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January 5, 1982

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to tell you in my own humble way that I believe you are the Lord's prophet.

I did not arrive at this conclusion overnight, nor do I mean to imply that you are infallible, for you are still but a mortal man. Having received your PLAIN TRUTH for several years and reading it from cover to cover upon its arrival, I have become convinced that you indeed speak with the sound of trumpets and truth. You have enlightened me, and, in some cases, astounded me. You have opened my mind to thoughts that I know have brought me closer to my Maker.

Being born and raised a Catholic, which included twelve years of religious schooling, tempered my mind to a limited degree with knowledge of my Lord and what was expected of me. Becoming an infantryman in World War II at eighteen brought me to combat in Europe. I lost all faith in humanity and religion because I had become a killer of my fellow man. The medals I earned then hold no special meaning for me now. Rather, I see the ravished faces in the concentration camps and the horror of a war no man should witness.

Later, as a policeman, I saw much that further destroyed my faith in man. I became cynical, cold and impersonal to the plights of those I dealt with during my tours of duty. I did not know why I was on earth or what would become of me after I died.

You helped me so much with your excellent articles and books to gain understanding.... I still cannot say I comprehend everything in the Bible. Either I am too stupid or it is much too involved and complicated, but I have gained insight by and through you. Thank you so much.

I sit here typing this letter and I think of my problems which really are quite inconsequential in comparison to those of many others. A disability pension from the police department doesn't go far, especially in these last days, but I do want to give. It isn't much to compensate for your generous gifts to me.

May God bless you and keep you with us until His glorious return.

Yours sincerely,

C. G.

(Sarasota, FL)

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March 2, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I truly thank you for all the booklets you have sent me. Through you, I have for the first time come to know the true Gospel that Jesus preached. Before I started listening to you, I would read the Bible once in a long while, but it would seem boring. I didn't obey the Bible as I should have. One evening I was just turning the dial on the radio about 10:20 p.m. when I heard you. I checked the Bible to see if the things you were preaching were right, and they absolutely were. That's when I started learning more about the Bible and how to obey God. By listening to you and reading the Bible more, I started gradually turning from the way of deception to the truth--from Satan's way to the way Christ lived and taught. However, there are still a lot of wrong ways I have to overcome with the help of the Bible and prayer.

I hope I am not making it sound like I am worshipping you, but I have now come to the place where I can say that you are a true minister of Christ. I truly thank God for you because if I had not heard you, I probably would still be going the way of this world and not even trying to go the true, happy but hard and difficult road that leads to eternal life and much, much more.

Thank you, with love,

J. R.

(Jackson, MS)

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December 6, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to express my extreme gratitude for the publications you have sent. I am 16 years old, and have been receiving your literature for one and a half years. I have been astonished at the miraculous truths which your literature has pointed out. Five months ago I began attending the local Worldwide Church of God congregation. My Mom and Dad aren't being called now.

Since God started drawing me, my life has changed drastically. It is now happy. I have a joy which nothing else can compare with. I know God's law, and can have a relationship with God Almighty. I have not been baptized yet, but expect to seek baptism in a few years when I am fully mature.

Since I started attending God's Church, I have noticed the kindness and concern for me expressed by the brethren as well as their sincere devotion to God. I thank God for them. They are unlike any other people in the world; they believe God.

I just wanted you to know that I am firmly behind the Work and pray for you and the Work daily. I hope to meet you some day, probably during the Feast, or maybe when you visit our area. And if we don't meet, at least we will see each other in God's Kingdom.

Sincerely yours,

M. W.

(Detroit, MI)

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January 10, 1981

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

When I first heard you over the radio, I was a seventeen-year-old suicide case. My parents were separated and my father, whom I lived with in a cramped trailer, wasn't much more than a poor provider, having no concept of raising children.

I was a fool, unable to build friendships and quick to destroy any that began to develop.

In His great love, God opened my ears to your message and one night, in utter desperation, I fell to my knees and asked God to be the Father I never had.

Since that prayer in 1964, I have never lacked parental guidance, punishment and reward. Every word from your programs and literature is, to me, the word of my own father--and I cherish it.

Through you, God has remade me. I love people --and people love me because I take after my Dad.

Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to God in carrying out this great commission.

I love you and you are, every day, in my thoughts and prayers.


E. M.

(Hanford, CA)

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March, 1981

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

Thank you for showing my wife and myself God's way of life and true happiness.

A few years ago, life was hell. We were fighting and on the verge of divorce. There was not enough money and bill collectors were always calling. The children were unbearable. During that time we tried different religious organizations--things changed but it did not last.

