News Review - 8 Jan 2021
2021 Focus On EUROPE

2021 - We watch for more deception… wars and rumours of wars… nation rising against nation… famines… pestilences… earthquakes…

AND the appearance of…

The Holy Roman Empire

What lies ahead for 2021? A very brief look back at 2020 might give us a clue. A recent article in TIME magazine gives an overview:

This is the story of a year you’ll never want to revisit.

There have been worse years in US history, and certainly worse years in world history, but most of us alive today have seen nothing like this one.

  • You would need to be over 100 to remember the devastation of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic;
  • roughly 90 to have a sense of the economic deprivation wrought by the Great Depression;
  • and in your 80s to retain any memory of World War II and its horrors.

The rest of us have had no training wheels for this…(


A warning from God’s end time Apostle

What the immediate future holds will completely overshadow 2020! Major changes are coming, and one of those major changes will be the formation of the final United Europe – the Beast power of Bible prophecy.

“Never before have we understood these periods of 1260, 1290, and 1335 days. But it seems evident, now, a blessing is pronounced on us - GOD’S CHURCH - who wait and endure until the 1335 days - approximately 1335 days prior to Christ’s coming… apparently that is the time when OUR WORK SHALL END.

That will be a time when the UNITED EUROPE shall appear - the revival of the medieval ‘Holy Roman Empire.’

We shall then be warned, and readied to be taken to a place of refuge and safety from the Great Tribulation.

Forty-five days later ‘the beast’s’ armies will surround Jerusalem.

Thirty days later the Great Tribulation will probably start with a nuclear attack on London and Britain - and possibly the same day or immediately after, on United States and Canadian cities.” ( Pastor General’s Report – November 20, 1979)

…A nuclear attack on London and the USA? When Mr Armstrong wrote this back in 1979, a nuclear attack looked like the only way to destroy whole cities. But we live in a totally different world today.

America and Britain could be destroyed today quickly and effectively without using nuclear weapons.

“Military warns an EMP attack could wipe out America… Nuclear reactors would likely melt down without electricity to cool them. Military and commercial jets, such as those built by Airbus, would fall from the sky. Civil unrest would start in ‘hours.’ Technology would be dismantled. ‘Failures may include long-term loss of electrical power, sewage, fresh water, banking, landlines, cellular service, vehicles’.” (

ALL our cities would be destroyed!

“The USA on the brink of civil war… The American people are experiencing a crisis of civilization. They are so deeply divided that the presidential election is not just about electing a leader, but about determining what the country (empire or nation?) should be. Neither side is capable of accepting to lose, so much so that each could resort to violence to impose its point of view.” (

The American people have never been so divided at any time in their collective memory.

“The Tectonic Plates of Geopolitics Are Starting to Shift… The United States is currently waging economic warfare against one tenth of the world’s countries with cumulative population of nearly 2 billion people and combined gross domestic product (GDP) of more than $15 trillion. These include Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, North Korea and others on which Washington has imposed sanctions over the years, but also countries like China, Pakistan and Turkey which are not under full sanctions but rather targets of other punitive economic measures.” (

In economic warfare, enemies use financial markets as weapons to attack national interests.

“What we know - and still don't - about the worst-ever US government cyber-attack… The US government announced that multiple federal agencies had been targeted by a sweeping cyber-attack, the full scope and consequences of the suspected Russian hack remain unknown. Key federal agencies, from the Department of Homeland Security to the agency that oversees America’s nuclear weapons arsenal, were reportedly targeted, as were powerful tech and security companies including Microsoft. What information has been stolen, and how is it being used? That remains unclear. ‘This hack was so big in scope that even our cybersecurity experts don’t have a real sense yet in the terms of the breadth of the intrusion itself,’ Stephen Lynch, head of the House of Representatives oversight committee, said after attending a classified briefing on Friday.” (

An enemy could use computers to attack the US grid, stopping electricity, food distribution and water supplies. Thus destroying cities.

