Europeans see Germany's global role on the rise

EUROPE - While Europeans view Germany as in the ascendancy, French and British power is viewed as "in decline," a new survey has revealed. Many worry about long-term prospects and fear Brussels is "out of touch" with citizens. In a survey published late Tuesday by the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all respondents in 10 EU member states said Germany plays a more important role in the world that it did a decade ago. "There is a sense in Europe that while German power is on the rise, French and British power is stagnant or in decline," the center said.

Germany THREATENS UK on Brexit

GERMANY - Germany has demanded Theresa May stop playing games and present “clear and precise proposals” before EU leaders offer her a Brexit delay. Michael Roth, the German European affairs minister, bemoaned the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy ahead of a crunch summit on Thursday, during which she is expected to request an Article 50 extension. Mr Roth insisted the “clock is ticking and time is running out” for the British Government to table proposals as the country heads towards a no-deal Brexit in just 10 days.

How Did the FAA Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?

USA - With virtually every day that has passed since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which killed a hundred and fifty-seven people, more disturbing news has emerged. On Sunday, a spokesperson for Ethiopia’s ministry of transport said that the black box that was recovered from the wreckage of Flight 302 indicated that “clear similarities were noted between Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610,” which crashed last October, killing a hundred and eighty-nine people...

Germany: Our tolerance has limits!

GERMANY - Berlin seems to be losing patience with the US ambassador who didn’t mince his words over German defense spending. A high-ranking MP demanded that the envoy be sent home because he acts “like an occupation commissioner.” Wolfgang Kubicki, vice speaker of the German parliament, called for Richard Grenell to be declared persona non grata immediately, local media reported. The emotive remark wasn’t limited to what Berlin should do in relation to the American ambassador.

Stomach Of Dead Whale Contained 'Nothing But Nonstop Plastic'

PHILIPPINES - Darrell Blatchley received a call from the Philippines' Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources early Friday morning reporting that it had a young Cuvier's beaked whale that was weak and vomiting blood. Within a few hours it was dead. Blatchley, a marine biologist and environmentalist based in the Philippine city of Davao, gathered his team to drive two hours to where the whale had washed up. "It was full of plastic — nothing but nonstop plastic," he said. "It was compact to the point that its stomach was literally as hard as a baseball." "That means that this animal has been suffering not for days or weeks but for months or even a year or more," Blatchley added. He noted that among the 88 pounds of plastic were 16 rice sacks — similar to potato sacks — and plastic bags from local Philippine grocery chains… The Philippines has been deemed one of the world's leading plastic polluters.

Physicist Marcelo Gleiser: 'Science does not kill God'

USA - The annual Templeton Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to "affirming life's spiritual dimension," was awarded Tuesday to Brazilian Marcelo Gleiser - a theoretical physicist dedicated to demonstrating science and religion are not enemies. An agnostic, he doesn't believe in God - but refuses to write off the possibility of God's existence completely. "Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method," Gleiser told AFP. "Atheism is a belief in non-belief. So you categorically deny something you have no evidence against." "Science can give answers to certain questions, up to a point," Gleiser pointed out. "This has been known for a very long time in philosophy, it's called the problem of the first cause: we get stuck," the physicist, a father of five, said. "We should have the humility to accept that there's mystery around us."

Big-Tech Censorship Surge To "Protect Consumers"

USA - In the wake of last week's terror attacks at two New Zealand mosques which left 50 dead, several websites which either reported on the incident, hosted footage of the attacks, or have simply allowed people to engage in uncensored discussion such as Dissenter or Zero Hedge, have been partially or completely blocked in both New Zealand and Australia for the sake of "protecting consumers," according to the CEOs of three New Zealand telcos.   So while the telcos have defended their decision to censor a wide swath of material in order to shield people from dangerous information - and have encouraged social media platforms to commit to European-style information control, Kiwis and Australians will only get to know what the technocracy approves in order to 'protect consumers.' Unless they set aside 15 seconds and use a VPN.

Wars exist to enrich corporations

USA - War Is a Racket is a speech and a 1935 short book, by Smedley D Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient. Based on his career military experience, Butler frankly discusses how business interests commercially benefit, such as war profiteering from warfare.

