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February 27, 1982

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I have attended God's Church for over eleven years and have been a member almost nine. Sometimes I like to look back and meditate on how God guided circumstances in my life. To see His perfect timing and intervention in many situations gives me confidence for the future, which I know will not be easy for God's people till Jesus Christ returns.

God has blessed my husband and me in wonderful ways. At the moment, we both have the privilege to work in one of the Work's departments in Pasadena and find our jobs very rewarding and fulfilling.

When I first started attending, God's church in Australia, one of my dreams was to have a direct part in God's Work. However, since my unconverted parents did not allow me to even apply for Ambassador College, I gave up on the idea of it ever being possible. Yet years later, God made it a reality through an amazing set of circumstances!

When I began attending services, I was eighteen and in my last semester of high school. Since my parents wanted me to continue my education at a local university and since God provided the way and finances, I went ahead and completed a degree in biological sciences and a diploma in teaching methods. Then for a year, I taught in an elementary school. God perfectly provided for my needs by enabling me to teach one of my favorite age groups at a school close to home.

Almost exactly a year after I started attending services, I met my husband-to-be on his first day in church. He only spent one year in the local congregation and then went to Ambassador College. When I got to know this man, I began to feel that if there was anybody in the church I could marry, he was the one. He truly stood out among the other men I dated. However, his greatest desire at that time was to attend Ambassador College. When he went to college, I was convinced that he would marry an A.C. graduate and end up in the ministry. Yet God had other ideas!

When we both finished our education and were ready for marriage, God stirred up our feelings for one another. After asking God to guide him toward finding a wife, my husband-to-be got the idea to invite me to Pasadena for my school holidays. When I received his letter, I didn't know what to think! Was this for real? Was this man interested in me in the same way that for several years I had been in him?

I counseled with the local minister, who then in a letter mentioned to my husband-to-be how I felt toward him and requested that if he didn't feel the same way, to let me know. Soon we were both thrilled to find out that our feelings toward each other were mutual.

Shortly after I came to Pasadena, we knew we were meant for each other. In less than four months we were able to be married in the grand lobby of the Ambassador Auditorium and by the minister from our local church in Australia, who at the very time came to Pasadena for a Sabbatical program. Also, since I didn't know very many people in Pasadena, my matron-of-honor was a former pen pal whose address I got years earlier from the W.N. personals. God literally poured out His blessings! This, by the way, happened in my third tithe year.

For the following five and a half years, God has given my husband and me the opportunity to work together as a team, assisting in God's Work in various capacities. We often thought that this must have been like you and your first wife working together.

A year and a half ago the department we worked in was reorganized and we both lost our jobs as a result. Yet, with no work time lost, my husband was hired by his former Leadership Training Club director in another department. About a month later, just as my work was running out, the same man hired me, originally for a different job to that of my husband, but then he put us together to again work as a team. This department has been very inspiring to be a part of. It is truly run in love and on God's principles.

My husband and I are nearing the end of another third tithe year, which again has been filled with amazing blessings. Some of these included for me to be able to graduate from Ambassador College with the Diploma of Biblical Studies, a Feast trip to Europe during which I met some of my relatives for the very first time, being able to purchase new furniture, paying off a block of land in Australia, opportunities for growth and much more.

I wanted to share these experiences with you as I thought you may find it interesting and inspiring to know how God works in the lives of His people. My husband and I continue to pray for your health, strength, inspiration and success as you go about doing God's Work.


E. P.

(Pasadena, CA)

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March 8, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

My wife and I feel that perhaps you might be interested in the wonderful miracles which have completely changed our lives.

Only a few years ago, my life was a complete mess. After the breakup of a former marriage, I had ended up in such a financial situation that even when I became a Christian, it looked impossible for me to ever be out of debt or contemplate marriage again.