Today, things are different. There had not been enough money to pay bills, so we filed for bankruptcy. Six months later, we were able to buy our own house, which is unheard of. We now also have money in a bank savings account--something we never had before.

I've asked for God's help in our weekly food shopping. Forty to sixty dollars have been trimmed off our weekly budget and we are eating better than ever. Daily problems just disappear. The money we save on our daily needs by finding unadvertised sales in the department store is almost unbelievable.

The children are angels and behave very well. For the first time I enjoy making love to my wife.

I could go on and on counting my blessings. I owe all this and more to God. I find most people ask God for help only when they are in trouble. Well, I thank Him several times a day for all the small graces.

I am still not perfect. I do not drink or swear and no longer eat pork. If someone should ask, I feel like I am living in heaven.


S. F.

(Huntington, CT)

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November 28, 1980

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

Eight years ago this month I walked out on my first husband and three young children. I spent most of those years being bitter, resentful, guilt-ridden, and blaming you and your teachings for the state of affairs my life was in. I hated you. The mention of your work and name sent me into a rage, and more often than not on a drinking binge that would last for weeks or until I ended up in a de-tox hospital or mental ward.

Last January, after an overdose of pills and being in a coma for five days, I realized that my life must go on. There was some mysterious reason why I lived through seven years of torture and hell. During that period of time, I had brought two more children into the world and had another broken marriage. My children were in a foster home and I had no one.

I started attending A.A. meetings several years ago but never let anything soak in. Finally, one saying I heard there hit home, and I've been trying very hard to apply it to my life. It was "Let Go and Let God!"

It must be working as I have put my life back together. My second husband and I, both sober alcoholics thanks to the grace of God, are working out our problems and putting our marriage back on the right track. My two children, ages five and six, are home with me now. And at long last, I feel a sort of peace in my life. I know I can't go back and undo the wrong I did eight years ago, but I can make the present and maybe the future a little better.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I guess in a way I felt I owed you an apology for all the bitterness I had for you. I know you didn't destroy my first marriage. I just didn't want to hear the truth at that time.

Recently, I found the newsstand edition of The PLAIN TRUTH in a grocery store and have already sent the card I found inside for my subscription.

I want to make my life better, and I believe I need your help to do it.

I am sending for some of the books mentioned in the newsstand edition, and also some that I remember seeing eight years ago. I hope they are still in print.

God bless you and your work. Some of us are just slower to listen than others.

Sincerely yours,

L. B.

(Richmond, IN)

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January 26, 1981

Dear friends,

I wish to thank you for the excellent work you are doing for God.

For more than twenty years, (since I was 13), I have listened to Mr. Armstrong on the radio. I have also subscribed to The PLAIN TRUTH for the past eleven years, during which time I have received at intervals a number of your reprints and booklets. However, being a somewhat weak human being, I never really delved into any of the material you sent. To make matters even worse, I never bothered to open my Bible.

My life had no real meaning or purpose. In the last two years, I have spent two months in an alcohol treatment center, paid a small fortune to a psychologist, attended uncounted A.A. meetings, failed to finish a college course, and almost lost my wife and four boys. I could go on for several more pages, however, I think you may have the general idea.

All of this changed about two weeks ago. By some strange chance, I was looking at some old article reprints when I came upon an untouched, complete Ambassador College Correspondence Course. In two weeks I have completed ten lessons and understood everything I have read. It has been a real eye-opening, and at times shocking, revelation! As a result, my life has taken a dramatic change. All I can say is 'thank you' for this fantastic course.

I have one favor to ask. Please have one of your ministers in this area contact me as soon as possible.

Once more, thank you. Sincerely,

D. E.

(Cincinnati, OH)

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July 23, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to take a moment to show you the direct impact you had on one person's life....

Several years after you obeyed God's calling (1941), a girl child was born. Totally carnal and determined! No one could tell her what to do. For 25 years she had it her way--and pity anyone who tried to subdue her! Financially, she and her good-looking husband were doing okay. Socially, all was peaches. Physically? Well, she would have liked to have children but was a habitual aborter. She also was under continual doctors' care for ulcers, nerves, headaches, chronic kidney ailment, iron deficiency anemia, chronic tiredness, breathing difficulty, weight problem, etc. But pills took care of all that.... Twenty-seven pills a day! All prescribed by the god of medicine--the specialists, O.B.'s (kidney specialists), urologists, etc. The medicine bill alone took a full day's wage every week. But no one was going to tell her what to do....

Mentally? Again she was fine...except for a bad case of insecurity, insane jealousy, selfishness, self-centeredness, pride in everything she chose, etc., etc. But she wasn't going to be told what to do!