It contains this summary: “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

The Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted

MEXICO - A lot of us have been watching Mount Popocatepetl for a very long time.  Could it be possible that we are now on the verge of the most destructive volcanic eruption in the modern history of North America?  On Monday night at precisely 9:38 pm, a massive explosion at Mount Popocatepetl sent a column of volcanic ash nearly a mile into the sky.  A “yellow alert warning” has been issued by the authorities, and they are ordering everyone to stay at least 12 kilometers away from the crater.  They are stressing that the threat has not passed... an evacuation plan is in place in case an even larger eruption follows.  And if a much larger eruption does follow, the devastation could be off the charts.  Mexico City is only 43 miles away from Mount Popocatepetl, and approximately 25 million people live within a 60 mile radius of the crater.

Call for an American Debt Jubilee

USA - Many of the most powerful left-wing economic "experts" are calling for a Debt Jubilee by name… London School of Economics Professor David Graeber says: "we are long overdue for some kind of Biblical-style Jubilee... it would relieve so much genuine human suffering." The national affairs correspondent for The Nation says we should: "Think Jubilee, American Style... because it combines a sense of social justice with old-fashioned common sense." Paul Kedrosky, a senior fellow at the Kaufman Foundation (a liberal think tank), says: "we need a fresh start, and we need it now... we need... a Jubilee." Around the world today, the idea of a Jubilee has become the de facto solution for extreme financial problems... when debts can't be repaid. After studying hundreds of years of financial history, I believe America's upcoming Jubilee will strongly resemble the one that took place in our country way back in 1841... But of course, this time around, the Jubilee won't be tens of thousands of people like it was in 1841... it will instead be tens of millions of people, and trillions of dollars.

Cyclone Idai hits Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe

AFRICA - Cyclone Idai has ravaged parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in what the UN says could be the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere. Millions of people were in the direct path of the cyclone, with the port city of Beira in Mozambique bearing the brunt. The death toll in Mozambique is currently 200 but President Filipe Nyusi fears it could be far higher. Some 100,000 people need to be rescued from the port city of Beira, according to Mozambique's government. A UN World Food Programme worker said of the damage in Beira: "There is no power. There is no telecommunications. The streets are littered with fallen electricity lines." The road between Beira and Chimoio has been damaged, leaving aid agencies cut off, unable to deliver supplies.


GERMANY - Brexit is a disaster for Germany which could be forced to exit the euro to save itself from becoming a “cash cow” to the EU, an investment expert has claimed. As the EU’s strongest economy, Germany would become the “cash cow” to the Union, he warned. Writing for DASInvestment, Mr Schmitz said: “The structural deficits of the confederation of states are becoming increasingly apparent and can not be remedied. In addition, there is no political will in the southern European countries for urgently needed economic reforms. The current economic policy debate almost completely overlooks the impact of Brexit on the EU's majorities. Because of it, the former hard currency countries, which include Britain, Germany, the Nordic countries and the Benelux countries, lose their previous blocking minority in the Council of Ministers.”

John Bercow: What does Speaker's ruling mean for Brexit?

UK - The Brexit saga has taken another unexpected twist after Commons Speaker John Bercow said he would not allow another vote on Theresa May's withdrawal deal unless MPs were asked a different question. Explaining his decision, he cited "strong and longstanding" parliamentary precedents dating back to 1604.  

He gave a number of examples where predecessors of his had enforced this convention, the most recent being in 1920.

His dramatic intervention, described as a "bombshell" by many newspapers, came at a crucial moment in the process, with 10 days to go before the UK is scheduled to leave and the prime minister set to ask other European leaders for extra time to address the current deadlock. The timing of Mr Bercow's announcement could not have been more politically explosive.

Hungary opens ‘FIRST EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC MISSIONin Jerusalem for decades

ISRAEL - Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto formally opened a diplomatic trade mission in Jerusalem on Tuesday, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed as “the first European diplomatic mission opened in Jerusalem in many decades.”

Netanyahu, speaking at the inauguration of the office in Jerusalem’s City Tower Building, said three Hungarian diplomats will be appointed to the office for trade purposes, something he said was important “for trade, for diplomacy and for the movement Hungary is leading right now to change the attitude in Europe toward Jerusalem.” The opening of the delegation comes a month after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban pledged to open a trade delegation with “diplomatic status” in Jerusalem. It is the “diplomatic status” that distinguishes the Hungarian delegation from other offices European countries have established in the city.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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