Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: Inconsistencies

USA - On Saturday the most notorious prisoner in the US prison system committed “suicide.” Since his death we have learned a number of things that make you question this man’s death. Here is a Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death:

** Epstein said he was considering cooperating in “naming names” in his international sex ring

** He was found unconscious in his prison cell just three weeks earlier

** Two days prior to his death documents released for the first time implicated several top Democrats in his pedo sex ring

** He was taken off suicide watch after a failed attempt just two weeks earlier

** He was in isolation (unusual for a suicidal individual)

** The cameras malfunctioned — There is no video

** Even Mexico had video of El Chapo’s escape from prison

** Then later we hear the cameras showed the guards did not do rounds? Which is it?

** The prison guards had worked several extra shifts last week

** One prison guard on his floor was not even a certified guard

** The prison guards “forgot” to check on Epstein

** The prison guards slept through their shift

** The guards did not check Epstein for several hours

** There were reports of screaming the morning Epstein died

** The MCC had not seen a successful suicide in 40 years

** Epstein said he was the victim of attempted murder three weeks ago

** Epstein’s former roommate is facing mass murder charges

** Epstein had dirt on numerous globalist elites

** Epstein was not given paper sheets

** Epstein had sheets in his cell to hang himself

** Epstein was not suicidal according to medical professionals

** Epstein told his lawyers on Friday, a day before his death, “See you Sunday.”

** Epstein’s former roommate heard nothing

** Epstein reportedly had to get on his knees to hang himself from his bed

** Epstein autopsy showed broken bones in neck common in strangulation deaths

This prison obviously suffered a breakdown in official policy. And now the liberal media and Marco Rubio believe you are a conspiracy theorist for questioning Epstein’s death.

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