Michael Savage: Pelosi and Democrats Are Saying ‘Whiteness Is a Crime’

USA - Democrats and the broader left have “targeted the white male … for extinction,” said Michael Savage on Thursday’s edition of his eponymous radio show, pointing to Representative Nancy Pelosi’s (Democrat for California) recent use of an anecdote involving her grandson to push racial politics. On Wednesday, Pelosi described her six-year-old white grandson’s birthday wish to have brown skin as “beautiful” during a speech on the House floor:

“”I’m reminded of my own grandson. He is Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American, he is a mix. But he looks more the other [Italian] side of the family, shall we say. And when he had his sixth birthday … he had a very close friend whose name is Antonio, he’s from Guatemala. And he has beautiful tan skin, beautiful brown eyes, and this was a proud day for me, because when my grandson blew out the candles on his cake, they said ‘did you make a wish?’”

“He said ‘yes, he made a wish.’ ‘What is your wish?’ ‘I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.’ So beautiful. So beautiful. The beauty is in the mix. The face of the future for our country is all-American. And that has many versions.”

“What Pelosi is doing has been done in this society for three or four decades,” said Savage. “They targeted the white male a long time ago. They targeted you for extinction, and it starts with very subtle things.”

Savage drew parallels between Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws and contemporary neo-Marxist racial politics pushed by Democrats and leftists targeting whites. “The cancer of hatred of Caucasians [and] white people,” said Savage, is advanced “every day” with narratives of “white privilege.” “Nancy Pelosi runs in circles with the sickest people on the planet, people who hate white people,” said Savage.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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