The Bible Warned Against ‘Fake News’Comment

USA - We tend to think of “fake news” as a new phenomenon, a product of advanced social media technology and our coarse and divided popular culture. But as Ecclesiastes observes (chapter 1, verse 9): “there is nothing new under the sun.” Fake news — the deliberate spread of misinformation to sway public opinion — dates back to the days of the Bible. This week, Jewish congregations worldwide will read the Torah portion of “Shelach” (Numbers 13:1–15:41), which tells the story of Moses and the spies.

Jesuit Scholar: Islamic Extremists Are the True Muslims

EGYPT - Islamic extremists who carry out acts of terror are simply applying what their faith requires of them, according to Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, an Islamic scholar of the Egyptian Greek Melkite rite. In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Father Boulad said that “Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims” and those who carry out violent jihad are true Muslims who are applying exactly what their creed demands.

“A century defined by religion”

EUROPE - Europe is undergoing a seismic shift in its politics which will see the next century defined by conflicting views over the role of religion in public life, the continent’s chief rabbi has said. In an interview with Pinchas Goldschmidt said politicians would find it increasingly difficult to walk the tightrope between their own personal views on faith on policies suited to a secular society. 

March of the thought police

UK - One of the great myths of our age is that we live in a time of unparalleled tolerance, a paradise of liberalism, conscience and free speech. You can think what you like, say what you like and do as you please, and nobody will ever tell you otherwise. That is the theory. The reality, alas, is rather different.

Iran gaining foothold nearing Israeli border

IRAN - Iran is about to complete the first stage of its "annexation" plan, with the third stage ending at Israel's borders, according to intelligence assessments. The first stage includes taking over areas and creating a territorial contiguity from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, to Lebanon. After Lebanon, the Iranians plan to get to Sudan through the sea and take over that country as well. The second stage includes expanding from Tehran through the Indian Ocean to the Gulf nations and then to Saudi Arabia — and take over that area as well. The third and final stage includes expanding from Iran to Iraq and from there to Jordan — all the way to Israel's border. As part of the first stage of the plan, Iranian forces in recent days have been fighting Syrian rebels on the Syria-Iraq border. 

Five Men Own Almost As Much Wealth As Half The World’s Population

USDA - Last year it was 8 men, then down to 6, and now almost 5. While Americans fixate on Trump, the super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth. As of 06/08/17, the world’s richest five men owned over $400 billion in wealth. Thus, on average, each man owns nearly as much as 750 million people. Why Do We Let a Few People Shift Great Portions of the World’s Wealth to Themselves? Most of the super-super-rich are Americans. We the American people created the Internet, developed and funded Artificial Intelligence, and built a massive transportation infrastructure, yet we let just a few individuals take almost all the credit, along with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Top 10 DC Churches Marching with Rainbow Pride

USA - Over a dozen churches in the Washington DC area participated in the 2017 Capital Pride Parade. From Dupont circle to 22nd Street, roads were covered with vibrant rainbow colors in solidarity with LGBTQ+ community. Marching alongside their fellow gay pride warriors were individuals who supposedly proclaim the Gospel.

Cell Phone Radiation Higher than manufacturers claim

FRANCE - Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested the way they are used, next to the body. Manufacturers are not required to test phones in shirt or pants pockets. French government tests on hundreds of cell phones reveal that in 2015, 9 out of 10 phones exceed the manufacturer’s reported radiation test levels when re-tested in positions where the phone is in contact with the body. The government had refused to disclose these test results until the court order.

Fire-safe panels initially chosen for Grenfell Tower Comment

UK - Millionaire builders saved a meagre £6,250 by fitting flammable cladding to Grenfell Tower instead of fireproof panels. A whistleblower said fire-safe panels were initially chosen – but contractors then opted for a cheaper version. In works to make Grenfell more attractive to well-heeled neighbours in Kensington, the cladding was wrapped around the tower – with lethal results. The high-rise went up like a match as the panels’ plastic core burned ferociously. A Daily Mail investigation has established that in the early stages of the refurbishment, a non-plastic type of panel named Proteus was proposed. But in the end, cheaper plastic ones named Reynobond PE were used.

Monsanto’s Glyphosate linked to the death of our oceans and coral reefs

USA - Monsanto’s glyphosate, aka Roundup, is the most heavily used agricultural chemical in history, with some 3.5 billion plus gallons of the herbicide being used in the Unites States alone since its introduction in 1974. Worldwide use of glyphosate is rising fast, in spite of very legitimate concerns that the chemical is causing widespread health problems including liver disease and even cancer in humans.

Amazon buys Whole Foods

USA - Amazon will acquire Whole Foods Market for $42 a share in a deal with a total value of $13.7 billion, according to multiple news reports (including CNBC), creating the world’s largest marketplace for untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides.

Pope Francis is all smiles

VATICAN - Pope Francis was all smiles when German Chancellor Angela Merkel popped to the Vatican to discuss climate change ahead of a G20 summit. Merkel said the pope encouraged her to work to preserve the Paris climate accord despite US President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the agreement at the beginning of the month. She added that Francis shared her aim to 'bring down walls' rather than building them. The pair met for around 40 minutes today. Their talks come ahead of the G20 summit Germany is hosting in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July. Merkel told reporters that she also briefed the pope on Germany's G20 agenda

Peak Economic Delusion Signals Coming Crisis

USA - In my article 'The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched', I discussed the ongoing and highly obvious plan by globalists and international financiers to pull the plug on their fiat support for stock markets and portions of the general economy while blaming the Trump Administration (and the conservative ideal) for the subsequent crash.

There Will Be Blood: Civil War In America

USA - The shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Virginia shouldn’t come as a surprise. From Kathy Griffin posing with Trump’s severed head to a Trump-like Julius Caesar killed in Central Park play, the media has fixated on strife between the two establishment parties. This isn’t an accident. It’s designed to keep Americans distracted and at each other’s throats as the economy slowly implodes and the wars expand with horrific toll.

Threats against GOP and Trump 

USA - The Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill numerous GOP lawmakers did not commit his violent acts in a vacuum.  James Hodgkinson may have pulled the trigger that critically wounded House majority whip Steve Scalise and two others. But the hysterical threats of violence against Republicans and President Trump could not have escaped his notice.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)