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March 6, 1981

Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus Our Lord,

I am writing this note thanking God for His healing and you for your prayers. I am asking you to continue praying for my health.

One year ago, I was told that I had cancer of the bone and that my bones were deteriorating. I decided not to have an operation but trusted God for my healing. I wrote Mr. Armstrong a letter and received a prayer cloth. I did what was instructed.

At that time, I could not bathe, dress, or even shave myself. Now, one year later since God has touched my body, I can claim a complete healing through Jesus Christ. By His stripes I am healed. Not only can I do the necessary things for myself but can also cut wood, split logs and do mechanical work as well as anything else that comes up.

I want to thank God for His wonderful healing power and the Worldwide Church of God for their prayers.

With God's love to all of you,

J. H.

(Dalton, GA)

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December 6, 1977

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to share some good news about myself. When I came out of the hospital about six months ago, I was told that unless I had an operation, I had only two months to live. I had the worst and fastest-growing type of cancer--lung cancer. I did not want an operation so I asked God to take me in His hands....

I was anointed by the local minister, and the next day I felt much better--so much so that I was able to attend Sabbath services the following day.

Now I feel as if I had never been sick a day in my life. I am strong and have lots of energy. The doctors can't get over it. My family and the people at church are really happy about it for they know how sick I was. I never took any kind of drugs while in the hospital. I give God the credit and praise Him and thank Him all the time for what He has done. I also thank all of God's people for their prayers.

May God bless you with good health.


M. C.

(Cincinnati, OH)

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July 3, 1979

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

For the past two years, I was very sick with cancer and unable to work. Ten months ago, I was given three months to live. The tumor in my stomach was eleven inches in diameter, and my right kidney was crushed. I had lost 45 pounds. But with a change of diet and God's help, I have survived.

Two and a half years ago, when this cancer was first diagnosed, I refused to go into the hospital for treatment. I changed my diet and was doing fine, holding my own until almost a year ago. When I could no longer stand the pain, with coaxing from my family, I was admitted to the hospital.

Because of the tumor's huge size, the only thing the doctors could do was treat it with radiation and chemotherapy. They could not operate. I was anointed by the local minister.

The radiation treatments began. The doctors could not tell me how many treatments I would have to endure. The night before the 19th treatment and then during that treatment, I prayed to God: "Father, you know more about radiation than any doctor could ever know. If it be your will, please help me to get well for I have not learned enough about your ways. I have only been in your Church a very short time. I would like some time to learn more."

When the day came for the 20th treatment, the doctors found after checking me, that the tumor had disappeared. After three x-rays and four ultra-sound tests, they found no tumors, and my right kidney was back to normal as if nothing ever happened!

To date, I have gained back 40 pounds and am no longer under a doctor's care. The cancer is gone. The blood count is okay.


R. W.

(Springfield, MA)

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July 21, 1977

Dear Sir:

My main concern in writing this letter is that it might encourage or inspire someone.

I believe in the healing power of God now more than ever and the experience I am about to describe will explain. I recently had a chalazion (tumor) come up near my eye. I have had several of these before, all removed by surgery from the eyelids of both eyes. I was not looking forward to surgery again. One day while relaxing completely and meditating on God's greatness, I asked Him to help me and heal this tumor from my eye. At the same time, I had a complete feeling of love for God in my heart and soul. I also felt a strong trust, knowing that God knew my problem and would help me.

Immediately, I felt a very light feeling of pain directly on the tumor. It was as if God had gently plucked it out in those few seconds. Looking in the mirror after, I could see the redness and swelling beginning to go away. They disappeared completely in a few days.

I know that God does answer prayer. He can and does heal our wounds. But, could it be that one needs to have love and trust in God in order for Him to heal us?

Yours very sincerely,

S. F.

(Barre, VT)

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June 7, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I had been suffering for the past few years with discomfort and pain in my back, sides, and stomach. However the day after Passover, I was really struck down with severe pain, having to miss the Night to Be Much Observed, as well as the Holy Day services of the Days of Unleavened Bread.