The Revival Of The Medieval “Holy Roman Empire”

If we are close to the end of this age – and near to the return of Jesus Christ when He wil replace ALL of this world's governmenets, then we should be seeing signs of this upcoming dramatic event in today’s news.

Let’s see what is happening on the world scene!

Is Europe About To Collapse?

Nigel Farage warns ‘beginning of the end for EU’

“Mr Farage hailed Brexit as an ‘epic triumph for the people against the political classes’ and warned it could signal the end of the EU.

He said: ‘In 2021, however, I suspect that the debate around the EU will fade as more pressing concerns materialise. Let’s be in no doubt, though. Brexit was and is an epic triumph for the people against the political classes. It will, I’m sure, prove to be the beginning of the end of the European Union. There is no going back. We won’.” (

EU mayhem: Yanis Varoufakis tipped Germany as FIRST country to leave eurozone

“Yanis Varoufakis claimed the break up of the eurozone would not be because of crisis-hit Greece or Italy but because of Germany, with Berlin the first capital to drop out of the monetary union and print Deutsche Marks. Amid fears the eurozone might not be able to survive, a speech by former Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has resurfaced, in which he claimed the eurozone will not break up because of countries like Italy or Greece but because of Germany. In a 2018 debate at the Oxford Union, the ex-Greek minister said: ‘The euro will break up, if it breaks up, I am not wishing that it does, I am simply describing the future as I see it. The way it will happen is that Germany will leave the euro once the Berlin political class has had enough of the riff raff, asking Greeks, the Italian, the French, the Portuguese and so on. The moment they start sniffing in the wind that possibility they might have to bail out 2.7 trillion euros of Italian debt, believe you me, the Bundesbank already has a plan in the drawer for printing Deutsche Marks’.” (

Eurosceptics round on Brussels

“The European Union has been warned that its own failings will lead to the bloc’s demise as trust among citizens wanes.” (

EU crisis: Germany admitted ‘we can’t rule out demise of bloc’

“The European Union’s demise ‘cannot be ruled out’, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned as the EU faces growing threats.” (

German Eurosceptics have the power to destroy the EU…

“Samy Chaar, chief economist of renowned private bank Lombard Odier, said he fears German Eurosceptics have the power to destroy the EU more than Italy does, due to it being the biggest funder of the bloc. Mr Chaar said should an anti-establishment Germany elect a leader with the same mindset, or even follow Britain’s Brexit lead, the EU would be finished. At some point, the Germans will also have to realise that they have to change something.” (

Across Europe, people want their countries back

“They have had enough of betrayal. They prefer to govern themselves rather than be ruled by unelected officials. They are tired of being labelled bigots simply for feeling a sense of patriotism, that noble ideal which is really an extension of love of family.” (

Europe - Controlled By The Roman Catholic Church?

This is not a new idea. As Mr Armstrong witnessed the forming of the United Nations back in 1945, the writing was on the wall. The UN was doomed to failure!

“The Catholic hierarchy was well aware that the United Nations conference was producing nothing but strife and bickering, and was destined from its inception to end in total failure. Yet world leaders were pronouncing it. THE WORLD’S LAST HOPE – with the only alternative ANNIHILATION OF HUMANITY!

And in this solemn hour, amid the psychological build-up of this impressive service, this dynamic Catholic speaker with ringing voice offered these world politicians the LAST STRAW for their drowning nations to grab, when they should later see their world Organization sinking into oblivion.

Without divine help, he assured them, the United Nations structure is doomed to collapse. That divine aid was offered through the Roman Catholic Church. Without the guidance, supervision, authority of the Catholic Church, he told these men, they were laboring in vain.” ( Plain Truth - December 1948)

Europe Runs To Rome!

March 24th 2017 - “EU heads of state and government are planning to meet with Pope Francis in Rome on 24 March, ahead of a summit expected to provide a vision for the future of the EU after Brexit, diplomats told Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat mentioned on Monday (27 February) a possible meeting with the Pope, which in his words would ‘provide leadership that politicians miss’ in the context of the historic date of the Rome anniversary.

