GERMANY: Stop this madness! 

GERMANY - Germany finally snaps as nation to become EU ‘cash cow’ after Brexit. A German politician has demanded an end to the “madness” which sees Berlin pumping cash in to the European Union while taking less and less out and has warned it will become even worse after Brexit. Alternative for Germany (AfD) economic policy spokesman Mario Beger lashed out after EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger told Germany’s regions they should expect to receive significantly less money from Brussels after Brexit.

The Brussels official warned rural areas and agriculture would be hardest hit by the inevitable cutbacks of between 5 and 10 percent after 2020 when Britain finally stops contributing the EU budget. 

But Mr Beger reacted with anger and said the time had come for the German taxpayer to stop funding cash-strapped member states. He said: "Germany is by far the largest net contributor to the EU. It is transferring 13 billion euros more to Brussels than it gets back. Now this existing mismatch will be even less favourable - the German taxpayer will finally become the cash cow of Europe. This madness must finally stop."

He continued: “Germany must take the promotion of the economy, agriculture and structurally weak regions into its own hands.  The payments to Brussels must be stopped because the EU has mutated into a redistribution machine and transfer union, in which Germany is increasingly losing out."

Our comment

The new German parliament has barely started to work, but already the AfD [Nazi] party is taking the lead and is stirring up German politics. As Germany’s hard earned prosperity is seen to be ebbing away, more and more German people will agree with their point of view.

As Mr Armstrong warned: “Undoubtedly GERMANY will head the new resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ Who conquered the German armed fist twice – in the two great world wars? It was Britain with the United States pouring in the real knockout power! Who will they go forth to DESTROY? Britain and the United States!” (Co-worker Letter, 14 August 1978)

Watch as Germany takes the lead in Europe!

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)