News Review - 19 Mar 2021
Be Not Afraid

As we watch this world self-destruct all around us, we are told by Jesus Christ:

“Be Not Afraid”!

Christ has revealed end time events to His Church, partly so that we would NOT be frightened and anxious.

He warned us, through His end time Apostle, of things to come. Right now, rising prices and even food shortages are becoming the norm in our modern world.

We need to understand why this is happening.

We Were Warned!

The following article written by Mr Armstrong appeared in the Plain Truth Magazine In May, 1983:

We Warned You 3½ Years Ago
Prepare to Greatly Reduce Your Standard of Living!

In January 1980 – almost 3½ years ago – we published for our readers this eye-opening article as an advance warning. Our many new readers need this knowledge. So we republish it now, updated, as the world enters a new phase of the growing economic crisis – the throes of recovery.

IT’S TIME you knew the real meaning of the present financial crisis – the high real interest rates and the fear of continued unemployment.

There is far more to all this economic concern than appears on the surface. Its roots even penetrate into ancient history and biblical prophecy. Where are the United States and British nations mentioned in Bible prophecy? What is prophesied about these very conditions?

What does it all really mean? What does it portend for the relatively immediate future? Those of us in the United States have enjoyed the most prosperous living standard of any nation in all the history of mankind. There is a reason for this unmatched prosperity. There also is a reason for the present abnormal economic conditions and the continuing fear in financial and government circles that the West may well be in the beginning of a most severe debt crisis.

A number of times I have published an economic analysis of the real causes of economic distresses in the United States and elsewhere. But now the stranglehold of economic disturbances is tightening around our necks.” ( The Plain Truth – May 1983)

The “Severe Debt Crisis”

The coronavirus has contributed to the high unemployment rate and the USA IS in a debt crisis!

In 1980 US debt stood at $908 billion – 32% of GDP.

By 1983, US debt had risen to $1.37 trillion – 38% of GDP. This “huge” jump in the national debt was seen as so serious at the time that the Plain Truth Magazine reprinted the 1980 article as a repeat warning.

In 2021, US debt is $28 trillion and rising – now 129.8% of GDP. A debt crisis?

This situation cannot continue…

This is a disaster just waiting to happen!

The World In 2021

The “huge” jump in the national debt between 1980 and 1983 was a cause for great concern at the time. While the problem then was high interest rates – today the financial crisis has become so serious that we have negative interest rates – a concept unthinkable back in the 1980’s. Right now, inflation is on the rise in the US – the next stage could well be hyperinflation – such as Germany experienced during the Weimar republic before WW2. By the autumn of 1922, the German Mark was practically worthless. Is the US dollar following the same path?

Inflation: 2% - Or 10%?

“Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, it’s harder and harder to get ahead? There’s a good explanation for that. The government intentionally and dramatically under-reports the true cost of living, and that fake low number is what most employers use when they set the wages they pay. So your paycheck isn’t growing nearly as fast as it needs to in order to stay ahead of inflation.

Ed Butowsky created the Chapwood Index to calculate and track a more realistic measurement of the true cost of living that Americans experience ‘in the real world’, as an alternative to the laughably phony Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the US government’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Butowsky’s weighted index is based on the 500 most used items by Americans, including taxes, energy and food — which are not included in the official CPI. It also calculates the cost of living regionally, revealing the reality on the ground for those living in/near the 50 largest metro regions in the US.

The average annual cost of living increase calculated by the Chapwood Index is around 10%. For comparison, the CPI claims it has increased less than 2% per year for the past decade. That’s over 5x less. Which number more accurately reflects the reality you’ve seen in your own household expenses? If you buy groceries, go to the doctor’s, need a roof over your head, drive a car or have children to support and educate — odds are high the Chapwood Index does.

