up. The people will have NO VOTES. It will not be government of or by the people – but it will be government FOR the people! It will be government from the TOP (God Almighty) down!

There will be no election campaigns! No $100-per-plate campaign fund-raising dinners. No dirty political campaigns, where each candidate attempts to put himself forward in the most favorable light, while defaming, denouncing, discrediting his opponents. No time or money wasted in mud-slinging campaigns in the lust for power. No splits in political parties with quarreling and hatreds. In fact, no political parties!

No human will be given any government office. In the Kingdom of GOD, all in government service will then be divine spirit beings.” ( The Plain Truth – October/November 1978)

The Two Fateful Alternatives

“This world trouble began in 1914, with World War I. There was a recess from 1918 until 1939. We are in a second recess now. But now at last we have nuclear energy. We have hydrogen bombs stockpiled in such power and volume that they could blast all human life off this planet several times over. There are other destructive weapons today in existence, any of which could erase humanity from the earth.

Today world-famous scientists say only a super world government can prevent world cosmocide. Yet MEN cannot and will not get together to form such a world-ruling government.

It’s time we face the hard, cold, realistic fact: humanity has two alternatives: either there is an Almighty, all-powerful GOD who is about to step in and set up THE KINGDOM OF GOD to rule all nations with supernatural and supra-national force to bring us peaceor else all human life will be obliterated (Matthew 24:22).

But the recent ‘recess’ will soon erupt into nuclear World War III – called, in biblical prophecy the ‘Great Tribulation’ (Matthew 24:21-22). But God will cut short that final supreme world trouble, and send Christ again to earth as KING of kings, LORD of lords – to restore God’s government by the world-ruling KINGDOM OF GOD!” ( The INCREDIBLE Human Potential - Chapter 13)