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January 30, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Like so many of my brethren, I have to stand alone in my marriage, family and social life as a representative in God's Church. It has not been easy to make a complete about-face in a very sophisticated society and as the wife of a man high up in the business world. To be "in this world, but not a part of it" is my challenge every day. It has been a long, lonely struggle and perhaps that is why God has often intervened for me.

My first Feast of Tabernacles comes to mind. I travelled with two other ladies and our children in a very old Rover car which my Dad had given me. The car virtually hiccoughed its way to its destination--something was terribly wrong. We made it "on a wing and a prayer" as it were.

I was staying a few miles from the Feast site with my three-year-old daughter. The first night on the way home from services the old Rover was coughing alarmingly. It made it up the hill and then came to a standstill on a very lonely, dark road. I went to the nearest house for help only to be met by two ferocious dogs who were ready to eat me up. Back to the car--utterly despondent.

There I was at God's Feast without my husband, and look what has happened to poor little me! I was ready to quit. I said to my daughter, "What do I do now?" Her reply was, "Pray, Mommy, pray," which I did right then. About five minutes later a jeep stopped next to me.

"Good evening. Can you please help me? My car has come to a standstill."

"Can I help you? Sure," he said. "I'm the owner of the local garage."

He told me I was very lucky to find him out at that time of night--something he very seldom did, but something compelled him to go and see his partner about a matter which he felt could not wait until the morning. How I longed to tell him who had sent him to help me! This was my daughter's and my first experience of our loving Father's intervention--something which established faith in that little girl. She knows to this day that God answers prayer.

T. L.

(South Africa)

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August 22, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

God has really blessed my family in the past two weeks! It all began like this:

My Mom began having excruciating back pains for the second or third time. This time it caused her to lose her job because she was unable to work. Her doctor then put her in the hospital.

Only a week prior to this I lost my job because the funds for the school program I was on ran out. My pay from this job practically supported Mom, my sister, and me this summer. It seemed like the "red carpet" had been pulled from under our feet. I am only sixteen but still felt like it was part of my burden as I have always helped Mom when I could. Now suddenly, we both felt helpless.

So we turned to God and asked Him to pull us through this state of affairs. We also asked Him to correct us if need be. I just can't tell you how wonderful He has been to us!

Last month, my Mom got a job in a cafe just eight miles from home, while before, she had to drive sixteen miles. She is also getting paid more. Her boss, who also gave me a job, refuses to let her do any heavy work. If any low bending is required, the rest of us are called to assist her immediately! She is loved and constantly commended for the good job she is doing....

On top of both of us getting new jobs, suddenly, out of the wild blue yonder, my Dad, who has been divorced from Mama since I was five, calls and says he is putting a check for $200 in the mail to buy our school clothes. This is something he has not done in four or five years, and we didn't even ask him for it! That is a blessing in itself!

I really feel God is responsible for all of this. And this feast season I intend to thank Him by giving the biggest offerings I can. I feel that since He has looked upon us so favorably, why not return the kindness!...

I just thank God and pray that He will bless others who are just as unfortunate as us at times. I know for a fact that He hears our prayers. I pray that He continues to keep you in good health to guide us in His way. Sincerely,

L. C.

(Lumberton, MS)

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March 15, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Recently, I asked God in prayer for an opportunity to back the Work, that He is doing through you, more financially. I mentioned to Him that my room and board had increased twenty-five dollars a month and that I had to begin repayment of a student loan of thirty dollars a month--both starting in two weeks! I asked Him to take care of my increased bills which I could barely afford to pay and also claimed God's promise in Malachi 3:8-10 regarding opening the windows of heaven and pouring out abundant blessings on those who tithe and give offerings for His Work and purposes.

I did my part by going to the personnel manager of the company I worked for and asking for a salary increase. Nothing happened. I had an interview with another organization regarding a much better paying job. I still haven't heard from them. I talked to one of the men of the Church's Personnel Department here at Pasadena. Still nothing.

