Food Prices Rise To Dangerous Levels

USA - You may have noticed that food prices have started to go up very aggressively. I repeatedly warned my readers that this is precisely what would happen, and more price increases are on the way. Fear of COVID-19 has sparked a tremendous amount of extra demand as Americans have feverishly stocked up their pantries, and at the same time the virus has made it very difficult for the major food companies to keep up.

US, Russia and China Renew Arms Race

GERMANY - Seventy-five years after the dropping of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima, one nuclear non-proliferation [pact] after the other is lapsing. A new arms race is already taking shape between Russia, the United States and China. It’s not very difficult for an industrialized country to build a nuclear bomb. The technology is already available, and it’s astonishing that more countries haven’t done it so far.


USA - Moderna CMO Ditches All His Shares and CEO sell shares as final vaccine trials begin, raising concerns. As Moderna begins a late-stage trial of its coronavirus vaccine, chief medical officer Tal Zaks sold almost all his shares in the company, according to a report filed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, raising concerns about his trust in the vaccine, according to Globes. While Zaks and other Moderna officials have already been cashing out on shares for the past few months, they’ve increased the sales of shares since reports were published on a successful test of the vaccine earlier in July.

China Buying Up American Corn Creating Food Shortage Crisis

CHINA - Unprecedented flooding in communist China’s major food-producing regions is spiking demand for American corn, which is putting immense strain on already limited supplies. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), exporters here in the United States recently sold 1.937 million metric tons of corn to China, which is the third-largest deal for exported grain in our country’s history. The runner-up was another recent sale earlier this season of 1.762 million tons of corn, creating a combined total of 3.699 million tons of American corn that has been exported to China just this summer alone.

Reports indicate that China has been ramping up its import of US corn since March, the same month that a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was declared by the Trump administration. Much of this corn is destined for animal feedlots in China, which started to become bare after China was largely cut off from receiving barley imports from Australia. China is purchasing American corn not only from this season, which ends on August 31, but also from next season.

What is the 'sovereign citizen' movement?

UK - A growing movement of people who believe that laws do not apply to them threatens police and law enforcement around the world, experts and officials say. So-called sovereign citizens believe they are immune from government rules and in some cases - including recently in Australia and the US - have violently confronted police. Coronavirus mitigation measures, including mandatory social distancing and mask wearing, may also be fuelling the anti-government conspiracy and spreading its message to a global minority that view the deadly pandemic as a hoax. The FBI has described the movement, which lacks any organisational structure, as "domestic terrorism" in the US and calls followers "anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or 'sovereign' from the United States".

A Sovereign Citizen revival could spark anarchy

AUSTRALIA - Sovereign Citizens, an obscure and sometimes violent underground movement, is becoming visible again, as draconian laws such as those enacted in Melbourne drive people to rebel against oppressive authorities. As disproportionately repressive laws are introduced under the auspices of the Covid-19 lockdown, some people have reached boiling point. Trapped by social pressure and authoritarian zealots, they’re becoming so-called ‘Sovereign Citizens.’ The subculture has recently spiked, unsurprisingly, in Melbourne, driven by nonsensical laws allowing police to enter anyone’s house without a warrant or permission. That’s on top of the six-week curfew between 8pm and 5am, and a range of other diktats. But Sovereign Citizens have begun to violently challenge cops enforcing these rules. Ten Sovereign Citizens refusing to recognise the police is one thing. What about 1,000? Now imagine 100,000?

81% of Black Americans Want To Increase Police Presence

USA - The majority of black Americans support police maintaining their current presence in their communities, a Gallup poll released Wednesday revealed. The Gallup panel, conducted June 23 – July 6, asked respondents, “Would you rather the police spend more time, the same amount of time or less time as they currently spend in your area?” Despite the narrative touted by proponents of the Black Lives Matter movement, which contends that minority communities desire to see less policing in their communities, 61 percent of black Americans indicated that they want police presence to remain the same. Another 20 percent said they want to see police officers spend “more” time in their communities, and 19 percent said “less.”

