Iran cleric warns U.S. not to pick on Guards - 18/08/2007

A senior Iranian cleric said on Friday that plans by the United States to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist group invited a fight with the Iranian nation which America could not win.

UK pension funds hit by share dip
BBC - 18/08/2007

UK pension funds have lost billions of pounds after stock markets tumbled amid credit crunch fears, reports suggest.

America - The Future? By Doug Casey - 18/08/2007

Looking at the broad picture, it seems like the U.S. government is facing nearly insurmountable odds.

The world's Reserve Currency - For How Long? By Doug Casey - 18/08/2007

The U.S. dollar will eventually reach its intrinsic value; it's simply a question of time.

Summer wash-out brings mosquito plague - 17/08/2007

Britain is experiencing a plague of mosquitoes after a population explosion caused by the summer's heavy rain and recent warm weather, experts revealed yesterday.

Villagers fight off animals in flood-hit S.Asia - 17/08/2007

Flood victims fought off hungry animals and battled waterborne diseases in South Asia on Thursday as unrelenting monsoon rains caused fresh flooding in the region, already battered by weeks of bad weather.

Hurricane Dean poses Major Threat - 17/08/2007

Hurricane Dean strengthened and threatened to become a dangerously powerful storm as it plowed toward the Caribbean and aimed for Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula or the Gulf of Mexico beyond, forecasters said on Thursday.

Israel to give up Temple Mount? - 17/08/2007

Palestinians say no agreement unless Olmert forfeits holiest site in Judaism

Forest fire rages near Athens - 17/08/2007

A huge forest fire has swept across the northern outskirts of Athens, destroying dozens of homes, and covering the city under a blanket of thick black smoke.

Muslim Summer Camps on Temple Mount - 17/08/2007

The Islamic Movement has held several sessions of summer camp for Muslim children on the Temple Mount.

Peru earthquake kills 500 - 17/08/2007

At least 500 people were killed and 1,500 injured when a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Peru and unleashed massive tremors that devastated three towns.

Oil jumps on Texas tropical storm fears - 17/08/2007

Oil prices jumped more than a dollar yesterday as the hurricane season began in earnest, with two tropical storms heading for deep-water oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Heavy losses sweep world markets
BBC - 17/08/2007

The UK's main share index has closed down sharply as concern over the impact of turmoil in the US sub-prime lending market continues to haunt investors.

New Constitutional Treaty - 17/08/2007

Open Europe publishes first comparative text of the new Constitutional Treaty - it's exactly the same length as the original Constitution

Government accused of misleading the public over Britain's UN seat
Mail Telegraph - 17/08/2007

Dr Lee Rotherham has accused the Government of making misleading claims on the impact the EU Constitution will have on Britain's position on the UN Security Council.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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