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September 8, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am writing to thank you for the exciting and wonderful book THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY. I want you to know that both my sister and I wept in repentance to our wonderful Lord after reading the book. It literally blew us both away to think that all these years we have not only worshipped on the wrong Sabbath but were partaking in pagan holidays as well.

You have no idea how your book has changed my whole concept of what is being taught today by numerous ministers. God has given me an open mind to His Word, and that makes me a listener, watcher, and seeker. Whenever I have searched for the truth, He has led me to it.... I am so happy to know that He loves me enough to teach me the truth and guide me into His Holy Word.

It is both sad and sickening that so many so called Christians today are caught up in false doctrine, believing that the Old Testament is washed away, and that Jesus is going to jump out of the sky and rapture everyone. All I ever hear is that God loves us too much to let us go through any great tribulation. One never hears about His other side, the side that does get very angry.

My sister and I have tried to tell others the truths in your book and, of course, you know the flack we got. We've been told that not only are you possessed by a bad spirit, but we are too. That's fine with me, our day of worship is no longer on Sunday, and we have given up Christmas, and other pagan holidays, as believe me, we do want to be counted worthy to escape these things that are so near in coming. I can see now why Jesus said, "Many are called, few are chosen." I am at present reading the Old Testament in the Jerusalem Bible, and it is like reading an excellent novel. I now understand about the tribes, etc., as I read your book first....

I would like you to accept this gift toward your ministry, and once again I thank you for your excellent books of truth of the Word of God. As far as I know, you are the only one that is preaching on the whole Bible and the whole truth. It's a shame that so very many will not heed....

Thank you again, Mr. Armstrong, and God bless you in your travels and in preaching the Word.

Yours in Christ,

C. H.

(Butte, MT)

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October 30, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

For several years, I had occasionally heard you on the radio and had seen The PLAIN TRUTH, but no matter how right the messages sounded, I couldn't seem to absorb their true importance and change my life. I had been to many so-called Christian churches but never managed to get anything right. I thought God was calling everyone, and I was really miserable because I kept failing.

God finally did call me one week ago. There really isn't any mistaking His call. I have been overwhelmed by what I see with my eyes, ears and heart open. I have an older brother who was called exactly six years ago to the day (the Sabbath after the Last Great Day). You can perhaps imagine how we both feel now. I start crying whenever I try to find the words to describe these feelings.

Tonight is the beginning of my second Sabbath. I have three different translations of God's Word, several of your booklets, a PLAIN TRUTH issue and two taped sermons and am beginning to understand what it means to hunger and thirst for an understanding of God's Kingdom.

God has given me a job with a Church member, a man who has his own business and is running it according to God's laws. He didn't even tell me, but as I began to work for him I noticed the similarities between my job and God's Work and Christ's teachings. Now, everything I do at work helps me to think about the Bible. Every new member should have this blessing.

I just spoke of myself as a member, but I have never actually been to Sabbath services. I have only just met the local minister, but the members here are already treating me as one of their own, or more accurately, one of God's own.

I could write for days about this new me, but I'm sure you understand already after the many times you've seen those whom God has called.

Since God may not enable me to thank you in person, I decided to write instead, and I plan to thank you in person in the world tomorrow.

S. B.

(Central Point, OR)

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September 2, 1980

Dear Sirs,

I have been a subscriber to The PLAIN TRUTH, as well as other literature, for the last year and a half. I have found many of your teachings to be in direct contrast to what I used to believe, but after comparing them with the scriptures, I was amazed.

About two years ago, I had an experience which humbled me and made me aware of God's presence. I realized that I was a sinner and asked God to help me change. I started reading the Bible and other religious books to learn what God wanted of me.... Slowly God has been correcting me, weeding out the traditions of men. I know He wants me to prove all things.