Finally, last Thursday I was offered a position that I did not even apply for at the Communication Services office in the Hall of Administration. It was a full-time job on a two-month trial basis, at a starting hourly wage 43% higher than what I was currently making.

After additional prayer and counsel, I accepted the offer. What a blessing! It will give me an opportunity to serve in the Work as well as to give more in every way to back you as God's apostle. I thank God for opening this door for me to help support you, Mr. Armstrong, in completing the great commission.

A. M.

(Pasadena, CA)

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September, 1980

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest in The WORLDWIDE NEWS how God our Father may just possibly have intervened to help Corpus Christi hotels that would later house brethren for the Feast.

I, too, experienced such an answer to prayer last summer.

As a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, we waited--rooted in fear--for hurricane David which, we were told, would hit the Gold Coast.

Our property has ocean frontage and we have seen the sea, without hurricane winds, year by year diminish our coast. We had been told to evacuate because just days earlier the Dominican Republic had experienced 50-foot waves. Prudence led me to figure that height was about 10 feet higher than our house!

Just before we left our home, I went down to the beach and called out to the sea, charging it, in the name of Jesus Christ, with His authority given me as a child of God, not to intrude onto the beach and take out the sand.

Miraculously, the eye of the storm actually came ashore three miles north of our house. Twenty miles out in the ocean, when it was straight out from our property, it suddenly opened up into a 20-mile eye. I believe this was God directing it in that manner. It meant that the wind would reverse direction and instead of blowing from east to west (from sea to land), after the eye passed, it blew from west to east (from land to sea).

God had allowed the off-sea wind, before the eye came, to bring up the waves for a short time, and, as a result, the sand and beach were cleaned and innumerable tons of new sand were brought in and deposited. The beach was replaced by 50%. After the eye and the wind direction changed, the waves could not come up high anymore and we were left with a new improved beach.

Also, God blew off all the mite and fly infections in our citrus trees leaving them undamaged and free of pests.

One reason why God doesn't seem to answer prayer is that often we don't bother to ask Him. Try it, He listens. In Christ,

D. S.

(Palm Beach, FL)

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December 11, 1981

To whomever is interested:

I just read the latest GOOD NEWS articles about prayer and something that happened before the Feast came to mind. I thought you might be interested.

It seems that always before the Feast anything that can go wrong, does around our house. In less than two weeks' time my sewing machine malfunctioned, my tire went flat, the freezer and washer both went out of order, the dryer door hinges broke, etc., etc. Just a lot of irritating things that you simply fix and "keep on trucking."

I had taken it all in stride and just kept hoping to go to the Feast. Then, one day while preparing supper, I went to the freezer, which was working again, and reached on top to get the only key we owned to it. Somehow the key just bounced right out of my hand. I tried to catch it as it fell and watched in total surprise as it bounced across the cement porch and down into an open drain.

I looked at the freezer and at the drain and back at the freezer with my mouth open. Then I just burst out laughing--somehow it seemed hilarious. After two weeks of disasters, this was the topper. I guessed I'd have to go to the store.

While I was laughing and plans for supper were going through my head, I said, "Oh, please God, give me a break." For some reason I looked at the drain and there saw my key come to the top of the standing water, big side up! With two fingers, I reached in to retrieve it. I said, "Thanks, Father!" and finished cooking supper.


L. W.

(Cleveland, OK)

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June 30, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to tell you about something that began two or three weeks ago. I feel it certainly is evidence that God does hear and answer our prayers. A small puppy that my family and I had grown quite attached to suddenly disappeared one morning. My mother was quite upset and grew more anxious each day as almost a week passed.

I prayed earnestly that God would send the dog home again safely, or let us know what had happened to him. Tonight, nearly two weeks after his disappearance, I came home from Spokesman's Club to find him back. It surely was a miracle that my parents were able to locate him!