‘I do think he [Pope Francis] is the ultimate world leader that within the circumstances has the skills and the vision to say things that transcend the obvious and banalities we all say in politics,’ Muscat said. (

Interesting to note that the then British Prime Minister, Mrs May, did not attend.

27 leaders of the EU go to Rome for guidance because the EU is in danger of falling apart! They are looking to the Pope to “ provide leadership that politicians miss” as he is the only leader that “ has the skills and the vision to say things that transcend the obvious…”

Pope: “Europe Lacks Vision”

“Pope Francis has warned the European Union (EU) ‘risks dying’ without a new vision, during an address at an EU summit in Rome. The Pontiff addressed EU leaders at the event which highlighted the 60th anniversary of the bloc’s foundation. In his address, he warned Brussels faced a ‘vacuum of values’ and was losing its ‘sense of direction’. The pope has repeatedly criticised Europe over the past five years for its perceived lack of vision…” (

Catholic “Vision”

This is not a new message. Speaking in 2005, Pope Benedict was harking back to the Middle Ages when the Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe with an iron fist.

Tens of millions lost their lives in the inquisitions.

The Roman Catholic Church had the State exterminate anyone who did not agree with it!

This is how the Holy Roman Empire operates!

This is their vision for Europe.

Think about this speech by Pope Benedict, in which he quoted his predecessor, Pope John Paul II:

“…it is natural to pause and reflect on the contribution that Christianity has made, and continues to make, to the building of Europe.’

Benedict then turned to the pilgrimage made by ‘Servant of God’ John Paul II in 1982 to Santiago de Compostela, where he performed a solemn ‘European act’ during which he pronounced these memorable words: ‘I, bishop of Rome and pastor of the Universal Church, from Santiago, address to you, old Europe, a cry full of love:

Return to yourself!

Be yourself!

Discover your origins.

Revive your [Catholic] roots.

Experience again those authentic values that made your history glorious and your presence in other continents beneficial’.” (

The World Was Warned!

Back in 1962, the warning went out:

“United within ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire; united by the common spiritual bond of universal Catholicism…” ( The Plain Truth, March 1962)

In 1968, the warning repeated:

“The 17th chapter of Revelation plainly describes a spiritual-political union of TEN KINGS, ten military/political leaders, and a great spiritual leader. For decades, [we] have been proclaiming the eventual creation of some form of united Europe – showing the many difficulties to be resolved, the ancient nationalistic antagonisms, the memories of Germany’s neighbors of World War II, and the various religious barriers. We have proclaimed repeatedly that the ultimate unifying force would be religious. We have shown how the prophecies of your Bible proclaim a great universal religious fervour will finally break down all remaining barriers to a full economic-political-military-religious union in Europe!” ( The Plain Truth, August 1968)

1980 - Yet again, the same warning!

“Its leaders talk continually of POLITICAL union - which means, also, military. So far they have been unable to bring about full political union. This will be made possible by the ‘good offices’ of the Vatican, who alone can be the symbol of unity to which they can look. Two popes already have offered their ‘good offices’ toward such union.” ( US and GB In Prophecy - Chapter 14)

1985, Yet again, the warning is unchanged!

“This is further explained in the 17th chapter of Revelation, depicting those 10 nations of Europe uniting under the Roman Catholic Church. In the last decade certain leaders in Europe have been working feverishly to bring about such a reuniting of Europe.” ( Co-worker Letter - February 25, 1985)

Then on March 24th 2017 - Politicians looked to the Pope for leadership!

The leaders of Europe went to the Vatican to seek guidance from the Pope. It looks like the ‘woman’ - the great false church - is beginning to ‘ride’ - to control – the Beast!

When Europe starts to crumble, when a final break-up looks inevitable, where will Europe’s leaders look for help?

They will run to the Vatican!

The precedent has been set!

The USA And Britain Must Be Greatly Weakened – HOW?

