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December 11, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Let me tell you how I've been blessed since coming to this area!

It was going on two and a half weeks and I couldn't find a job. I was praying, studying the Bible and fasting. Then I came across your article in the January, 1980 GOOD NEWS entitled, "The Time Has Come For Fasting and Prayer." After reading it, I said to a friend, "Maybe I should fast until I get a job and God answers my prayers." The very next day I went to a local charitable organization which helps people find work or gives them breakfast or a place to go for Thanksgiving.

There were all kinds of people looking for work. A really nice man said he might have a job for me if I had a driver's license. It so happened that I did. It was a minimum wage job right on the other side of town.... I decided to take it. I was told that someone else was supposed to get this job, but I would know if I could have it by ten o'clock that morning.

Finally, I got the job! Then things really started happening!... While washing a car at work, I saw a lady and her daughter who needed help. Their truck had an overheated radiator and a dead battery. I borrowed my boss's truck to charge the battery. The lady thanked me and put five dollars in my hand. I was about to say, "No, thank you," when I remembered that article in The GOOD NEWS, the part where you were in similar circumstances, and took the five dollars gladly. It was enough for bus fare for the rest of the week.

Then that first week, a sweet elderly lady gave me a gift certificate for a turkey for Thanksgiving. Another blessing! There were eight of us and a 25 pound turkey. Later, I found out that a friend mine, whom I met at the Feast of Tabernacles in Spokane, worked within a mile from where I worked and lived close to my home on the other side of town....

And that's not all! This week the owner of the place where I work, while dropping me off where my friend works, commended my work and said that he was going to give me a raise, and a bonus for not being able to attend the dinner they were having for Christmas. (It was on the Sabbath.) He would also help me get my car back from Montana! So he gave me a 50 per hour raise, a $25 bonus and is going to loan me $500 so I can get my car back. He is also giving me an extra day off, if I need it, so I won't have to rush getting back!

God Almighty has blessed me so very much, and I thank Him daily. Being involved in God's Work is the most important thing in my life. Attending the Feast of Tabernacles for the first time brought me out of the spiritual lethargy I was drifting into. I thank you for all your encouragement in the uplifting, to-the-point articles which I find so helpful. I am not a baptized member of God's Church yet but am studying diligently in anticipation of being ready by Passover 1982. I'll be praying for you, Mr. Armstrong, and may God dwell in you always.

In deep outflowing love,

J. K.

(Seattle, WA)

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May 19, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to say that it is a delight to serve God, for His promises of blessings are sure as the rising of the sun. The events in my life are an example of this. Just over a year ago, I was down and out--no job, one eight-year-old suit of clothes, a one-room basement apartment shared with my nephew, no automobile, a diet consisting mostly of soup and crackers and no one to turn to except God. As a result of my prayers, as well as those of the local church brethren, God turned things around. In one year's time, I had a job, several suits, a nice apartment, a small car, and good food.

I was also asked to furnish transportation to and from Sabbath services for a family of four adults and two children. However, with a small car, it was impossible. Then, on one of the Holy Days last year during the Feast (which I was not able to attend), I was taking a short nap, and a young lady came over a slippery hill, ran off the road and hit my small car. The insurance company totalled it and gave me enough money to buy another car--which just happened to be a larger one, with four doors, a six cylinder engine, and economical to drive. I have also been saving my second tithe and will attend this year's Feast!

And there's still more. My mother just sold her house and told me she was going to give each of her children three thousand dollars.

I still make a lot of mistakes, but the thing different in my life now is that I constantly repent of them. I am more aware of my mistakes and pray more, as well as bathe in the spiritual food God gives us through you. I always thank God for you in my prayers and ask that He will give you the strength to fulfill the commission for which you were called....

Sincerely, in Jesus name,

L. W.

(Roanoke, VA)

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December 21, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am writing to let you know just how glad I am that God has called me to be a part of His great final warning to mankind.

