Counting Down to Donald Trump’s Complete Betrayal of Israel

ISRAEL - President Trump loves to talk tough. He loves to shock and disrupt, and to bully and brag. But bullies, as we know, are not strong; they are weak. When confrontations come, they back away. And to the extent that Trump’s foreign policy has a direction at all, it is to withdraw from overseas commitments and to extricate America from engagement abroad.

Stephen Sestanovich argues correctly, also in The Atlantic, that Trump is not a simple isolationist. He has too big an ego for that. He is not opposed to a measure of activism if the cost is small and if he can make himself appear strong, decisive, and, for example, a terrorist fighter. Nonetheless, while Trump does not have a consistent foreign policy, certain sentiments and instincts dominate his world view - and always have. And the most important of these is resistance to significant American military involvement.

What all this means is that if Iran returns to nuclear enrichment, America will not act militarily. Trump’s view is that trade wars are one thing, but fighting wars are costly, messy, and unpopular. Foreign conflicts are to be avoided, period. And to his own deep reservations must be added his Putin obsession. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, we should remember, values his relationship with Iran and its leaders. That Trump would bomb Iran against Putin’s wishes is unthinkable.

Obviously, no one wants America to go to war. And it would be far better to resolve America’s problems with Iran in peaceful ways. But the point is that Trump pulled out of the Iran deal without having a Plan B, or for that matter, even a Plan A. And if Iran decides to race to nuclear capability, a real possibility, the country that will be most threatened is Israel. Trump, in other words, is not a confronter of tyrants. He is an appeaser of tyrants, intent on unraveling America’s commitments abroad. And Israel is likely to pay the price.

Yadlin and Heistein recognize this possibility, and their proposal is that Israel should be prepared to act alone, with an American "green light." But as they note, it would be essential for Israel to conduct a surgical strike and then find a way to avoid further escalation. The problem, of course, is that it is not at all clear that a surgical strike would be sufficient to knock out Iran’s nuclear capacity; most American experts think it would not. And following an Israeli attack on Iran, escalation of the conflict is not only possible but likely.

Bottom line? If the result of President Trump’s actions is that Iran does not make a deal but opts to obtain the bomb, Israel will be exposed as it has never been before. Netanyahu’s fawning over Trump will have been for naught. Israel will have been betrayed. Netanyahu has always expected that he will be remembered by history for his role in dealing with Iran. He will be. But that role may be different than the one he anticipated.

Our comment

Writing about the end of the age Isaiah warned: “Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh: and they together shall be against Judah.” (Isaiah 9:21)

This seems to indicate that the USA and Britain would be against each other… this looks like it is happening right now as a result of the escalating trade war between the USA and Europe.

What about the USA and Britain being “against Judah”? Will the upcoming “Middle East peace deal” end up causing chaos? If the US withdraws its support for Israel, then it is possible that Israel might have to resort to using its nuclear weapons to defend itself if attacked. This could lead to Europe going down into the Middle East as a peace-keeping force…

Watch this area very carefully! This is where it all happens!

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