As much as I loved God, accepted His Son, Jesus Christ, and wanted to do His will, I still had doubts about where His true Church was. I stopped sending contributions to the Worldwide Church of God because of the "Sixty Minutes" interview a few months back. It made me wonder if I too was part of Satan's deceived world. I earnestly asked God, on my hands and knees, to lead me to truth. I know that the Lord commands a tithe of my income and I have been laying it aside and saving it.

Some time ago I wrote to you that I wasn't quite sure where to look for God's true Church, and you sent me the address of a congregation of "true Christians" in my area. Finally, after putting it off many weeks, I went and sat through the entire Sabbath meeting. I found it very sober and non-fanatical. I have since attended the last four Sabbaths. Talking with members and the pastor, I found them very warm and open and was surprised that not one person tried to get me to join.

I earnestly look forward to the day when God shall live among men with His anointed Bride. I know that this is not the only day of salvation and that mankind has the opportunity to eventually be born of God. Life now has a reason and purpose. My heart has its anchor in Christ and His message.

Finally, after my last doubts have been cast out, I look forward to being baptized into God's family--to become a begotten son of God, a seed of Abraham and co-heir of the promise.

In closing, I ask for your prayers that I may be given the strength to do what is necessary to overcome. You have my love, thanks, and prayers.


W. Q.

(Flushing, NY)

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February 12, 1982

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I hope that somehow you receive my letter. If not, you are in my prayers just the same, as I thank God for speaking to all His children through you, your wonderful publications, and, of course, the Bible.

Just when God first called me, I don't know--whether it be from birth or to replace someone who left the Church. I hope it was the first for that someone's sake. Either way, I am just thankful!

Since this time last year, God really made me aware of his presence. Before that, I had taken Him and Jesus Christ for granted. I was wrapped up in the ways of "get" and the vanities of this "present evil world." Looking back, in many ways I was like Saul before Christ converted him to the apostle Paul.

A year ago, I was working at a large retail department store and came into contact with several of what I thought to be Christians of many different denominations. These people were very kind and devout and took considerable interest in me. We spoke for long hours and shared many beliefs. Many times I accompanied them to their churches. At that time I was truly seeking spiritual peace of mind. Little did I know that God was, in His loving way, leading me to the truth. Of all the churches I visited, all on Sunday, none seemed to bring about that spiritual peace.

About six months ago, I underwent surgery, which was followed by two weeks of convalescence. During that time, I read the New Testament and, thanks to God discovered some very shocking truths. Upon my return to work, one of my co-workers approached me and said, "I've heard about your new love." Curiosity led me to inquire what she meant. As we spoke, I had mentioned my reading of the New Testament. As our talks went on, I asked her many questions, and she asked me many questions. I told her how I felt that churches today didn't keep God's commandments or teach the truth, but rather a "gospel according to convenience." God had to be inspiring our conversations, questions and answers!

Several hour-long 15 minute breaks later she introduced me to her husband. We had a mini Bible study, and they introduced me to the wonderful PLAIN TRUTH. They gave me several copies, and I could not put them down. It is still the same today! A month later, I proved the Sabbath, was politely forced to quit my job, started attending services and have been going ever since.

The husband and wife I spoke of, have adopted me into their family. They are so unselfish and caring. They have me over every Sabbath evening for dinner and we all sit together in services. It's marvelous!

My own family has been great, and although they don't really understand my beliefs, they try to make my visits home as relaxed and enjoyable as before. On one or two occasions, my mother has resorted to tears, but it is only natural for her to be concerned as she is under the sways of this deceived world in her knowledge of you and God's Church. Most of her information has come from the 60 Minutes, Newsweek and East Texas journalism. Though my family may become less understanding as I become more and more involved in the Church, I find comfort in the "good news" that one day they will have their minds opened.

Mr. Armstrong, God has truly blessed me by opening my mind and revealing His truth to me. He has blessed me by giving me a new loving family, a new church family, and an old understanding family. All this came through you and your endless work, and above all through our Savior, Jesus Christ, without whose sacrifice, none of it would be possible. Through Christ, our Eternal Father has led me out of Egypt and to the Red Sea. This weekend I am going to be baptized! I rely on Christ to take me across the sea and give me a new life and mind. Without Him, I would surely drown!

