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September 1, 1981


We have searched for God's real truth for so very long. We (separately and now together) have tried organized religions, pentecostal and cult groups, drugs, alcohol, and many other people, places, and things in hopes of finding whatever that answer and truth is that can set a person free, truly free.

We and so many others have always come away from those experiences feeling even more lost, lonely, and confused...until these last six months.

There was nothing else to try, no one else to talk to, no place else to go. The proverbial bottom didn't just fall out from under each of us. We went so far down that even the bottom was above us!

Despite all the pain and sorrow that we had been living with, giving up without one last attempt seemed to be a terrible waste of living. So each of us, one at a time, found ourselves turning to Jesus in total blind faith without any outside help or interference. He listened to us and He truly loves even us, the least of His children....

I prayed and asked God to lead me to the truth--the plain truth. Later, I was walking by a shopping center and dropped my last penny. I bent over to pick it up and realized that if I needed it that badly, one of the old men on the bench might need it more. I felt foolish, so I straightened up and was about to turn away for good when your magazine all but jumped out and smacked me over the head. Those words--The PLAIN TRUTH--were exactly what I had asked God for....

Then and there, I knew that believing in God was the way to peace, love, and joy. I asked Him for the plain truth, and I sure got it!

I brought your magazine home and read it from cover to cover. Each page brought me more insight and understanding than I had ever known before in my life. I shared it with my roommates, and they were as delighted as I was to finally feel in touch with God and His Word. Reading the Bible every day is a joy now, and each new day brings more light and understanding into our lives.

God works in wondrous ways and He truly works through all you blessed people and your PLAIN TRUTH magazine.

With so much love and gratitude,

L. J. (Melbourne, FL)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Some months ago, I came across a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH magazine lying in the street. This was my first introduction to your Work. How it has helped me! Thank you for making your publications free. It helps me to believe, even more, that you are doing His Work.

R. J.

(Grand Rapids, MI)

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September, 1980

Dear Sir,

I have not been a magazine reader before. But I found a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH on a roadside one early morning. I read it and found what was going around. Our place here is mountainous because we are on a mining site. We are much behind any good or bad happenings all around and that is why I am interested to have every issue. I hope that I will be given a chance to subscribe.

R. R.


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January, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I recently came upon a PLAIN TRUTH magazine dated January 1979 thrown away in a waste bin. Although it was a year old, the message it contained wasn't in any way outdated. It was up-to-date, particularly for a young Papua New Guinean like me, who lives in a country where my traditional culture and beliefs are changing quite rapidly through modern civilization.

My idea of life, and outlook on life, changed considerably after reading your magazine. I have never seen such a magazine in all my life. I beg you, please enter my name on your mailing list.


(Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

We are social outcasts, alienated from the community mainstream and driven out of the ordinary churches for a number of reasons. A drunken father or husband, a convict relative, a prostitute daughter, a notorious son, a barroom mother, endless poverty, shame, humiliation.

Here in what is called the "Bible-Belt," the low-caste fundamentalist churches are the only ones which will let us in, usually grudgingly at that. Or, perhaps there are spouses at home, or parents, who make it too miserable for us to go to church. Everywhere we turn there is condemnation of one kind or another.

I was born a "nasty little no-good girl." I married a man who believes his manhood is proved by how often and how much he can browbeat women and children; it's his "divine right." I am the daughter-in-law of people who say all women (except their immediate family) are daughters of Eve and, therefore, evil.

It's much the same at church. The preachers seem to like nothing better than all the negative, condemning scriptures they can find, especially about women. The brain is scrambled; the heart is hurt; the spirit yearns for light, and somehow never seems to find it.

May God bless you in your work. I found your magazine lying in a laundry where others of my kind go often. I hope many of them read it.


