'A Jerusalem pullout will hasten our demise'
jpost.com - 18/02/2008

The current Israeli government is pursuing a "virtual peace" rather than a "genuine peace" and by advocating a withdrawal from east Jerusalem is bringing Israel closer to the possibility of being forced out of the region, Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Manila's Arroyo described as "evil" in graft probe
Reuters - 18/02/2008

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was described as "evil" in a Senate inquiry into official corruption on Monday, the most personal attack yet in a spiraling scandal.

US orders massive recall of beef
BBC - 18/02/2008

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has ordered the recall of 143million lbs (64.9m kg) of beef - the largest meat recall in the country's history.

Rock nationalisation 'right move'
BBC - 18/02/2008

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been defending the government's decision to nationalise Northern Rock. At a Downing Street briefing he called it "the right move at the right time for the right reasons".

Predators tell children how to kill themselves
telegraph.co.uk - 18/02/2008

A network of "suicide gurus" who use the internet to advise people how to kill themselves has been exposed. They are blamed for prompting depressed and vulnerable youngsters to take their own lives.

Europe this week
As indicated - 18/02/2008

Political update from around Europe.

Earthquake Damages Temple Mount
IsraelNN.com - 18/02/2008

An earthquake shook Israel at 12:37 PM Friday. The only damage reported in Israel was on the Temple Mount and near Shechem (Nablus).

What parallel Sharia means in practice
timesonline - 18/02/2008

Since Rowan Williams made his extraordinary intervention I have been in correspondence with Malaysians with direct experience of living under a parallel system of state and Sharia.

Debt collection is one of the UK's fastest-growing industries
independent.co.uk - 17/02/2008

Debt collection agencies and bailiffs are raking in unprecedented sums from Britain's growing mountain of personal finance misery, an Independent on Sunday investigation has found.

dailyexpress.co.uk - 17/02/2008

FURY erupted last night after it emerged that a boy of 12 who trained to be a suicide bomber is being allowed to attend school in Britain.

UK's last 1,000 soldiers rushed out to Balkans
telegraph.co.uk - 17/02/2008

Britain's overstretched Armed Forces are to send as many as 1,000 troops to the Balkans in a move that will see the military's last remaining reserve unit deployed on operations.

MoD fury as Brown wields axe
timesonline.co.uk - 17/02/2008

A SENIOR defence official has warned that the armed forces are heading for a "train crash" because the government is starving them of funds for vital equipment.

Chancellor's plans for 'Islamic bonds'
dailymail.co.uk - 17/02/2008

A new sharia law controversy erupted last night over Government plans to issue special "Islamic bonds" to pay for Gordon Brown's public-spending programme by raising money from the Middle East.

China - Massive unemployment looms
worldtribune.com - 17/02/2008

China watchers are predicting a drop in the GNP growth rate this year and for the foreseeable future. Most are attributing the expected fall off this year - from last year's official 11.4 percent, the fifth year in a row of double digit expansion - to the expected downturn in the U.S. and the world economy in general.

Flu Season, Vaccine Looking Worse
time.com - 17/02/2008

(ATLANTA) - The flu season is getting worse, and U.S. health officials say it's partly because the flu vaccine doesn't protect against most of the spreading flu bugs.

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