Big Warning Signs Biden is the ‘Missing’ President

USA - America is a nation facing crisis. Whether it is the coronavirus pandemic response, the crisis at the nation’s southern border, or brewing conflict in the Middle East, it is in need of strong and steady leadership. During this time of immense national challenges, it appears that leadership is not going to come from the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it appears that Joe Biden is the “missing” president.

1. No Biden Press Briefings in over a month. It looks like the last time Joe Biden gave a ‘press briefing’ was on January 25th.

2. Biden schedule not posted online, White House visitor logs a secret. So, who is making the presidential decisions? Who is Biden meeting with? Who are others in his administration meeting with? It’s a shroud of secrecy that America’s failed press isn’t doing enough to penetrate.

3. Biden calls lids, early to bed, takes weekends. President Joe Biden has called numerous “lids,” or early wraps of the day, even amid crises like the Texas freeze disaster.

4. Kamala Harris takes meetings with Heads of State. The National Pulse noted that Biden was missing from a call with French President Emanuel Macron. Harris also spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

5. No State of the Union Address yet. Meanwhile, an astonishing 31 million people tuned into former President Trump’s CPAC speech on Sunday, and that is just online viewership. The running joke on Twitter is that this was America’s ‘real’ State of the Union address.

6. Biden is an executive order-signing machine. President Biden entered office and immediately issued a record-setting flurry of executive orders, which he signed as if he were a human auto-pen.

7. It took nearly 2 weeks to visit Texas. Despite the Texas governor declaring a disaster on February 12, it took until February 26 for Biden to show up in the state amidst warmer weather.

8. Biden forgets names, mask rules. While on his Texas visit, Biden reminded the world once again that his memory seems to be slipping.

9. Biden loses train of thought in mid-sentence. The awkward moment during his Texas visit wasn’t a one-off for Biden. It appears that his ability to keep his train of thought running is diminishing daily.

10. Biden’s campaign was a predictor of all of this. It is not that Biden’s conspicuous absence is coming out-of-the-blue, either. Neither will be the talk of using the 25th Amendment to remove Joe Biden from office; if and when that day comes.

Trump asked at his CPAC speech on Sunday, “Miss me yet?” Millions of Americans are not only missing Donald Trump as president, they are missing what it’s like to have a president at all.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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