With the enclosed offering, I have reached a personal milestone in my ability to support God's Work. I have been paying God's tithes and giving offerings for about ten years, and throughout that time God has always taken care of my needs and provided me with a comfortable standard of living. But this check is greater than all the tithes and offerings I paid in my first two years of tithing combined!

God has always supplied me with an income adequate to provide all the basic necessities as well as few modern conveniences, but last year He increased my earnings by more than forty percent over the previous year. And this year, just after the Feast, I entered my third third tithe year and started a new job in mid-November. I will earn over fifty percent more than I did! So when I say that God has blessed and greatly prospered me, it is no exaggeration.

Although inflation has raised the cost of living, I am making almost three times that of five years ago, and we were far from starving then!

Since God has always provided me and my family with a comfortable standard of living, I have only slightly increased our household budget. We have everything we need and more already, so the rest of the great increase God has blessed me with can go directly into the Work.

I have been very encouraged by the power and growth in all facets of God's Work. And I am elated that God has blessed me so that I can have an even bigger share in supporting the Work financially.


R. S.

(Hanover Park, IL)

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August 21, 1982

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

In your last letter you told us to intensify our prayers. Our minister has since given sermons on prayer, yet it seems harder and harder to pray as Satan does all he can to hinder us--trying to keep us in a discouraged attitude.

It has really been a difficult struggle for us financially for over two years. We came here to find work. My husband worked five months and then broke his wrist. While he was off, the job folded but his ex-boss found him work with another company. Then our car started breaking down. First, a leak in the radiator, then the battery had a dead cell, and then, coming home from Sabbath services, the brakes went out.

But here it is Monday morning and the car is in working order and my husband left for his first day back at work. Though our financial picture is really bad, we have been blessed in many other ways and try to keep our minds on the big picture.

We do thank God for you and pray for you daily realizing the big responsibility you have in trying to get this bunch of hardheaded Israelites headed in the right direction.

Again, thank you so much for the great job you are doing.


A. H.

(Grapevine, TX)

August 27, 1982 Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I know I just wrote you a letter about out financial trial and my husband's broken wrist. Well, now I am writing to tell you of a great financial blessing. We received an unexpected check in the mail from Workman's Compensation. The check was for $4,910.53.

Of course, we are still walking on air and saying, we can't believe it. God truly does bless us beyond our wildest imaginations. We had expected $200 to $400, maybe even $1000, so this was a shock from which we haven't yet recovered.

We haven't really decided how to spend it. We need so much after two years of doing without, but we are sending an offering of $100 and plan to help a couple of friends and pay back some loans we have had to make since coming here. We had no money for the Feast, our car is falling apart and our clothes wearing pretty thin, and here is the money for them all!

Thank you again for giving us the truth of God. We know it all came from God but through you.


A. H.

(Grapevine, TX)

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December 16, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I am so happy to be able to send this money. I received a one-hundred-dollar check in the mail last Monday, which I consider a blessing. I wish I could give more, but it thrills me so much just to have a small part in helping to get the Gospel out. With every dollar I get I'm going to do my part for God's Work, for this gives me great happiness.

God has blessed me so much that words are inadequate to describe it. He has many different ways to bless us. When I give, I am not concerned about getting anything in return. I don't have to. The blessings have come automatically, and at times I'm stymied at their frequency. I praise God's powerful name forever, and give Him the glory for His ministers and you, His apostle, who, at your age, is working ceaselessly to complete the commission given to you.

I could go on and on praising our God for the truth, His Church, etc., but He knows how I feel.

With this letter I also want to express my gratitude for all the articles in the GOOD NEWS and PLAIN TRUTH, as well as the booklets. What a glorious opportunity we have....