There are many conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus situation, but one fact is obvious. Both Britain and the USA are paying out vast sums of borrowed money to support those who cannot work. This cannot go on for ever, and when this support ends, the situation could be disastrous, as the following article points out:

German Economist Says ‘Great Reset Will Cause a Crash Worse than 1930s’

“The Great Reset is real, it’s happening now and will lead to devastation worse — ‘much, much worse’ — than the Weimar Republic, a German economist has warned. It was the decline of Germany’s Weimar Republic — a period of high unemployment, deprivation, and hyperinflation — which led to the rise of Hitler.

But however bad it might have been, the coming depression is going to be much worse because society is more atomised and less family-oriented and religious. ‘Most people have not noticed yet because at the moment governments can afford to give them subsidies and welfare payments.

But the question is: “For how long?”

We know this money is coming to an end and that it will soon be over. Next you will see massive unemployment all over Europe as one country pulls down another country’.

The coming economic crisis will be worse than any the world has seen before because all the countries in the Western world will become impoverished simultaneously and be unable to help one another .” (

Here is what Mr Armstrong was inspired to write:

“…I can see now the event that is going to trigger the formation of reunification in Europe; the resurrection of the Medieval Holy Roman Empire that we’ve been looking forward to that is prophesied to come.

…I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly just like out of a blue sky that is going to shock the whole world and is going to cause the nations of Europe to realize they must unite.

Well, now I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger it and that is the economic situation in the world.


I just wanted to say that much - maybe you can begin to see how serious this thing can become!” ( Sermon - July 7, 1984 )

Note this point: “…when the financial structure breaks down, all civilization is going to break down.” Keep in mind that at the end – the nations give their power to the Beast” (Revelation 17:13) . Right now, many nations in Europe want to leave the EU. So why do they give their power to the beast?

Do they have to do this just to survive the financial disaster which many see as inevitable?

Back in February 1973, a Plain Truth article entitled ‘ 1973 Critical Year for the New Europe’ used a quotation from ‘The Economist’ magazine (January 22, 1972):

Only something TRULY SHATTERING, it seems, might quickly produce the united Europe …Europe’s nations like being themselves too much, and feel little compulsion to be anything else.( The Plain Truth - February 1973)

A New Nazi Germany!

We were warned – way back in 1963 - to watch developments in Europe!

“So long as present German prosperity continues… the Nazi takeover will not be possible! But — should any severe THREAT to that hard-won prosperity come — the picture will change — and change VIOLENTLY, in Germany! Remember! It was the afterwash of the disastrous stock market crashes of 1924 and 1929 that fanned the flames of violence in Germany to pave the way for Hitler!

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, they say… You need to be WATCHING — and keeping your eyes on developments in EUROPE — as never before!

You, at least, have been WARNED!( The Plain Truth, December 1963)


What follows is the conclusion of the Pastor General’s Report, 20th November, 1979. Mr Armstrong was writing while looking at the THEN current world situation.

Forty years on, while situations have changed, the warning still stands.

I have updated, in red, names and events to bring it up to date. But while we are 40 years on, THAT MESSAGE STILL STANDS!

So, where are we NOW, in the panorama of prophecy?

We have reached the time just before a ‘U.S. of Europe’ restores the ‘Holy Roman Empire,’ under the Papacy, in a union of Church and State.

The present Pope, Francis , could very well be the Pope that will trigger this and bring it into reality… Once that third great world power is formed, our work will soon be over. That could happen in a year, two years, or five years. It could happen SUDDENLY, leaving the whole world aghast in WONDER.

Right now the Iranian crisis is the BIG NEWS. Their Moslem present head, Hassan Rouhani , is today threatening to totally destroy the modern Jewish State of Israel. It would appear that Iran is also on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons… which is affecting the stability of the whole Middle East.

The WHOLE WORLD is now ON FIRE! This is not the GREAT TRIBULATION, but is certainly preliminary to it.

It’s time for intensive FASTING AND PRAYER !” ( Pastor General’s Report – November 20, 1979)