Teenagers risk sex health crisis
BBC - 15/06/2007

UK teenagers are facing a "sexual health crisis" fuelled by alcohol, drugs and risky sexual behaviour, a report warns.

Heavy rain brings transport chaos
BBC - 15/06/2007

Flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency as bad weather sweeps across much of England.

Breaking point in the Middle East?
BBC - 15/06/2007

It was a momentous day for Palestinians. By the evening, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had taken the decision to dismiss the elected Hamas prime minister and to declare a state of emergency.

Cardinal: Amnesty International's Identity Lost
zenit.org - 14/06/2007

The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace is encouraging Catholics to withdraw support from Amnesty International since the groups no longer defends the right to life.

Mother of Eight Planned Suicide Terror Attack in Israel
israelnationalnews.com - 14/06/2007

(IsraelNN.com) Two women from Gaza - a pregnant mother of eight, and her niece, a mother of four - planned a joint two-pronged suicide attack in Tel Aviv and Netanya. They have been arrested.

'The Gaza Strip has fallen'
worldnetdaily.com - 14/06/2007

TEL AVIV - Two years after Israel's unilateral retreat from the Gaza Strip, the territory today fell into the near complete control of the Hamas terror group, which now administers Gaza and its borders with Israel and
Egypt - Hamas creating 'Islamic caliphate' in territory

60 Million Girls Missing in Asia
foxnews.com - 14/06/2007

There is a little-known battle for survival going in some parts of the world. Those at risk are baby girls, and the casualties are in the millions each year. The weapons being used against them are prenatal sex selection, abortion and female infanticide - the systematic killing of girls soon after they are born.

Hamas 'tightening grip' on Gaza
BBC - 14/06/2007

Heavy fighting is continuing between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza strip, with reports Hamas now virtually controls the area.

Vatican urges end to Amnesty aid
BBC - 14/06/2007

The Vatican has urged all Catholics to stop donating money to Amnesty International, accusing the human rights group of promoting abortion.

Dreaming of a world without God
worldnetdaily.com - 14/06/2007

There is a curious void in the modern American left. That void is the empty spot where God should be. The American left - and the Democratic Party, as its political representative - HAS WORKED TIRELESSLY OVER THE COURSE OF DECADES TO CAST GOD FROM THE PUBLIC SQUARE, ALL THE TIME DISCLAIMING THEIR MISSION BY INVOKING "TOLERANCE" FOR ALL BELIEFS.

Shimon Peres becomes Israeli president
worldnetdaily.com - 14/06/2007

TEL AVIV ? Former Prime Minister Shimon Peres - a leading proponent of giving strategic territory to the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon - today became the ninth president of the state of Israel.

Colombia tackles flood emergency
BBC - 14/06/2007

Colombian is sending emergency funds to regions of the country hit by heavy flooding that has left at least 56 people dead in the past few weeks.

Hypocritical Oath: Psychologists and Torture
By Amy Goodman, King Features Syndicate. - 13/06/2007

The tenet of medicine to do no harm applies to psychologists, yet they are increasingly implicated in abusive interrogations at U.S. military detention facilities like Guantanamo.

New U.S. torture tactics revealed
aljazeera.com - 13/06/2007

Instead of scrapping abusive interrogation tactics that are being practiced not only in the CIA's secret overseas prisons but also in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush administration is finalizing new methods that would give even wider latitude for torture techniques.

Researchers bring 1918 flu virus back to life
canada.com - 13/06/2007

Scientists have resurrected the 1918 flu virus in Winnipeg and uncovered evidence of what made the microbe such a relentless killer - it turns the body against itself.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

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