However, after a very humbling illness, almost all of those debts (partly unjust tax debts) were swept away. I then began to think of looking for a wife and through the "Personal" columns of The WORLDWIDE NEWS obtained several pen pals around the world. One of these particularly interested me--a widow in the U.S.A. --and the merciful God inspired her to be interested in me also. He then enabled me to meet some Americans at the Feast here in Britain, who were able to help her to come here.

Other wonderful things happened to help her afford the fare and she came at Passover time two years ago. We had written and sent tapes regularly, so soon after she arrived, we were able to decide on marriage.

We did not plan on a honeymoon. The severe winter had hit me badly as I am a self-employed gardener, and we had no cash to spare. Again God intervened. A member persuaded her non-member husband to provide us with a caravan in one of the most beautiful places in Britain, and transport to and from it. I would need a book to tell of all our blessings.

When my friend said she could come, I was broke after the winter, and even had to arrange a small loan to meet her at the airport! But I had asked God to only allow her to come if she was the one He had chosen for me. I was not about to tell Him that He was three months too soon! A friend gave her accommodation without charge--another big saving--and she stayed there until the wedding.

God is now prospering us. My health is better than for the last five years, and we are through the winter and looking forward to a busy summer period. We hope and pray for a good year, with the aim of visiting U.S.A. this autumn, to see my wife's relatives and other friends.

We hope the above story of a happy marriage, built totally on trust in a fellow Christian's word and the promises of God, will be of interest to you. Thank you again for all you have done for us all.... We pray for you daily, and thank God for you. With deepest love and gratitude,

M. W.

(Leeds, England)

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November 5, 1980

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I was told you like to know of things that affect our lives as we strive to obey God.

Recently, we moved into a new school district and all the teachers and principal had to be told of the days our children could not observe. The day after I sent notes to them all, the principal paid me a visit. I was expecting some kind of trouble, but he surprised me. He first asked what church we belonged to, and after we had talked for a few minutes, he said that he would not tolerate any of his teachers or students teasing, mistreating, or making our children feel out of place in any way. He then added he was behind us 100% in the teaching and rearing of the children and if anyone gave us trouble, they would have to answer to him.

He has since been extremely supportive of what activities the children can be in, and he seeks them out daily just to speak to them or encourage.

In another school, one teacher openly criticized our oldest son when he refused to color a Christmas tree. The whole class began to tease him, and it was hard to get him to go back to school. He lost respect for his teacher and his classmates lost respect for him because he was "different."

Now the children are happier at school than ever before. There is room for their difference, and no one seems to care that they don't observe traditional holidays. They are liked and are encouraged by their teachers and principal to follow their religious upbringing above their school work. Obeying God is a blessing for everyone.


M. M.

(Georgetown, OH)

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January 2, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am pleased to be able to write to the physical leader of God's Work here on earth. You are always busy feeding God's Church and giving us much needed spiritual meat. I thank you for this and pray for you always....

My wife and I continue to grow in God's ways.... A circumstance developed which led us to the decision to sell our house. My father-in-law asked me if I had considered where we would move, to which I replied that when God decided the house would sell, He would also make another place available....

My business is selling Electrolux sweepers.... One of my customers had a problem with her sweeper so I gave her a loaner and took hers in for repair. After returning her repaired sweeper and taking back the loaner, I found that she had left her dust brush attached to it.

The next day when I brought it back I learned that she and her husband had bought a house in my town--a retirement property to be used in the future. The house was already rented to a young couple who had paid two months' rent in advance but had not moved in yet. I told the owners that I wished I had known about this house because it would have been nice for us and my business. It was located on the main street of the town, while our old house was on a quiet side street.

The next day, the owner called and offered us the house for rent. She said that the young man, who was originally interested, wasn't going to get out of military service for nine months, therefore the couple couldn't take it. So we took the house and were soon able to move in. The rent is low and the house, which in the past had been a Baptist parsonage, is great! If I had my choice of any house in our town, I could not choose a better one.

Just to show how well God works things out, I will continue. The owners painted the inside of the house for the young couple who originally planned to rent it, and the colors they picked just "happened" to match our furniture. My unconverted father-in-law could not believe our "luck," but we didn't call it luck, knowing that God answers prayers....

