German government plans massive rearmament

GERMANY - As a pretext for the rearmament program, government spokesmen are citing the civil war in Ukraine, which was set in motion by the support of the US and Germany for the fascist-led coup that overthrew the elected pro-Russian government and installed a Western puppet regime last February.

According to Reuters, German defense experts headed by Henning Otte (CDU) and Rainer Arnold (SPD) have complained that, in light of the “current security situation,” the Bundeswehr has an insufficient number of tanks. They call for a significant increase and modernization of the army’s current stock of 190 “Boxer” armoured vehicles and 225 Leopard combat tanks.

Their plans also include the development of a new, third generation of Leopard tanks. They argue that equipping troops with the latest technology as part of the government’s “Soldier of the Future” program should no longer be limited to foreign deployments, but should be introduced across the board. They insist on the development of a new generation of MEADS air defense systems to replace the army’s existing stock of US Patriot missiles. The Defense Department had postponed a decision for next year. According to Reuters, citing an unnamed government official, the green light for the program is to be given next year after a few technical and legal issues have been resolved.

The ostensible rationale for the new MEADS system is the need to replace antiquated equipment. However, comments by Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (Christian Social Union) indicate that other strategic considerations are involved in the development and financing of new air defense technology. According to Bundeswehr Journal, during a visit to the German armaments company MBDA two weeks ago, Seehofer said the army needed German-made weaponry with “systems capabilities.” With its high-tech development programs such as MEADS, Seehofer continued, MBDA demonstrated what was possible and what was necessary for the “sustainable equipping of our army.”

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Just what is an Apostle?

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