I was anointed by our pastor. The local elder also prayed with me and spent time with me into the late evening comforting me. For a while the pain became unbearable but was alleviated enough in the next few hours to allow me to get some sleep. The next day my wife and I were able to make a planned trip to California. There our son, a minister in God's Church, wanted us to seek medical advice from doctors he knew, who had helped some of the local brethren find answers to their problems and help themselves.

While there, the pain again became so intense that I was rushed to the hospital. After tests and x-rays, the doctors told my family they thought I had cancer of the stomach. That evening, just as the Sabbath began, my son anointed me. Afterwards, being alone in my hospital bed, I prayed. Word had been given to our minister back in Miami requesting that the brethren there pray for me.

The next day, on the Sabbath, I was relaxed, comfortable, and knowing I would be healed, as I no longer had any pain. A few days later the doctors advised us that the biopsies were benign but recommended that part of my stomach be removed because of a very large gastric ulcer which they did not think would heal. We asked them what the chances for healing were, and they said, maybe 10%. I told them that I would take that chance. They consented but recommended that when I got home, I should have careful monitoring by a stomach doctor for six to eight months to see if any healing had occurred.

The doctor in Miami after hearing my story, expressed surprise that I did not have any pain since first being admitted to the hospital. After viewing the original x-rays, he was convinced in his mind that I did have cancer of the stomach. He took new x-rays and tests, and afterwards expressed amazement that all he could find was scar tissue where the ulcer had been.


A. S.

(Miami, FL)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am fourteen years old and will soon be fifteen. Around four months ago my parents wrote to you requesting a prayer cloth for me because I had a thyroid condition. I had a large mass in my throat that kept growing and growing. The doctors told me I could have only three radiology treatments, then an operation would be required.

When my parents requested the prayer cloth, I really was not willing to go along with it. I wouldn't let them use it on me. I had one treatment, the mass disappeared for awhile, then returned. I had another and the mass returned again. I had only one more left and was getting worried. After the last treatment, the mass never left at all.

My parents went against my will one night while I was sleeping and placed the prayer cloth on my head. Right after that my neck slimmed down, and the mass started getting smaller. Now it is completely gone. Since this has happened, I have found pleasure in God.

I have found that He listens when no one else does. He always has time for me along with everyone else. He also can answer many questions and solve problems no one else can. I very often go to my room and just talk to Him, and I know He hears my every word. I also feel more free and open with God. I consider Him the most understanding and very best friend. I know now that I can love and serve God and still have fun. I wish more kids my age and people of all ages (but especially kids my age) could get to know God like I have and become friends with the most important Person in our lives!

A. B.

(girl) (Morgantown, WV)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am writing this letter to tell you of my experiences in the last year, of God's mercy and the many times that He healed me.

I suffered a compound fracture of the left thigh bone. In order to set the bone and keep it in place, it was necessary to insert a metal rod inside the leg from the hip to just above the knee and fasten it at the break with two screws. A severe infection developed as a result of the operation. I stayed at home for three months when I had to return to the hospital for physical care. I had been anointed, and God healed me and stopped the infection just short of reaching the bone. If the infection had reached the bone, I would have been in very serious trouble.

While recovering from the infection, I contracted double pneumonia, and the doctor didn't have much hope for my recovery. Again I was anointed, being almost unconscious at that time. The next day, I was wide awake, and in another day or two, the pneumonia was practically gone. God had healed me again, almost instantly, and saved my life.

About a week before the pneumonia developed, I began vomiting on and off for days at a time. The reason was unknown. The doctor inserted a tube down my nose to continually pump out my stomach. The only nourishment I received was from intravenous feeding. After four weeks of this and many x-rays, the doctor said my stomach was very distended due to a blockage and felt that without an operation I would die. My wife and I chose to trust God and told the doctor we would never agree to surgery. We prayed earnestly for God to heal me and make it possible for me to attend the Feast of Tabernacles.

During this time, I was also healed of a blockage which prevented me from urination. Having diabetes, I was almost put into a diabetic coma on two separate occasions by the doctor. God prevented this from happening by guiding a nurse into my room shortly after I became unconscious....