In deep Christian love,

M. O.

(Childersburg, AL)

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February 1, 1980

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I don't make much money in my job as a cashier at a gas station, but am grateful for having been shown the way to financial blessings. I took up the challenge to tithe to God's Work back in the summer of 1965. Through the years, I have seen my needs provided and much more. Sometime in 1974, I met a girl in the local church. We were both baptized in the summer of 1975 and married the following week. We now have two beautiful daughters, and another child due in four months. My wife and I look at my income and how far it goes and say, no way. Yet, the impossible is done.

Another beautiful part of being in God's Church is in the area of healing. My family and I have experienced the miracle of healing on numerous occasions. For example, one morning during this last pregnancy, my wife experienced terrific pains before I left for work. I called the minister for an anointing and the second I reached for the phone the pains started to subside. My wife to this day believes that she was losing the baby in a miscarriage.

Another blessing of being a member in God's Church is in the keeping of the Sabbath. Thanks for pointing out which day Jesus kept as the true Sabbath day. We can renew our strength to face the challenge that the six work days present in this world. Truly God's way is for our good.

May God grant you, Mr. Armstrong, the physical and spiritual strength to get His gospel into the world as a witness and to lead this Church into the Kingdom of God.

Sincerely yours,

R. G.

(Birmingham, AL)

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February 17,1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

God has blessed me in so many ways!! I have a darling wife who has a very keen mind in dealing with household matters and money. God has given me two boys (ages 10 and 13) who help me become a better Daddy every day. We have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, money for tithes and bills, fun activities and many, many good friends.

God is also blessing us with increased spiritual knowledge through hearing and reading His Word. We have an awareness that our family is increasingly becoming a part of God's family. We know we have a part to do, and are learning how to fulfill it.

Of course, we thank God for you, Mr. Armstrong, His evangelists, ministers, administrators and all the brethren and co-workers here in the States and worldwide, who are working daily to bring the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world.

Our ministerial assistant has given us sermonettes and sermons on how we can make it into God's Kingdom by giving our lives to God and living God's way--and someday, not only rule with Jesus Christ on earth, but later each having a galaxy to rule.

Hoping and praying that God continues to use you and us, we remain,

sincerely yours,

R. S.

(Houston, TX)

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September, 1981

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I thought I would take a few minutes to write a letter of appreciation for all your efforts in this great Work over the years. I can see some pleasant improvements in my lifestyle. Actually,this is a letter of appreciation to our heavenly Father for all that He's given me down through the years. It seems appropriate, however, to send it to you since God has worked with all of us through you.

This letter is being composed at a very appropriate time. I have just recently marked my tenth anniversary as a baptized member in God's Church. People commemorate all sorts of days in the world. But is there any day that should mean as much as that which marks being begotten into God's family?

During these past ten years, God has blessed me greatly. I haven't been blessed with an abundance of physical, material, or even vocational success--though I have always had enough to get by. But God has richly blessed me with His truth and understanding. He has been very patient with me--taking the time to teach me. I am sure He has had "students" much easier than me to work with, so I certainly appreciate His patience.

Just one example of the help God has given me over the years has been improved Bible study. I remember that when I first came into the Church I enjoyed reading the booklets, magazines, Correspondence Course, and the Bible. But that was essentially it. It was difficult to actually study God's Word. But over the years this has changed. Now I find that I approach Bible study zealously and tenaciously. Sometimes I find it hard to actually pull myself away from the study of God's Word to engage in other activities which I used to think so much of, such as eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

In this regard also, I have enjoyed some tremendous moments when I have come to an understanding of some aspect of God's Word I have been struggling with for many days, weeks, or months.

I mention this example of improved Bible study not to attempt to elevate myself, but to point out one specific way in which God has blessed me. I feel in this area I have gotten a little bit closer to that point you mention so often--where we have less of the world's mentality, and more of God's Spirit working in us.

Yes, I am thankful for these ten years in the Church. Though not easy, and not prosperous in the way that the world sees prosperity, I would not trade them for anyone else's....


T. B.

(Minneapolis, MN)

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