(Tulsa, OK)

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July 28, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Several years ago, as a drug-oriented teenager, I found in the mailbox a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. I had not requested it, and, truthfully, had I known what it was I would never have read it. For some reason, I thought it to be some sort of a rebellion-oriented type of magazine and, therefore, read it cover to cover. In that particular issue you mentioned another publication entitled HIPPIES, HYPOCRISY AND HAPPINESS. Still convinced that somehow your literature was of the radical drug-oriented culture, I sent for that publication.

Needless to say, I was wrong. In the months that followed I received both your magazines and several of your booklets. After "kicking the habit," I put the information on the shelf, and really never thought much about it again.

Recently my husband and I became acquainted with people at work that are members of your church. Now we too are attending services at the local Worldwide Church of God. But I am hungry for as much information as possible, particularly your Bible Correspondence Course, and any information relating to the Holy Days.

I have recently heard that the holidays that are celebrated as religious by most of the U.S. population are not truly holy holidays but some sort of a false celebration. My main interest is in both Easter and Christmas, for these two holidays have always been an important part of my religious upbringing.

I am also enclosing a list of other publications that I would like to receive.... My deepest thanks and sincere prayer that you may continue to spread the word of the gospel through your ministry.

Thank you.

S. D.

(Springfield, MO)

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June, 1981

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I was glad when I received the Ambassador College Correspondence Course. I thought you would not respond to my request because I had only found the request coupon on the street. I am enjoying reading the lessons. This is only a start. Little by little the course is helping me to understand what really is the content of the Holy Bible and how it relates to us human beings.

D. Q.

(Bayawan, Philippines)

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October 9, 1981

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I am a 34-year-old divorced mother. I wanted you to know that I read your Autobiography and found it very interesting. I moved to Milton, Florida, in search of a place to live a decent life with my kids. My electric bill was extra-ordinarily high one month for some odd reason and I had to "work" at the dump, finding trash to sell in order to pay that outrageous, unreasonable bill. Some people here live in the worst poverty that I ever saw, yet they throw away the most valuable things instead of passing them on. I found your Autobiography there, read it, and passed it on.

A. W

(Spokane, WA)

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February 16, 1982

Dear Sir:

A few days ago, I passed a car wreck. The trunk was open and full of water. In it I saw a book called, The UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY, all wet. I picked it up and dried it. Some of the leaves were stuck, but I was able to separate them without any damage. I have enjoyed so much reading this book.

I found this coupon in it and hope it is still good. I also noticed two other booklets advertised--The RESURRECTION WAS NOT ON SUNDAY and The PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT EASTER--and would like to request them. I read my Bible, but there are so many things I don't understand.

When I was growing up my parents thought that education was a waste. I married and had three children. I was left alone and worked hard for a very small salary. Often we had little to eat, but God was always right there....

Now my health is bad and I am a shut-in. But I love to read and teach my grandchildren about Jesus. I watch the news and know it won't be long before our Lord will return. I just want my family to be ready. I know my God is real because He has taken care of me for nearly 70 years.

I will remember you in my prayers. I know God has blessed you, and He will continue.

E. P.

(Seffner, FL)

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November 24, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I picked up a 76 page booklet called THE TEN COMMANDMENTS at the side of a highway. It was probably discarded or lost. I read it through and found that there was no room in heaven for the likes of me. I find myself guilty of all but outright killing, and a perfect candidate with votes to spare for the eternal lake of fire.

I am impressed with the booklet, and am truly sorry for my present godless state. I will circulate THE TEN COMMANDMENTS among other sinners I know in hopes that their reaction to Roderick C. Meredith's book is in the same vein as my own.

In one of the back pages two other booklets are listed--WHAT DO YOU MEAN... SALVATION? and THIS IS THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD. I would also like to read these.

A sincere sinner,

R. W.

(Waterloo, NY)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I found the last page of one of the booklets. I have no idea as to the title, but the top of the page has printed in bold letters,"Additional Reading. The Worldwide Church of God publishes many colorful, informative booklets on a wide range of biblical topics." I would appreciate any booklets you may have available.