A week after saying I would die without an operation and two days before the Feast, the doctor had more x-rays taken. They showed my stomach as completely normal. God, in His great mercy, had healed me and saved my life again.

The doctors could not believe what had happened. All they could say was, "unbelievable--fantastic--are you sure this is the same man--the same stomach?" My weight was now down to around 100 pounds. Being 6'4", I was skin and bones and extremely weak. At this point, I wanted to leave the hospital, but the doctors wouldn't let me, saying I was still too sick. So on Thursday, to the great dismay of the doctors, I signed myself out. Friday morning I was on my way to the Feast with much help from friends. During the Feast, the only way that I was able to get around at all was in a wheelchair.

My weight is now up to about 175 pounds and has been for the last two and a half months. I have been able to attend Sabbath services for four months.

This last year has been just unbelievable because of all we have experienced. It certainly has proved to me that God is extremely merciful and generous with us. I am thankful to Him for having called me into His great Work and for the tremendous blessing of being able to call on Him for healing and to know that He will heal according to His promise.

A. R.

(Peekskill, NY)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

As members of God's Church, we received a wonderful blessing recently which we would like to share with others. Our eight-year-old son was miraculously healed.

One evening, he began running a temperature and not feeling well, so in the morning we called the minister for an anointing. After I left for work, his fever shot up and he went into a convulsion. His body became rigid, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he became blue all over from lack of oxygen. Screams of agony convinced us that he was dying. Nothing my wife did seemed to help so she called the fire department.

They were very helpful but, of course, insisted that our son be taken to a hospital. After my wife and I talked on the phone, we decided not to admit him to the hospital but to trust God completely for his healing.

About two hours later, my wife called again, this time saying that our son was dying. He had gone into another convulsion, much worse than the first. Again the fire department came and revived him with oxygen. This time he was rushed to the hospital. I immediately left work to meet them there.

When I arrived, the boy was still unconscious and muttering incoherently because of the high fever. After telling the doctor we would rather no drugs be given, he wondered why we had brought him. We allowed the hospital staff to make blood and urine tests. The tests showed his white blood cell count to be so high, the doctors were convinced he had meningitis and wanted to do a spinal tap. After discussing the procedure, we decided not to submit our son to a spinal tap. With that decision, the doctor left the case and the hospital would no longer assume liability.

After this decision was made, the boy revived, became coherent and seemed almost completely normal, as we left the hospital with him. However, that evening his temperature once again rose to 107 degrees. We set him in a tub of cool water to bring it down and prayed for God to stop any more convulsions. He lay like this five days and six nights losing ten pounds.

The following Sabbath he attended Sabbath services with us thanks to God and the many friends who prayed for his recovery.

We are thankful we know the great living God, who does care. God is our Healer and daily Sustainer.

D. D.

(Oceanside, CA)

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March 1981

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

Last year in June, I had the misfortune to contract hepatitis and became weak and unable to work. I asked our local pastor to anoint me for healing.

About two or three days later, I came down with a flu which turned into pneumonia. I was very ill and called our doctor who diagnosed the pneumonia. The following day, however, he was taken back and very mystified when he called, as both the flu and pneumonia had completely disappeared! Nevertheless, the hepatitis was still there and this turned into cirrhosis of the liver. The specialist, who confirmed the cirrhosis, gave me some pills. They made me feel worse so I decided to leave my fate in God's capable hands.

It was doubtful whether I would be able to make it to the Feast of Tabernacles. Yet I did go and felt really good and thoroughly enjoyed myself. On returning home, I went back to work the first time since June but only for four hours per day.

Thanks to God's healing power and blessings, I am now working full-time again and have been for a month. I am completely healed of the cirrhosis, much to the amazement of my doctor.

C. N.

(Nelson, New Zealand)

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May 25, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am 24 years old and a mother of a five-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy.

Two years ago, I found out that I was walking around with a broken neck. I really have no idea how it ever happened.