This intentional deception between what we’re told (and what our paychecks are based on) and what we actually experience goes a long way in explaining why the middle class is fast disappearing. And why we’ve transitioned from a nation where a single income earner could support a family, to one where not only do both spouses now need to work to support the family, but they both need multiple jobs to do it.” (

Today’s World On The Brink

“There are signs that the food inflation that’s gripped the world over the past year, raising prices of everything from shredded cheese to peanut butter, is about to get worse. The Covid-19 pandemic upended food supply chains, paralyzing shipping, sickening workers that keep the world fed and ultimately raising consumer grocery costs around the globe last year. As for what’s driving the feed prices, that’s due to bad weather shrinking world harvests. Demand is also increasing.” (

Food Shortages Can Happen Almost INSTANTLY

“Food shortages can happen almost INSTANTLY in America, which has become dangerously dependent on complex logistics and fragile supply lines… the combination of poor environmental policies, bad government, wars, and a complicated and delicately balanced network of global food supply chains means that mankind could once again be teetering on the brink of large-scale famine and starvation.” (

Supply Chains Can Easily And Suddenly Be Disrupted

“The delicate web of supply chains crisscrossing the globe can be disrupted easily and suddenly, leaving unprepared consumers unexpectedly facing food shortages. The reality is that food is likely to become an increasingly scarce commodity, political instability and other factors make every American city vulnerable to sudden food shortages, and even the food we do have access to is tainted with fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals.” (

The New Danger - Cyber Attack

“Russia could cut off US food and water supply in next cyberattack. Russia acted with impunity when it hacked US government servers in a global cyber-espionage campaign and could do far more damage next time — like cutting off the nation’s water and electricity supply, GOP Senator Mitt Romney said Sunday. ‘They potentially have the capacity to cripple us economically, they went to our businesses. They have the potential to also cripple us with regards to our water and electricity and so forth’.” (

Trade Wars Use Food As A Weapon

“The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Wednesday reviewed Chinese customs data and found several major blockages of Australian imports over the past month, including 9,000 liters of Australian craft beer turned away at the port city of Xiamen and 8,000 kilograms of frozen beef denied entry to Shanghai. China and Australia are embroiled in a long-running trade and diplomatic feud.” (

Right Now - Food Prices Are Surging

“David Beasley is the head of the UN World Food Program, and so he is in a better position to assess the global hunger crisis than any of us. According to Beasley, 2021 ‘is literally going to be catastrophic’ and his organization is facing ‘the worst humanitarian crisis year since the beginning of the United Nations’… Freakish weather patterns, crippling droughts and colossal armies of locusts have devastated crops throughout 2020, and the COVID pandemic is putting an extreme amount of stress on global food distribution systems. As a result, food prices are surging and hundreds of millions of people living in impoverished countries now find themselves unable to afford enough food to eat on a regular basis.” (

The “Curse For Disobedience”

“The horrific drought that has much of the western half of the United States in a death grip has already surpassed what many scientists thought was possible. Some areas of the Southwest went more than 200 straight days without any measurable rain last year, vegetation is disappearing at a frightening pace, and giant dust storms are becoming increasingly common… authorities areusing the term ‘megadrought’ to describe what is taking place…

“The skies above will be as unyielding as bronze, and the earth beneath will be as hard as iron. The LORD will change the rain that falls on your land into powder, and dust will pour down from the sky until you are destroyed.”

(Deuteronomy 28:23-24)

Needless to say, these conditions are making it extremely difficult for farmers to grow anything. Unfortunately, experts are expecting 2021 to be another exceedingly dry year.” (

Nearly A Fifth Of All Food Produced Around The World Ends Up In The Bin

“Almost one-fifth of all food that’s produced to be eaten by consumers goes to waste, the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) said in a new report, noting that most of the waste (61 percent) is actually produced by households. The global food waste index, released by the UNEP on Thursday, found that 17 percent of the food – some 931 million tons – produced in 2019 ended up in bins. The startling figure does not include food that was wasted during production or while in storage and which never made it to consumers.

Inger Andersen, executive director of the UNEP, said that reducing food waste would cut greenhouse gas emissions, slow the destruction of nature, enhance food availability and save money at a time of global recession. The UNEP said that 690 million people were affected by hunger in 2019 and three billion were unable to afford a healthy diet.” (

America In Decline On Many Fronts

Our political system is broken, our industrial base is vanishing, our education system is in shambles. We’re getting close to the end now. Can you feel it? I do. It’s in the news, on the streets, and in your face every day.