I have also learned that being obedient to God is important. God reveals to each of us where we need to change. I had to make some changes in my sweeper business. My father had been selling Electrolux sweepers for twenty-seven years. When I took over the business after his death, we continued to keep many sweeper supplies at my mother's house. Some people still came there and I felt that my mother enjoyed talking to friends of my father. The problem was that she would sell sweeper supplies on the Sabbath. This bothered me very much, but I didn't want to take away her chance to visit with old friends. God was telling me to make a change, but I was reluctant to do so.

From the beginning of that year until February the seventeenth, I had not sold one sweeper. My business was down, to say the least. The following week I finally listened to God and became obedient. I told my mother that I was taking all the sweeper supplies out of her house. She felt I was going to hurt my business, but God didn't think so.

For the first forty-eight days of the year I had no sales. During the next forty-nine days after my decision to remove all sweeper supplies from my mother's house, God gave me an eighteen hundred dollar increase in earnings!...

Our prayers are always with you in God's Work. Thank you for your obedience to God.

In God's love,

L. E.

(Bluffton, IN)

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October 21, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to share something which I felt you or others might be interested in.

I'm a display lady or "window trimmer" and do advertising work in several stores. I have won a number of display contests, all answered prayers from God Almighty because without Him and His help I'm nothing. The prizes over several years included a car, a sailboat, two T.V.'s, $1,000 and some bonds.

Nowadays, there are fewer contests and smaller prizes. However, I did recently enter an orange juice contest at two nearby stores. In one of them, the manager doesn't want to bother with the contest and tells me that if I win, I can keep the prize. I've won in that store for four years now, including this year. In my home store the food manager usually keeps the prize. He had a stroke this year and so some voiced the opinion that I should try to win a prize for the sick man. The money I win at the other store always goes as an offering to God, so I had mixed emotions. I prayed about it and asked God that if I was to learn to be giving to others, to allow my home store to win, as the manager was ill and it would be a charitable deed, but if He wanted the prize as an offering, to let the other store win. I made the two presentations, each a little different but both as good as I could. Each was original and had its own special theme. I prayed about it and left it in God's hands.

I know God is on His throne, there is no doubt about it. The presentations were sent to the judges and they tied for the first place. Two prizes were given out. So the man with the stroke received his in the mail directly from the company and the food manager at the other store received hers and sent it to me via the store manager's office with a note of regards.

You can be sure I gave God thanks and honor and glorified Him--both the Father and His Son Jesus Christ through whom my prayers go. I give this offering lovingly and with greatest pleasure.

Just thought you'd like to know how God intervenes in the little day-to-day things that are important to us.

F. F.

(Brush Prairie, WA)

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December 15, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

We are enclosing an offering, which is ten percent of a tax refund we received this Sabbath.

We had our first child three months ago. Before that I had been working to help make ends meet. However, soon after we knew of the baby, we decided that it would be best for me to quit working when the child was born. The only problem was meeting our expenses on a single salary.

To make things worse, we received notice of a tax audit. We thought we would have another bill to worry about. Instead, we found the IRS had made a mistake of over $1,000 in our favor!

This money has enabled us to pay off several bills and make one of the larger payments several months in advance. We will now be able to make it on a single salary for quite a while thanks to a loving Father who foresaw the needs of His children anxious to raise children His way.

We just wanted to tell you about our blessing which enabled us to even make an offering.

Your children in Christ,

R. C. and family

(San Antonio, TX)

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September 12, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

A few days ago, my neighbor and I went to a nearby unclaimed freight store. I picked up a couple of things and mentioned to the owner that it looked like he could use someone to help him straighten the place up. The man told me he had been trying to find someone but without success, to which my neighbor responded that I was looking for a job. (I have been out of work for nine months and was to pick up my last unemployment check on Friday. This happened on Tuesday.)