Last year, I had surgical fusion on my neck. I put my faith in doctors, not totally in God. After the surgery, I went through a year of misery. The doctor said that the operation had made my condition worse, as it did not heal properly. A second surgery would have been required if my next checkup didn't show improvement.

I started reading the literature on healing and was anointed three days before the checkup. The doctor could not believe the results. My neck was healed! All he could do was stare at the x-rays.

My family and I thank you for your faith and the truth which God has brought to us through you. We pray for your health, wisdom and strength every day to finish the Work God has given you to do.

With love,

L. R.

(West Branch, MI)

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December 15, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

God has just worked a most wonderful miracle in my life! About a month ago, I was suddenly beset with intense stomach pains followed by vomiting and more pain. I could not even stand up. We immediately called for an anointed cloth to be sent. The pains increased, and I was only able to drink ice water. The signs read appendicitis.

I decided to put myself in God's hands and not go to the hospital. It is easy to say that now, but at the time I was often weak and had doubts, especially when my appendix burst and the pain was so great that I was delirious. But our merciful Father strengthened me and gave me faith.

It was two weeks before the pain quit and I was able to sleep at night. A week later I was out of bed. God healed me of a most serious illness that generally causes death when left untreated! This truly is a miracle, but there is much more.

This has been both my most difficult trial and my greatest blessing. God has opened my eyes to so many things! I can never again doubt His mercy and love or question His will. Sure, I knew before that God would take care of our needs, but now I really know. There is so much difference between book knowledge and knowledge pounded home by the experience of trials.

I have always led a very hectic, busy life and was constantly pessimistically worrying. The worry is all but completely gone. The Almighty has increased my faith several fold and helped me to take a look at my life. What a difference there is between putting in an appropriate amount of prayer and Bible study and really being wholeheartedly behind the Work! Working almost full-time and going to college full-time makes it too easy to put many false gods before the true one. I am quiting the worldly college I was attending and will try to really follow Christ's example and draw close to God. It will be a long hard battle, but the rewards are eternal.

During my illness, it was proven to me beyond a doubt that the love of Christ is in the Church. I received several dozen cards and twice as many calls. I deserved nothing, but hundreds of people, whether they knew me or not, knelt down and lifted up their voices to God because I was a sister. These were the prayers that God answered.

R. C.

(East Lansing, MI)

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September 14, 1981

Dear Brethren in Christ:

I have been a church member for almost a year. About two months ago, I had a stroke that paralyzed my complete left side. I was in a veterans' hospital when six days after the stroke, my left arm, leg, and hand began to return to normal. As the stroke had been caused by a blood clot on my brain, the doctors were amazed. I was not in the least surprised but was very thankful.

Later, I found out that on the very day, almost to the hour of my healing, an announcement had been made in church concerning my condition. God answered the prayers of my brethren that same day. I thank each and every one for cards and letters I received. I am also very thankful to our Creator.


J. B.

(Beaverton, AL)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

During the summer of last year, our seven-year-old son had gone swimming in a backyard pool of one of the brethren during a Boys' Club outing. He is not a swimmer and where he jumped into the pool, the water was too deep, plus he was on a downgrade which made it impossible for him to walk out into more shallow water.

As the brethren were observing the boys in the pool, they suddenly realized that our son, with his head barely above the water, had been in this position a little longer than normal.

To try and make a long story short, I was told by one of the brethren that from the time the boy was pulled from the pool to the time he started showing signs of life again, after their frantic efforts to revive him, he had to have been literally dead. His lungs were so full of water that it was almost impossible for the men to get any air into him by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Each time they attempted to get air into his lungs, nothing but water and blood gushed from his nostrils.

I understand that after our son's revival, he passed out again several times--once at the house before the ambulance arrived and then again on the way to the hospital which, according to the ambulance attendants, was almost fatal again.

In short, God in His mercy and ever loving kindness intervened and gave us our son back. He heard and answered the prayers of the brethren who prayed while others worked very hard to try to save his life.

