North Korean Human Rights Abuses Left-Wing Media Seem to Have Forgotten

USA - Members of the left-wing media have fawned over Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong and North Korea’s Winter Olympics delegation this weekend, apparently forgetting the country’s egregious human rights record.

Sending Thousands to State-Run Gulags

Thousands of North Koreans have been sentenced to labor camps, often for “crimes” such as underperforming at work or suspected opposition to the government.

Stalinist Speech and Behavioral Codes

Freedom of speech in North Korea is non-existent. Police routinely detain and send to labor camps anyone believed to have criticized or disrespected the regime in any way, condemning them to “re-education.”

One-Party State 

Kim Jong-un and the Korean Workers’ Party have no political opposition. All North Koreans must worship him and his predecessors.

Public Executions

A gruesome report from the Transnational Justice Working Group detailed the common practice of public executions, which take place everywhere from schoolyards to local marketplaces.

Persecution of Christians and Other Religious Groups

A 2017 report on worldwide Christian persecution notes that across North Korea, Christians have undergone “unspeakable atrocities, including extra-judicial killings, forced labor, torture, persecution, starvation, rape, forced abortion and sexual violence.”

Threatening Nuclear War

Although no shots have yet been fired, North Korea has aggressively pursued a nuclear weapons program with the stated aim of waging war against the US and potentially other regional allies.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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