Donald Trump Pursues Low Drug Costs

USA - President Donald Trump on Monday asserted at the White House that he would continue pursuing lower prescription drug costs, despite complaints from the pharmaceutical industry. “Big pharma doesn’t mean anything to me other than we want them to do a great job,” Trump said during a press conference. “We want them to get their vaccines.” The president said that drug costs were cheaper in countries like Canada and Germany and that American consumers should enjoy the same prices. “You will see over a period of – fairly short period, drug prices are going to be tumbling down at numbers that nobody would have ever believed possible,” Trump said. Trump noted that pharmaceutical companies and members of Congress were calling him, begging for him to stop the push for reduced prescription drug prices.

The Underground Bunker Business Is Booming

USA - This is a really good time to be selling underground bunkers. The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest in major US cities, and concern about what else may be coming have combined to create a tremendous amount of demand for “survival real estate”. In all my years of writing, I have never seen anything like this. I have been hearing from so many people that suddenly feel a great urgency to prepare for the total collapse of society, and quite a few of them have either recently relocated or plan to do so in the near future. For some, moving entirely out of the country seems like the best option, but for most others the goal is to find a way to survive the coming chaos here in the United States. But whether you have an underground bunker or not, the truth is that challenging times are coming for all of us, and no amount of money is going to change that.

Hands off Gibraltar

UK - Downing Street hit out at Spain this morning amid claims that Madrid lobbied US politicians to back joint-control of Gibraltar. Several current and former members of Congress said they were approached by the Spanish embassy in Washington after backing the British Overseas Territory's sovereignty. The campaign lasted between 2014 and 2019 and involved the suggestion that Gibraltar citizens be given dual Spanish nationality and Madrid would get a say in its political system, the Daily Telegraph reported. Today the Prime minister's official spokesman said: 'The people of Gibraltar have repeatedly and overwhelmingly expressed their wish to remain under British sovereignty and we will respect their wishes. Britain and Spain, Nato allies, have clashed repeatedly in recent years over the tiny enclave at the mouth of the Mediterranean, which was ceded to Britain in 1713 and played a crucial role in the Second World War.

Portland Murders Surge After City Council Disbands Police Unit

USA - The police bureau of Portland, Oregon, did away with their Gun Violence Reduction Team following budget cuts by the city council, and witnessed the highest number of murders in one month than has been seen in over 30 years. Breitbart News reported that there were 15 murders in Portland during July 2020, the most for a single month in over three decades. And the Oregonian reported there were 63 shootings in Portland in July 2020, versus 28 for the same month in 2019. This surge in violence and death correlated with the July 1, 2020 elimination of Portland police bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team, which Chief of Police Chuck Lovell said “the bureau was forced to cut… at the direction of the City Council.” On June 29, 2020, Breitbart News reported more than 110 people had been shot during a nine-day period in NYC. Just over a month later, Breitbart News reported that there had been more shootings in NYC from January 1, 2020, through August 1, 2020, than there had been in all of 2019.

Big Pharma Rakes in Billions from US Taxpayers

USA - Big pharmaceutical corporations are raking in billions from American taxpayers through the United States government deals that are funding research for a vaccine to the Chinese coronavirus. In May, President Donald Trump’s administration created Operation Warp Speed (OWS) to partner with pharmaceutical corporations in researching, developing, and administering a vaccine for the coronavirus at a record pace. As a result, the administration is cutting deals for pharmaceutical corporations that deliver them billions in taxpayer dollars for vaccine research and development. Most recently, the France-based pharmaceutical corporation Sanofi and GSK scored a $2.1 billion federal contract for 100 million doses of a vaccine with potentially the option to buy another 500 million doses. Sanofi profits total nearly $38 billion.

Germany in the High North

GERMANY - Germany seeks to enhance its military cooperation with northern European countries and is therefore engaging itself in the power struggle over the Arctic. Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has held comprehensive consultations with her counterparts in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the run-up to Germany's EU Council Presidency, as reported by the Ministry of Defense. These four northern European countries are planning more extensive military activities in the High North, because the melting of the Arctic ice, due to climate change, will provide access to large deposits of raw materials and open up new maritime routes. Experts assume that the Arctic may have entirely ice-free late summers already by 2030. The rivalry for influence in the Arctic region is thus rapidly intensifying. While China is pursuing its "Polar Silk Road" project, the Pentagon and the US Air Force have published their Arctic strategies. Russia is also involved with its extensive northern coastline.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)