You can’t tune it out anymore, even if you wanted to.

Where once there was a civil debate in the court of public opinion, we now have censorship, monopoly, screaming, insults, demonization, and, finally, the use of force to silence the opposition.

There is no turning back now.

The political extremes are going to war, and you will be dragged into it even if you consider yourself apolitical.

Protection For God’s People Promised

“He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.
Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day.
Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.
Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.
Just open your eyes, and see how the wicked are punished.”

(Psalm 91:4-8)

There are great pivot points in history, and we’ve arrived at one. The United States, ruptured by a thousand grievance groups, torn by shadowy agencies drunk on a gross excess of power, robbed blind by oligarchs and their treasonous henchmen and decimated by frivolous wars of choice, has finally come to a point where the end begins in earnest.

The center isn’t holding… indeed, finding a center is no longer even conceivable. We are the schizophrenic nation, bound by no societal norms, constrained by no religion, with no shared sense of history, myth, language, art, philosophy, music, or culture, rushing toward an uncertain future fueled by nothing more than easy money, hubris, and sheer momentum.

The truth is we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world, from the soil, from the trees, and from our own souls.

We are straying away from our roots on a dangerous road from which there will be no turning back.

We no longer know how to live without refrigerators, without cars, without phones or without supermarkets.

What will you do tomorrow if you simply are unable to buy things?(

Cause And Effect

The previous article is far from encouraging, but it sums up what our nations, both Britain and America, have become.

But there is a reason as the Plain Truth article concludes:

We have adopted the way of life of Satan - utter selfishness, lust and greed, envy and jealousy, competition in every walk of life - business, politics, sports, society - leading to violence and destruction! We have rebelled against the authority of GOD over us, worshiping the false gods of science, evolution and greed. We have gone the way of Satan! And Satan is the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4).

And now, for our own good, an all-wise and all-loving God is about to punish our nations, in order finally to bring us to HIM!

I will use just one prophecy here. In Leviticus 26:19, God said of our people, today, ‘And I will break the pride of your power.’

God has given the United States more national power than any nation ever had! But since Korea the United States has been afraid to use it!

I won’t take more space here. This whole story is given in great detail in my book ‘The United States and Britain in Prophecy’.

But already the noose is around our necks, and is almost daily tightening!

Economic ills are starting greatly to reduce our standard of living! I warn you, prepare greatly to reduce your standard of living! Even GREATER punishments are to follow!” ( The Plain Truth – May 1983)

“Be Not Afraid”!

Christ tells us to…

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”
(Luke 21:36)

Trusting Him to provide protection…
(Psalm 91)

As this world self destructs, it is easy to become anxious. When we look at the prophecies, we understand that billions of people are going to die in the very near future, due to war, famine, pandemics, earthquakes and other ‘natural’ disasters.

This world has to be totally destroyed before the Millennium can begin.

There will be “few men left…” (Isaiah 24:6), cities of this world destroyed (Revelation 16:19) …even mountain ranges will be levelled (Revelation 16:20)!

It can all be very frightening! But…

God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.(II Timothy 1:7)

We must realise that Jesus Christ gives us an understanding of upcoming events, partly so that we WON’T be afraid. What is important is to stay alert spiritually. We understand that this world, Satan’s world, has to be utterly destroyed – along with his attitude and frame of mind. Christ is going to start a new and different world altogether. A world following the Holy Spirit and Ways of Almighty God.

He left us this vital message:

I am leaving you with a gift — peace of mind and heart.

And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.

So don’t be troubled or afraid.(John 14:27, New Living Translation)

Always Remember…

Terrible things are going to happen, and the world now is frightened.

The world’s leaders are frightened and perplexed, and they don’t understand.

They don’t have any solutions.

They don’t know what to do.

Brethren, God is using us as the solution.

We’re going to NOT save THIS world.

We’re going to build a NEW WORLD.( Foundation of a New World - December 31, 1983)