W. W.

(Baltimore, MD)

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May, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Last Friday morning, one of our employees working on the machines in Postal Services had an accident, and his left hand was caught in the machinery. When he withdrew his hand, the fingers were crushed and the little finger was fractured. one of the ministers immediately anointed him, and he was taken to hospital. However, on reaching the hospital the fingers (including the little one) had filled out, the bruising had gone, and all that remained was a small cut on his index finger.

He wrote in a letter afterwards: "I am just writing this note to you, to tell you how thankful I am to a loving and gracious God, who healed my hand which had four fingers crushed in one of the Press's machines. The only way I can describe it is that it was a miracle. God has shown to me that the prayer of faith really does come true. It has increased my faith in God and Jesus Christ by 100%. We hear of many miracles being performed, but when it actually concerns yourself, it means so very much more..."

Reported by:

Mr. Paul Suckling

(Radlett, England)

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September, 1974

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Two years ago our then 15-year-old son was struck by an 86-year-old man travelling between 70-75 miles per hour in his car. While waiting for the ambulance and seeing his blood drain out of his lips, I knew only God could save him. I put him in God's hand as I could see he was dying.

When the ambulance arrived, I rode along. On the radio, I heard the attendant report the case. According to the surgeon on duty, there was no hope for him. His chances for survival were zero. He had a bruised left lung, head fracture and concussion, both legs snapped off above the knees at the growth plate, fractured left hip and pelvic area and ruptured bladder and spleen. The doctor said it looked as if someone had taken a hammer and beat the bones.

He spent seven days in an intensive care unit and the seventh day ate whole food. He was placed in a cast the third week. We then took him home and cared for him. The doctors figured he was healed, but for their own feelings put casts on him.

Two months to the day he was up walking. The doctors said it was just a series of miracles. He has maintained his schooling plus went to the barn to help. He will graduate this coming June and is strong and healthy. We are just so grateful he is alive. I still sit and shake my head whenever I think about this.

K. H.

(Rochester, MN)

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March 6, 1978

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Five days ago, our 12-year-old daughter was sledding down our steep driveway and ran head-on into the tire of our one-ton truck which was parked at the end of the drive. The impact was strong enough to break the welded joint of one of the braces on the front of the sled. She came into the house with a great deal of pain in the kidney area and soon began vomiting and passing blood in the urine.

We called the local minister and asked him to pray for her and to send an anointed cloth. Not long after we all prayed for God to intervene, our daughter quieted down and went to sleep. Several other members had also begun to pray for her about that time.

About 4 a.m. the next morning, the pain and nausea returned much worse than earlier. Again we called an elder to pray for her and discussed taking her to a hospital. Because of the hour and the snow-clogged roads and especially because we were earnestly praying that it would not be necessary, we kept waiting, praying for the pain to pass. We spoke to the elder a few minutes after 6 a.m. and by 7 a.m. the nausea and pain had eased, and she went back to sleep.

About noon, the local elder visited and anointed her, and since that point, her recovery has been dramatic. She has run a slight temperature which peaked the evening of the third day after the accident. Today, it is almost back to normal. She has some stiff, sore muscles but is recovered to the point when it is hard to keep her in bed. The urine is now only faintly discolored.

We are extremely thankful to our loving Father who has been so merciful to us. We just thought it might encourage you to know about this and share our thankfulness and joy.


R. B.

(Newland, NC)

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Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to relate what happened to me and tell you how God healed me.

I was repairing my oldest daughter's car. I had some screws and bolts in a glass jar by me and accidentally broke the jar. I asked my daughter to clean up the mess, which she did, but left the base of the jar there, thinking I might need the screws in it.

While putting on the brake shoe return spring, I slipped and lost my balance. In falling, I put my hand down to stop the fall and cut my right index finger from the middle joint to the bone and on up to the top of the knuckle. The cut severed one of the tendons. It required plastic surgery on the inside and fourteen stitches on the outside.

You know how dirty and greasy one gets while working on a car. I was quite dirty, and the doctors didn't even clean my hand before or after sewing it! I asked one of God's elders to anoint me for three things: complete healing, no infection and that there would be very little pain.

