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Bible Study
by Mr Armstrong
Galatians 5 and 6
given 19 July 1980 - played Wales UK 18 Jun 2022
Begins: "...We have completed this is really the second time around. We went through the book of Galatians several months ago and we only had the first two chapters recorded. So this time we're starting again and last Sabbath we recorded the 3rd and 4th chapters ..." Mr Armstrong then spends a half hour explaining how works were used for atonement in the Jewish religion, recapping several verses before dealing with chapters 5 and 6. Towards the end he comments on Laodicea and the 144,000. (11.8 Mb)
“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)