Had I not known it before, I certainly would know now that when Jesus Christ said that whatsoever we shall ask, believing, it shall be granted us. He surely meant it, and, as in all things, He is keeping His promises.

With much love in Jesus' name,

D. B.

(Plain Dealing, LA)

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May 19,1980

Dear Sirs:

A few months ago I asked that you would include me in your prayers. I had a problem with my husband who too frequently drank too much. Also, I prayed and asked your prayers for my family in general.

I am so happy to say that my husband has made a remarkable change. Although he still has a beer occasionally, he does not get drunk like he used to. There is now so much more harmony and love in my home. I thank God continuously, and I know you must have indeed included me on your prayer list.

In the past, my husband would not listen to Bible discussions. Now we sit and learn together. He is not strong yet and loses patience quickly, but it is a start. Thanks be to God he has made a change for the better.

God bless all of you who give of your precious time for the benefit of humanity.


F. J.

(Friona, TX)

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December 11, 1979

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

When we were first married, my husband allowed me to tithe from his income. This went on for a few years and all of a sudden he didn't want to pay tithes any longer.

This really bothered me, because I didn't feel that I was involved in God's Work the way I was before. I knew God understood my situation, but I still felt awful.

One morning I prayed that God would see my desire to support His Work. I asked Him to touch my husband's heart and to put into his mind willingness to pay tithes, knowing God blesses us for it. Guess what? My husband said he knew that I had been wanting to tithe and he even mentioned that he had noticed how God had blessed us more while we were tithing. I could have jumped for joy!

Thank you for being so loyal and so faithful and so devoted to God. It is wonderful to know God's truth--it is such a blessing and comfort. Keep up the good work!


M. D.

(Shreveport, LA)

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November 10, 1981

Dear Sir,

I had a most wonderful Feast of Tabernacles at Mt. Pocono. We were especially blessed in that we saw the mighty hand of God manifested.

Shortly before your first-day message was to come on the air, we had no picture. The minister in charge asked us to pray for God's intervention. Two minutes later, a man was seen to come and touch the transmission equipment. Immediately, the picture came on.

It must have been an angel sent from God, for the minister asked the person who touched the equipment to raise his hand and no one did. God had answered our prayers.

I personally felt that God's hand was upon you as you spoke at the first and last service. To me the power manifested in you and the words of wisdom you send forth as you speak are a definite proof that you are God's true apostle. Keep up the good work. I am praying for you day by day.

Prayerfully yours,

H. D.

(Chippewa Lake, OH)

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November 28, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

How true it is that God answers our prayers His way and in His own time.

I learned that lesson a few years ago when I was with my nephew. He had lost both kidneys and had to be on a kidney machine three days a week for four to five hours at a time. He was only 18 and did not accept his illness very well, which added to his hardship.

At the time I was with him in the hospital, he was very depressed and feeling sorry for himself. I was trying to show him that the situation was not as bad as he thought it was. What he needed to do was to accept it and trust God to help him.

After about an hour of trying to convince him to trust God, I gave up and turned to God myself. I asked Him to give my nephew a reason for living--to help him develop a talent that would give him something to live for. During the time I was praying, I was thinking about his ability to grow things and wanted God to help him find enjoyment using his green thumb.

I had to learn that God is much wiser than I. He did not do what I was thinking. Instead, he helped my nephew by first having his mother give him one of her kidneys, and then leading him to take interest in photography. This was the kind of work he could do because of his limitations. It's much easier for him to take pictures than to grow things. I would have never thought about photography as a way to give him a purpose in life.

He is now off the kidney machine and training in picture taking so he can someday make a living in that kind of work.

I just thought I would write you about one of the many prayers God answered for me. Every time He answers my prayers, it is different to how I thought He would do it. His ways are always wiser than ours. I have learned to just pray and trust that God will somehow make it all work out for our good.


J. R.

(Galliano, LA)

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