US Drought Update

USA - New satellite images reveal how badly western US reservoirs have been depleted as a result of the mega-drought plaguing much of that region, impacting millions. The European Space Agency's (ESA) Sentinel-2 satellite captured alarming images of the reservoirs stretching from California to Utah and up to Oregon this year, along with shots from 2020 that shows a dramatic decline in water levels. Lake Shasta, California's largest reservoir, is filled only to 42 percent capacity, while Lake Powell sits below 35 percent.

Lake Mead, the reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River in southern Nevada, is at a historic all-time low of just 34.7 percent. Approximately 89 percent of the western US is experiencing drought conditions, with more than half reported to be in 'extreme' and 'exceptional' drought, reported The Weather Channel, and this region is on track for its most severe drought in history.

Although Lake Mead is getting a lot of attention, Lake Powell had more changes amid the mega-drought and much of its riverbed can be seen from space, as it only has received 39.4 percent of its average water inflow since the start of the year. The lake, located along the Colorado River and touching parts of Utah and Arizona, is at just 34.7 percent capacity; water levels were measured Friday at 138 feet below the full mark.

California's largest reservoir, Lake Shasta, recently was observed at 42 percent capacity. Nearly three hours south of Lake Shasta is another reservoir drying up from a lack of rain. Folsom Lake, another getaway destination in California, is only at 35 percent water capacity. Castaic Lake is also drying up and wildfires have already been reported in the area around the body of water that sits outside of Los Angeles.

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