The store owner asked me to come and talk to him later. I did and he hired me.... I started work the next morning. Thursday was God's Holy Day, and I worked Friday. The man was very understanding of me taking the day off. When he paid me at the end of the week, he said I had done such a good job that he would raise my pay by 25 cents an hour.

I am very thankful to God that the job came at just the right time, and that my pay was increased.


C. D. (Woman)

(Grand Rapids, MI)

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September 12, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

About 10 years ago, my dear husband planted many blueberry bushes in the back of our acre of land.... I think God had me in mind when He inspired him to do it. My husband died three years ago, and since then I have made quite a few dollars from selling those beautiful blueberries. There are about twenty bushes,-taller than me and literally covered with huge berries--the size of the large glass marbles we had when I was a kid.

Two of the ladies from our church come out every three or four days during the berry season to help me pick them.... This summer we picked 135 quarts. I gave many to friends and still made a total of $117.50 from selling them.... God has really blessed me with these berries! They are on bushes so I don't have to bend or stoop to pick them, and also the bushes do not have any thorns like other berry bushes....

God bless you with good health, and keep you safe in your journeys. Thank you for your love and concern for the Church.

E. W.

(Freedom, PA)

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December 7, 1979

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I must tell you a remarkable story.

Early this year, in March to be exact, I noticed how messy it was across the road. The wind had blown paper, cardboard and plastic into the weeds. I decided to clean it up. As I was gathering up bits of plastic, paper bags,and pieces of cardboard, I spotted what looked like a dollar bill. I nearly fell over when I saw it was $100. I had seen about two $100 bills in all my life. Perplexed, I put it into my pocket and continued to clean. Then I saw another. This really shook me up. I put it into my pocket and went on picking up litter. Then I saw a third bill. That's when I decided to search. All told, I found six--six hundred dollars.

I quietly finished cleaning, then went into the house and studied those bills. I called my daughter and told her in careful terms so no eavesdropper would get the gist. The bills were dirty and faded so I washed them. Obviously they had been out under the snow all winter. I asked my daughter to have one bill checked to make sure it was genuine. It was. Next, I discussed the matter with our minister. He agreed it was not smart to advertise it or ask the police. I was still uneasy. So he suggested the F.B.I. I wondered if they were to be trusted. A friend who's had a bit of experience said, no--not even the F.B.I. So I sent you $100, banked the remaining $500 and waited to see what would happen. I still did not regard it as my money.

My only income is a Social Security check which I get because my husband is over 65, yet still working. We have two children in school. My check at that time was $71.30 a month, only recently raised. My car was acting up with carburetor and transmission trouble. It looked like no Feast for me. I mislaid my application and felt depressed. Then I thought, what ails me? God never let me down. He always provided, though each Feast my bank account nearly disappeared. Actually, I'd only paid my way one year--the other times I received festival tithe assistance.

I decided to stick my neck out, go on faith and count on God providing the means to buy a new car. I found my Feast application and sent it (late) with a note about why I needed to be in Norfolk. I expected to go by Greyhound and travel by bus and cab once I was there. As a final line I said I'd never seen the ocean. From there on things picked up speed.

The $80 carburetor job cost only $10.95 (I took it to another man). A transmission conditioner made the transmission work better. A friend offered $200 to my daughter, which however, would not have covered her Feast expenses. Then my housing confirmation arrived. The rent was far lower than where I stayed (and froze) the year before. There was a kitchen and two double beds. So I invited my daughter along. She asked if I would prefer to go by car as Greyhound was very expensive. I said, yes, if she'd drive. And so I withdrew $600.

It was a pleasant Feast. God gave me the ability to walk. (I have bad legs--arthritis, neuralgia and my knees dislocate. It is painful and crippling.) We were on Atlantic Avenue. I saw the ocean every day--even waded in it. God had even supplied suitable clothes. It was quite a Feast. But the clincher was--it cost me five hundred dollars. Then I knew WHY I found that money.


M. S.

(Selinsgrove, PA)

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