God bless and protect you,

D. R.

(Dallas, TX)

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January 30, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I have never written to you before so this letter is long overdue. I am thirty-one years old, married, no children, and have lived in Tennessee all my life.

I first heard your voice on radio about twelve years ago, but the reception was so bad that I couldn't hear the entire program. I really became interested two years later when I saw the TV program. I read your booklet THE WONDERFUL WORLD TOMORROW--WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE, but threw it away because it was so radically different from anything I had ever read. However, the more I listened to the program, the more I began to understand. I sent for another copy, and this time it made sense. Since then I have read The PLAIN TRUTH and requested every booklet offered.

Because of the Sabbath, I used to pray that God would give me a straight day shift job. At that time, I worked three shifts at a plant that ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some time later, I was laid off from work with no real hope of finding a job. I have a fairly good mind but am unskilled and have always had to rely on an employer to train me. It was at this time that I started tithing from my unemployment check.

God finally answered my prayers by giving me a better paying job and a straight day shift--Monday through Friday. However, I didn't really appreciate what He did. Though I continued to tithe, I also continued to break the Sabbath by doing my own pleasures. Two years later, God took away the day shift and put me back on shift work. It dawned on me later that I had failed to live up to what I had prayed for. God had not failed me, I had failed Him. Like the ancient Israelites, I prayed when in trouble but quickly forgot any responsibility to obey God. I settled into this job for the next four years and put God on the back burner--though I continued to tithe knowing He had and would continue to bless me.

A year ago, my wife became gravely ill. She broke out in red welts from head to toe--an allergic reaction to an aspirin-like medication for inflammation of the wrist. This really shook me up. I realized that I had not cared for my wife the way I should have. I had treated her like the fictitious Neanderthal--callous, selfish and carnal in every way. I now feared she may die, and prayed fervently with many tears that she would live. Later, the doctor told her she could have died, but thank God, she recovered.

For the first time I began to see myself the way God saw me. I began to stink in my own eyes. The stench of my life kept increasing till I couldn't even look myself in the eye in a mirror. I was completely disgusted with myself. My sins weighed so heavily on my mind that I found it difficult to sleep at night. Eventually, I would fall asleep, but the first thought in my mind when I awoke was my guilt and the need to be baptized.

My troubled face gave me away to those around me. I feared losing my job, my wife, everything. My wife and I weren't getting along well at all at this time. To say the least, this was the most stressful period of my life. Three months later, I made an appointment to talk to one of God's ministers. I found him to be genuinely concerned, kind, helpful and very patient. I started attending Sabbath services, and after two months I was baptized. Mr. Armstrong, my sins were gross and monumental. God called a base man. I'm glad all of that is behind me now. Though it appeared that I may lose my wife and job, God had mercy on me and has allowed me to keep all that I had (besides blessing me even more), but only after I made up my mind to be baptized regardless of the consequences.

The change in our lives has been dramatic. It gives me the greatest happiness and pleasure to tell you that my wife and I are truly happy with one another. I feel like a newlywed! My wife really enjoys coming to church services. I think if I were to tell her I was quitting Church, she would have me committed! Our minister has anointed us, and we are anticipating the conception of our first child.

I thank God for you, Mr. Armstrong, His ministers, and the Work. There are no words to express my gratitude. I want to give you a bear hug, and I know I would shed a few tears. I'll remember you always in my prayers. May God bless you and keep you well.

With love always,

D. W.

(Elizabethton, TN)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

My previous letters to you indicated an urge to obtain more of God's Holy Word by attending one of your churches within a 50-mile or more radius from where I live. As you know, I hunted high and low and everywhere to find a church but to no avail. I also searched telephone books in every city that I have been in, but always no soap. This had been going on for approximately seven years until, to make a long story short, one of your ministers visited my home and, lo and behold, advised me after an interview that Church of God services were being held in a fire hall right around the corner from where I live! I can hit the building with a stone from my house. No need to waste time telling you of my surprise.