We were entering a new non-morals era (1966), which included wife swapping, heavy drinking, drugs, etc. I could go along with a lot of broken laws, but this was a little too much. My "perfect" husband was leaning in that direction but given time to adjust, I could re-gain control of him, too! Even he wasn't going to get in my way and start doing all those things as long as I had anything to say about it. And say plenty I did.

Well, I woke up one day and took a long hard look at what I had accomplished in a quarter of a century plus a year. It included:

But, Mr. Armstrong, you listened, you searched, you learned and you taught. As a result, I am still alive and now hope to see Christ usher in a more desirable world to live in. I have three children, ages 12, 13, and 14. Physically, we are all healthy--I threw away the pills 15 years ago. Mentally, I'm at the peak of health. Spiritually, still pretty weak. Socially, I have an abundance of really loyal friends. Emotionally, I haven't taken an ulcer pill in 15 years. Financially, God is my partner--we aren't "in the chips" but He supplies all our needs. My marriage ended a couple of months before my twelve-year-old's birth.

God delivered me from all the negative forces in life and when He stopped my hand at suicide, blessed me with a sound mind and three children, and returned (or I should say--gave me) good health! What more can we say? Through your obedience, God has dealt with me very patiently and lovingly. He used you to straighten out a desolate life and give it happiness and purpose. Instead of dead matter, I expanded, reproduced and you caused four people to share the hope of God's plan.

You learned and then indirectly taught me health laws. Exactly nine months after studying THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT HEALING and repenting, I gave birth to a girl. Thirteen months later, another girl. Kill myself? Thanks to you--no thank you!

The children are all very obedient and reared according to God's instructions through you. They trust and depend on God's laws of happiness and health. They were taught "from the cradle" and none of them will suffer such desolation as I did. Yes--someone will tell me what to do--thankfully!

This is just one story of one family whose life was turned around. You are a modern Abraham--the father of a new nation. The stories are as varied and as many as there are individuals who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Through one man's obedience (yours), the many have heard and seen. How many broken lives your hearing, seeing and teaching has mended!

You are a great man in the truest sense of the word--someone very special. From our hearts we thank you for not turning a deaf ear to God's calling. There is a cause and effect. You caused my three children to be born and have the opportunity to take a part in God's Kingdom and the new world. You caused me happiness, sanity and health in place of death by my own hand before my children were conceived.... I know that without the hope you taught me, life isn't worth the struggle.

B. F.

(Covington, KY)

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February 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to share a little something with you for a moment. I am witnessing a miracle! My husband, to whom I've been married for nearly 13 years (nine of which I've been in the Church), is in the process of being converted! For nine years I have experienced the life of a spiritual widow! I've gone through the hostile antagonism, turmoil and uncertainty of living with an unconverted mate. I've had to deal with resentment and bitterness on both sides. Misunderstandings, lack of communication and hurting barbs all play their part in such a union. How wise is our God when He warns us not to be unequally yoked....

I can't express in words how good it feels to have a leader, a head that I can look up to! A woman was not made to be the leader of a family, and I can honestly say I never ever wanted to be. But sometimes I had to do things for my children that a father and head should do. Sometimes I had to make decisions that I really should not have had to make....

It is a relief to see my husband begin to take over his role. It is comforting to know that now he is consulting God about his family--not just me! He put away his cigarettes, turned from breaking the Sabbath, is learning to read, plays a more important role in the family and is, in one word, repenting. He had never in his life worn a suit and tie but always ran around in his old work clothes with dirty unkempt hair. Guess what! He now has six beautiful suits which were given to him and wears them proudly! A miracle no less!...

I do at this time feel that a big responsibility has been handed to me. Not only is he my husband, but he will soon be my little brother. I must not only be a submissive wife but also learn to be a sister to him. He will be a tender little one that I will have the priceless privilege to help nourish and care for.

There is now also such a difference in the children.... For example, the TV program comes to this area through cable TV. We can't pick it up as we only have an aerial, but my Dad does have cable. My little eleven year old hit me square between the eyes when he begged me for next Sunday morning to get up early and take him over there to watch you. Wow! Is God blessing our family!

In the evenings, instead of glaring at the TV, under my husband's leadership we read the Bible or The PLAIN TRUTH and discuss the Work, the Kingdom and our roles in it. What joy it is to see the shine of excitement in my family's eyes as we talk of our Father and all the happiness that will soon come to this earth!

This has turned into a lengthy letter, but I wanted you to know of some of the wonderful blessings God is pouring out on His beloved Family.

We are with you and I know God is! So we will continue to pray for you always.... We love you!


from a sister in Christ,

T. R

(Hamilton, AL)

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