I didn't have much pain. In fact, there was very little at all. When the doctors removed the bandage ten days later, there had been no infection whatsoever. My writing to you is testimony of the healing and complete mending of a tendon.

D. B.

(San Antonio, TX)

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July 3, 1980

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I am writing to tell you of the great miracle that God has performed for us. We hope this letter will encourage others with similar problems.

My husband and I have been married for 17 years but could never have children. We went through many tests but in the end were told that we would never be able to have children. It really hit us hard as we had such hope and have always wanted a family.

However, we knew God's promise that He was our healer. I was anointed three or four years ago and a little later my husband was anointed also. We left it in God's hands. We started taking in foster children and have considered just being able to care for them a blessing.

Recently, I went to the doctor for a general check-up as I have been feeling very tired. To our surprise and total shock I am now five months pregnant! I am feeling great, and we are so happy.

Nothing is impossible for God. We are thankful to be a part of this great Work, to know the truth, and with this blessing on top of that, wow!

Mr. Armstrong, we are totally behind you and pray for your always.

With much Christian love,

F. R.

(Fresno, CA)

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December 12, 1980

Dear Mr.Armstrong,

I wanted to tell you personally of a healing miracle that has occurred in my family. My eldest daughter went into labor to give birth to her first child, my second grandchild. The following morning, I was called to the hospital. The unborn child had expelled its bowels prior to birth, which is a sign of a distressed fetus. The hospital staff placed a monitor on its head to measure the heart beat. They said there was something wrong with the baby, but they couldn't tell what, till it was born.

The boy was limp at birth. His respiratory system failed, and he was put on machines to keep him alive. His head was grossly malformed--his skull from the front hair line to the back of the head, about ear level, was missing. The skin was there but no bone. The doctor felt that part of his brain was undeveloped and scheduled a brain scan for the next morning. He said, "Even if his brain was intact, it would take years for his head to look like a human skull." His jaw was pushed back and sideways, and his nose was flattened to one side.

Things looked bleak indeed, so I called the minister in my church area and requested prayers for the baby... One hour after the request went out, he was removed from the machines as his respiratory system had stabilized.

I went home that evening to rest and when I returned the next morning, the head R.N. said, "Come and see our miracle baby." The boy's head was perfectly formed, the skull intact, his jaw line normal and his little nose straightened out. He was kicking and yelling, telling us he was fine! I told the nurse of the church's prayers and she said, "It could only be an act of God," and she sure believed it!...

My daughter is not in the Church, but God has used this situation to inspire this whole church area. My dearly beloved brethren's faith has increased as a result of this miracle. Loving people that they are, they even gave the baby a shower as he and his mom had little to go home to.

I thank God many times daily for that beautiful little boy and for His people. This Church is so full of love and compassion.


C. G.

(Kennewick, WA)

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November 19, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I want to share a beautiful experience our family has had this last week. Seven months ago we were told that our five-year-old daughter had a 45% hearing loss. This could be repaired by having tubes implanted in her ears and letting the fluid drain out. However, my husband was laid off and his insurance cancelled, so we couldn't afford an operation. Four months later, we were directed to an organization called Crippled Children. We were told it would take two weeks to find out if our daughter qualified for aid. Six weeks passed with no word.

One night our daughter woke me up complaining that her ears hurt. I sat with her for a while, then I knelt down and asked God to heal her ears. I told Him that we couldn't afford an operation and that I knew He could heal her if He wished. I put my hands over my daughter's ears and heard a popping sound in each ear. I had no way of knowing if her ears had been healed.

One week later we received a letter from Crippled Children saying that our daughter qualified. We were to take her to the hospital in two weeks to have her ears retested. She had her ears tested and guess what? She could hear perfect! Not average, but perfect. We were told she could hear better than a normal child her age. The doctors were baffled trying to explain why her ears were all right now. Yet I knew why.

God heard my prayers and the prayers of my friends and family. I love our Father in heaven and His Son, Jesus, more than anything or anyone in this world. I will forever give praise to God for the many blessings He bestows upon us everyday. May God be with you.

With love,

P. S.

(Frankton, IN)

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