J. S.

(Chicago, IL)

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March 9, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Never will I forget that day, back in 1955, when I requested my wife to find a Buck Rogers-type of TV show, and she read in the log where it said "World Tomorrow." It sounded just like what I wanted but did I ever have a surprise. Not unpleasant, though. Actually, before you were finished interviewing Ambassador Bullit, who had been the United States ambassador to Russia, I was convinced that at long last God had answered my prayer. I had been asking God to direct me to His true Church.

In Christian love,

W. B.

(Wichita, KS)

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July 17, 1980

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I am a new member of the Church, baptized only about four months ago. It was quite by accident that I first tuned you in on the way to church. (I was raised a Catholic and am 56 years old.) I turned you off immediately as I didn't like what you were saying. The same thing happened the next few Sundays. Accidentally I pushed the wrong button and turned you off just as fast. I almost wrecked the car one Sunday when you said we didn't have an immortal soul!

One Sunday, however, you were talking about the ten lost tribes of Israel and I immediately called Pasadena to send me your book, THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY. What an eye opener it was! Since that time, I have completed the Correspondence Course (12 lessons) and read everything else I could get my hands on. It will be so nice to start the new lessons when they become available...

Thank you, Mr. Armstrong, from the bottom of my heart, for what you have done for us with your study, research and devotion. My prayers are with you every day.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

B. C.

(San Diego, CA)

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June 10, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

At present, I am an inmate at a correctional facility in New York state. I have been studying religion for quite some time now. One evening while reading my Bible, I had the radio on WHAM, Rochester, New York, and heard "The World Tomorrow" program start to come on. When I started to change the station, I had this strange urge to listen to what you had to say. So I did. I was so moved by what you said that I stay up every night and listen to your interpretation of the Gospel....

T. K.

(Attica, NY)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

My wife and I have an alarm radio that we always wake up to. A talk show comes on at that time. One day one of my children messed with the dials of the radio and the next morning, to my surprise, the program was different! It was your program on WMAQ out of Chicago.

C. B.

(Trevor, WI)

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September 10, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to thank you for the pleasure of your teaching I have been receiving on Sunday mornings since dialing your program by accident. In 1950, my grand-mother, while visiting me in Baltimore, Maryland, asked me to write to you for guidance in studying the Bible. I misplaced the information while moving from Baltimore to Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, my grandmother returned to her home in Florida and died from cancer. I am grateful that after 31 years, I have fulfilled her earnest request. I am learning the true Gospel with the correct understanding which has been impossible for many years.

W. K.

(Philadelphia, PA)

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June 5, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would personally like to thank you for giving me such a clear and perfect understanding of God's truth. I have often wished I could have the opportunity to shake your hand, and tell you face to face how much I appreciate your time, energy, and love for God's laws. You are a courageous man, whom I love and respect.

Mr. Armstrong, I am writing because I have not been able to sleep, and I just can't get away from this feeling I have. My love and desire is to go to Ambassador College. When at the University of Washington, I met some students who were attending Ambassador College. In my heart I really wanted to go to school there. I feel it is the most wonderful college in the whole world because it has the foundation of God's truth.

It all began four years ago when my apartment manager lost my mailbox key and asked me to share the mailbox with my next door neighbor. I had to go through my neighbor's mail to get mine out, and kept seeing these letters saying Worldwide Church of God. I would often try to figure out what kind of church it was. Then one day, my neighbor got hurt in his apartment and asked for help. We became good friends, and he mentioned he went to church on Saturdays. I asked why, and he told me it was because Saturday was the Sabbath. I began to study the Bible, and was baptized two years later. I sincerely want to spend the rest of my life in God's Church.

I am not sure what my full potential is, but all I know is that I want to complete my college education at Ambassador College. Real education is building character, and learning how to live by God's laws. I am excited to know that in the world tomorrow, the whole world will be taught how to keep God's laws, and will want to learn more about them. I want to be preparing for the world tomorrow now, by being a part of Ambassador College.

Best wishes,

C. B.

(Tacoma, WA)

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