Pope to EU: 'You must come together'

VATICAN - The Pope has spoken out about divisions which are threatening to tear the bloc apart as the Brexit battle continues and tensions reach boiling point on the streets of Spain. In a major speech on Europe the leader of the Catholic church called for the bloc to "recover the sense of being a single community" in order to prosper.

Pope Francis spoke at the end of a two-day conference at the Vatican called "Re-Thinking Europe" revealing he has major concerns for the future of the bloc. He spoke out in front of European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, the vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, and religious leaders as Spain imposed direct rule on Catalonia, for declaring independence.

While the pope did not specifically mention the situation in Catalonia, where the region's leaders want to break away from Spain, or Britain's decision to leave the EU, he spoke often of solidarity, teamwork and mutual sacrifice.

He said: "A European Union that, in facing its crises, fails to recover a sense of being a single community that sustains and assists its members - and not just a collection of small interest groups - would miss out not only on one of the greatest challenges of its history, but also on one of the greatest opportunities for its own future.” 

"Particular and nationalist agendas risk thwarting the courageous dreams of the founders of Europe." Francis appeared to warn against the dangers to Europe posed by populist anti-immigrant parties, which are becoming more popular. The first Latin American pope said politics had often gone astray. He said: "Sadly, all too often we see how politics is becoming instead a forum for clashes between opposing forces."

Our comment

The warning went out. The warning still stands.

The message has not changed, as Mr Armstrong comments in the following article:

“I have been proclaiming and writing, ever since 1935, that the final one of the seven eras of the Holy Roman Empire is coming in our generation – a ‘United States of Europe,’ combining ten nations or groups of nations in Europe – with A UNION OF CHURCH AND STATE.” (Plain Truth - 1979-01 - WHAT NOW?)

The “glue” that will hold the 10 nation Europe together will be the Roman Catholic Church.

“For more than 40 years now The PLAIN TRUTH has been proclaiming an outstanding series of Bible prophecies of something due soon to occur in Europe that will change the whole world and shake up the lives of every one of us. Daniel's prophecy in chapter 2 pictures 10 nations in Europe in our time right now, as the 10 toes on the two feet of the great symbolic image. Five of those toes picture five nations in Western Europe and five in Eastern Europe. Then is pictured a great stone, representing Christ at his soon Second Coming, smiting those toes, and coming to rule in the Kingdom of God over all those and all other nations on earth. This is further explained in the 17th chapter of Revelation, depicting those 10 nations of Europe uniting under the Roman Catholic Church.” (Co-Worker Letter – February 25, 1985)

With Europe in political turmoil, the Pope has sent out the warning that “...division is threatening to tear the bloc apart”. Europe needs to “rediscover their traditional identity”. “The bloc needs to recover the sense of being a single community in order to prosper.”

As the situation in Europe deteriorates even further, watch for the Pope taking the lead ...stressing unity... solidarity and pushing to create a United States of Europe!

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Just what is an Apostle?

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The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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