My wife and I are so very happy about this; I can't find proper words to express the happiness it has brought to us. We have attended approximately twelve Sabbath services and about six Bible study nights and now we are looking forward to baptism.

The ministers in this church are in my opinion the best I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and I have heard plenty. The whole atmosphere in the services seems to just radiate God's Holy Spirit. There is no way to describe it.

We are very thrilled and excited that God should be calling us into His Church at this time. What a beautiful future to look forward to.

My humble thanks for your assistance in finding God's true Church--I was ready to give up trying .to find it after all those years. May God bless you in your extensive work.

J. F.

(Monroeville, PA)

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December 28, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

My husband and I would like to let you know how much we enjoy reading your literature. We have also just completed the first lesson of the Bible Correspondence Course and really enjoyed it.

I read many of your articles years ago but never really understood all that I read. However, since I have started reading the booklets that we recently wrote for, and studying the Bible, I am totally amazed at what I now understand. I know that God has given me the wisdom and knowledge needed to understand His Word. Now we both know how to live by God's laws and how to keep His Sabbaths and Holy Days. You were right, the Bible plainly tells us that God made the Sabbaths, they are His and He made them for us.

We have started paying our tithes again. You cannot understand how guilty I feel for not having tithed. I have asked God for forgiveness.

We wrote to Pasadena for the address of the local Worldwide Church of God congregation, and in about one and a half weeks we received a letter with the address and the minister's phone number. We called immediately and went to church that very day. We cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed that afternoon. The people were so friendly, we could hardly believe it. That was four Sabbaths ago and we have not and will not, except in emergencies, miss any of these very important days. We also have started going to the Bible studies.

The local minister with his wife came to our home and talked to us for a long time. He answered all our questions. This very day they visited us again to discuss baptism. And again all our questions were answered. The minister loaned us his book THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL and also called from our home a toll free number to Pasadena for the book TOMORROW...WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE to be sent to us immediately. I am also sending for more literature and for our own copy of THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL. Mr. Armstrong, we want you to know how thankful we are to be able to talk to a minister and have him help us with any questions.

We hope you don't think this letter is too long, but we had to let you know how happy we are that God has given us this opportunity to get to know His Church and to be a part of it.... We are giving ourselves to God--after all, we do belong to Him, He made us. We are His at His asking and are to live by His laws and standards....

I have been getting on my knees every chance I get and thanking God for what He has given us. I have also asked Him to forgive me of my sins and to help us as we undertake this 180 degree turn. I know that He will provide that help.

We hope you will be around for a long time to come to continue to bring us and this world the good news.

Our love,

T. L.

(Colorado Springs, CO)

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January 6, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I felt strongly at this time that I should write and say "thank you" for your tremendous lifelong example to all of us. Thank you also for your absolute honesty, perseverance, and determination to get God's great Work done.

I realize that God has raised you up and that the power of God works through you. No man--apart from God --could possibly have achieved even a third of what you have achieved. I know that none of this was because of selfish motives or a desire for wealth but, on the contrary, because the great God revealed to you that the only way to true happiness, contentment, and success is through what you term "the give way".

I have only been a baptized member for four or five months after originally reading The PLAIN TRUTH back in 1960. Apparently, I needed 21 years to get certain things out of my system, to experience certain things, and to gain full maturity (I was only sixteen in 1960), but God has been very merciful and patient with me. I have been shown clearly and unmistakably that man's ways only lead to--even under the most favorable circumstances--unhappiness, despair, misery, and ultimately death. If only the world realized what it is missing!!

I can't describe the happiness and joy experienced by my wife (not yet baptized but on the right road!), my two young children and myself since we have attended God's Church.... How thankful to God I am that I was born at this time and allowed, together with many others, to come into contact with this great end-time Work. What a privilege!

