Christian doctor refused to call 'a 6ft bearded man' madam

UK - Dr David Mackereth reckons that he has treated more than 120,000 people during more than 20 years as an NHS A&E doctor. As you might expect in a busy ‘Anything and Everything’ department, his patients have come in all shapes and sizes, and from every race and creed. So the quiet and unassuming married father-of-four never imagined he would find himself branded a ‘bigot’ by Piers Morgan on live breakfast TV, as he was last week, and fearing that he would never work as a doctor again. He claimed he was sacked as a benefits assessor by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over his religious beliefs and that he is the victim of discrimination. The doctor alleged that during his two-week training he was asked this hypothetical question in June last year, just four days into the job: ‘If you have a man, 6ft tall with a beard, who says he wants to be addressed as “she” and “Mrs”, would you do that?’ When Dr Mackereth, from Dudley in the West Midlands, said his religious conscience would not let him do so, he claims he was dismissed.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)