Tropical Storm Barry heads to north Florida
Associated Press - 02/06/2007

MIAMI (AP) -- Tropical Storm Barry was headed to north Florida on Saturday and a tropical storm warning remained in effect for a stretch of the state's northwestern coast.

'A ticking nuclear time bomb'
The Scotsman - 02/06/2007

SUSPENDED from the ceiling, they are covered in deadly radioactive material that drops off them in lumps to the wet floor beneath. The 20,000 fuel rods contained in three tanks at the Andreeva Bay storage site once held enough nuclear energy to power Russia's entire submarine fleet.

Banker: China to have more Euros in forex reserve - 01/06/2007

China plans to increase the ratio of Euros in its foreign exchange holdings given the stability in the European Union (EU) economic growth and in the value of the European single currency, central bank vice governor Wu Xiaoling said Thursday in Brussels.

Big Brother's watching: The secret CCTV bunker.
Daily Mail - 01/06/2007

In a bunker beneath the bustling streets of central London, guards monitor a grid of closed-circuit television. The centre, at a secret location, is run by a private company in association with the police and local council.

Food safety fears over plans to feed pigs to chickens
Daily Mail - 01/06/2007

Plans to allow the remains of animals to be reintroduced into farm feed for the first time since the BSE crisis are being drawn up by the EU.

Cardinal 'bullying' over abortion
The Scotsman - 01/06/2007

THE leader of Scotland's Catholics was accused of "hectoring" and "bullying" tactics yesterday after he questioned whether Catholic politicians who supported abortion should receive Holy Communion.

Olmert 'seriously exploring' handing territory to Syria - 01/06/2007

TEL AVIV - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is "very seriously" exploring the possibility of resuming talks with Syria aimed at giving up the Golan Heights, the Israeli media reported yesterday, quoting top diplomatic sources.

Terrorists: Cease-fire talk means U.S. defeat in Iraq - 01/06/2007

TEL AVIV - Washington's announcement of talks with Iraqi militants about a cease-fire arrangement is a "big victory" for the insurgency and demonstrates the U.S. now recognizes the legitimacy of so-called terror groups, Palestinian terrorist leaders told WND

New EU chemical law takes effect
BBC - 01/06/2007

Legislation requiring the safety testing of tens of thousands of chemicals - many in everyday use - has come into effect across the EU.

Madeleine: Police admit they are consulting psychics
Daily mail - 01/06/2007

As missing Madeleine's parents endure the painful four-week milestone since her disappearance, police have admitted they are examining the claims of psychics who believe they know where she is. Detectives said today they had compiled two dossiers of clairvoyants' claims to have had visions of the four-year-old's whereabouts.

Even the Experts Argue Over Global Warming
/ - 01/06/2007

Scientific conferences on the subject of climate change sometimes turn into intellectual free-for-alls, as experts who look at the same data reach opposite conclusions.

NASA's Top Official Questions Global Warming
ABC News - 01/06/2007

NASA administrator Michael Griffin is drawing the ire of his agency's preeminent climate scientists after apparently downplaying the need to combat global warming.

Islam taking root in Turkey's bureaucracy
International Herald Tribune - 31/05/2007

DENIZLI, Turkey: The little red prayer book was handed out in a public primary school here in western Turkey earlier this month. It was small enough to fit in a pocket, but it carried a big message: Pray in the Muslim way. Get others to pray, too.

Al-Qaida Plans Nuclear Attacks on 7 U.S. Cities - 31/05/2007

The newly released book "The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World," (Prometheus Books) paints a frightening picture of al-Qaida's nuclear ambitions.

China and India in 'race to the moon' - 31/05/2007

China and India are both planning to launch moon shots within a year in the latest sign of the two Asian powerhouses' intensifying rivalry and growing technological prowess.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

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