In coming to the close of this letter, let me once again say thank you for everything you have given over the years and, I pray, will continue to give for years to come. I ask God to grant you the strength to carry on the great Work until the job is completed. You may be assured that I am but one of thousands who constantly pray for you.

With love in Jesus' name,

R. A.

(S. Wales, United Kingdom)

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April 28, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I was recently baptized into the Body of Christ. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility that goes with that honor, but also the great joy and fulfillment that accompanies finally receiving God's Holy Spirit.

The saying that the heart is deceitful above all else is so true. I believed I was part of the Body for eight years, but all these years I was deceiving myself Finally God brought me to baptism through many trials. Our minister gave an inspiring sermon on how to examine ourselves for the fruits of the Spirit. It cut deep, and I finally had to admit I wasn't in the Body. I wasn't agreeing with God.

With God's gift of repentance and the gifted guidance of the local minister, I am now in the Body. I owe so much to my wife, who stood by me all these years, patiently hoping. Without her dedication to the Church, I might not have been a member now. The great joy I feel in the closeness to God goes beyond words to describe. Now I must buy back the time.

Mr. Armstrong, I love you as a father. I say that with tears of love in my eyes. Your dedication to the Work of God and the love you have for the brethren shows ever so plainly that you must be the apostle of God on the earth. I pray daily that God might protect you, keep you healthy and strong--no, stronger day by day. Please complete the end-time Work in haste as only you can. May God strengthen you daily so that the Work may be finished, and Christ can return to this sick and tired world.

In deepest love and respect,

E. L.

(Concord, NH)

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September 9, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

It is always refreshing to receive news, by way of letter, from you. My wife and I pray daily for your health and eyesight and for God to enable you to progress with the Work. We know how deadly serious times are now; so near the end of the age....

Until recently I was a paratrooper in the army's elite "All American" 82nd airborne division. I left the military as a conscientious objector with a clean record and an honorable discharge. My wife and I were baptized in March this year

It is a joyous and exhilarating experience to actually be a member. For nearly two years I was only a co-worker. I thought that my first leap out of an airplane at three thousand feet was exciting. This is like one continuous jump for over six months. Nothing can compete with the good feeling and peace of mind which comes from God's Holy Spirit. Sharing these feelings with brethren in fellowship is an immense thrill.

I want to thank you for now having a church in this area. I am a relatively new member with the opportunity to grow along with a new church. The blessings we have received are tremendous. Thank God and praise Him.

We have also been receiving the Ambassador College Correspondence Course and enjoy it greatly. The first twelve lessons have been completed. We were tested on them and look forward to more. We still review occasionally....

May God bless you, sir, and keep you always. You are the voice that cries out to a world that heeds not, except for the chosen few.

With Christian love,

K. M.

(Cambridge, OH)

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January 20, 1982

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to tell you of the good that God has done in my life in the last one and a half years.

I attended God's Church as a teenager, but then married and joined the Air Force, basically letting all my training as a youth go by the wayside. I left the Church because of tiredness and discouragement.

In five years my house burned down, my income dwindled to almost nothing, I was mistreated by Satan's government in the military, my marriage became a nightmare and my child didn't know me. My life was totally shattered! When I ignored God, He ignored me.

Gradually I learned that I cannot, under any circumstances, live my life without God. Repentantly, I took of the tree of life God offered me and was baptized a year and a half ago. Talk about a change in my life!

Firstly, my wife has been reconciled to me by God! He offered her repentance also, and she was baptized four months ago. My son and I love each other in ways I never thought possible. God is causing me to grow tremendously in attitude, service and faith.

Because of G.I. bill benefits, I can go to college, even though it is a worldly one. I am able to progress materialistically which does have limited values. I know I couldn't attend any college unless God aided me and wanted me to.

Just within this last month, God has delivered me from several problems. For example, my son's hand was slammed in a car door. He was immediately anointed. Although three fingers should have been broken, the hand did not even so much as swell up.

I had been severely afflicted and thought I would be forced out of college. However, God has intervened in three ways, enabling me to continue. Also, He blessed me with a good understanding of the lessons He is teaching me by these problems. God rules in my life, and I know it....

Keep up the fight! I pray for you daily, even at the blessing of the meals.


one of your spiritual children,

C. M.

(Binghamton, NY)

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December 21, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

When I first started attending church, I found something that I had been looking for ever since I was a child. I always wanted to be able to put both the Old and the New Testaments together but didn't know how. My family sent me to Sunday school, but I never really wanted to go. I didn't like the way the ministers joked from the pulpit, read some scriptures and then talked about everything but those scriptures. I went on like this for years.

When I got married, I quit church and didn't attend another for many a year. I was so discouraged by what had happened to me as a child. I also had always dreamed of going to church as a family but that never happened while I was married.

God allowed some drastic things to happen to me before I realized just how much I needed Him in my life. I started climbing out of my deep dark pit ever so slowly. It took me almost three years before I started attending church services.

One of the first things God did for me was to heal my back. I also watched many of my prayers being answered. I can't explain the wonderful feeling that gave.

I have now been a member for almost two years and love every minute of it. My blessings are so many, and I am so thankful to God for His love and care for me. I thank Him daily for the Church, the revelation of His truths, and for sending us an apostle like you.

May God give you health and strength and bless His Work. I love you very much and have a deep respect for you. I look forward to the return of Christ and pray that it will be soon.

Loving you in Christ,

P. V. (Woman)

(Rock Falls, IL)

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November 10, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to write to you about the calling received through your work under Christ and the effect it has had on my life.

I first began receiving literature at age eighteen and was eventually baptized at age twenty-one. In those three years my life was turned around, away from the ways of this world and pointing to a different goal altogether. Now, at age thirty-four, I shudder to think where I would be and what I would be doing were it not for the changes brought into my life by forces entirely outside my comprehension at that time. I now understand that even back then, in the 601s, you had already been laboring many years to edify and serve those God would call to back you up.

I eventually married a lovely girl, a church member, who has now been my faithful, loyal, serving wife for ten years. We have been blessed with three sons. Again, your writings on marriage have done more than just make ours work. Our union is enjoyable, scintillating and exciting even after ten years.... Had I not been a recipient of this precious knowledge, I doubt my ability to have a successful marriage at all.

Financially, we have also been greatly blessed. Even though Australia is prosperous, I know that we have been blessed way above what we would have been without God's calling. Despite the extra outgo that tithing represents, we have had freedom from financial worries. Our last third tithe year was in 1973, and God refunded the full third tithe amount to us in a miraculous way before we had completed the year. I got the impression that God wants us to obey his laws for our benefit, not for His....

Our three children have been a blessing and have inspired us with their tremendous open enthusiasm for God's truth. For example, when my 62-year-old mother confided to my seven year old about the inevitability of sickness and death, he proudly proclaimed the second resurrection to her and said that there was nothing to worry about. My four year old first learned what idol worship was from Mr. Wolverton's illustrations in the Bible Story. He wanted to know more so I explained the First Commandment to him and showed him inside our neighborhood churches where children his age were kneeling before idols and praying to them. Now his chosen vocation is to be an idol smasher when Christ's Kingdom is instituted!

I have taken both children through large cemetaries and talked about the time when all the dead will be brought back to life. I also explained that they can help rebuild the earth ready to receive these people. There is no place for fairy stories, magic tales and the like when God's truth can be told. It humbles me to realize that all this knowledge was revealed by God to one man....

I guess my purpose in writing to you is to express gratitude. You have labored many long and hard years, while we have received, been edified and blessed through your labors. You have thousands of sons and daughters through this Work. One day this one wants to give you a great big hug and say, "thanks Dad."

With love and regards,

H. F.

(Griffith, Australia)

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