Europe this week.
As indicated. - 13/02/2008

A roundup of political events in the EU this week.

China calls for banning weapons in space - 13/02/2008

Beijing has said it wants positive progress this year on a proposal it has prepared, together with Russia, for a new treaty banning all types of weapons in space.

Anxiety of Queen over sharia law controversy - 13/02/2008

The Queen is distressed by the row over Islamic law which she fears threatens to undermine the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury and damage the Church of England.

Japan is the next sub-prime flashpoint - 13/02/2008

There is still $300bn of bad debt out there, and Japan could be hiding most of it. Just as battered investors had begun to glimpse signs of recovery in America, the next shoe has dropped with an almighty thud in Japan.

US credit crisis escalates as defaults spread - 13/02/2008

Defaults in the US housing market are spreading from sub-prime to the much larger stock of top-grade housing debt, threatening to set off a wave of even bigger losses for banks and investment funds.

Every pupil to be numbered and kept on Government database FOR LIFE - 13/02/2008

The exam results and personal details of every 14-year-old in England are to be put on an electronic database for the rest of their lives.

Venezuela Halts Oil Sales to Exxon Mobil
AP - 13/02/2008

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuela's state oil company said Tuesday that it has stopped selling crude to Exxon Mobil Corp. in response to the U.S. oil company's drive to use the courts to seize billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets.

Australia says sorry to Stolen Generations - 13/02/2008

CANBERRA - Australia apologized on Wednesday for the historic mistreatment of Aborigines, heralding a new era in race relations and moving indigenous people to tears as huge crowds cheered across the nation.

Vatican cardinal defends Jewish conversion prayer
Reuters - 13/02/2008

VATICAN CITY - The top Vatican cardinal in charge of relations with Jews on Thursday denied a new prayer for their conversion was offensive and said Catholics had the right to pray as they wished.

Conservative rabbis "dismayed" over Catholic prayer
Reuters - 13/02/2008

WASHINGTON - An assembly representing Conservative rabbis worldwide expressed dismay on Tuesday over a revised Roman Catholic prayer CALLING FOR THE CONVERSION OF JEWS and voted to ask the Vatican to clarify the text's meaning.

'Jesus' cosmetic row in Singapore
BBC - 13/02/2008

A leading retailer in Singapore has withdrawn a cosmetics range with a Jesus theme after complaints from local Roman Catholics, local media report.

"Because They Hate".
Excerpts from Brigitte Gabriel's speech at the Intelligence Summit in Washington DC - 12/02/2008

The West has been wallowing in a state of ignorance and denial for thirty years as Muslim extremists perpetrated evil against innocent victims in the name of Allah.

Nuncio Fears Destabilization of Balkans - 12/02/2008

BELGRADE, Serbia - As Serbia braces for a declaration of independence from the predominantly ethnic Albanian province of Kosovo, the apostolic nuncio to the Balkan nation expressed hopes that the region doesn't destabilize and become another Middle East.

1968 By Rod Liddle - 12/02/2008

The year 1968 was even more ludicrous and damaging to the country than any other

Thugs throw stones at funeral processions and firemen - 12/02/2008

Drivers and youths are showing no respect for the dead or their grieving families, according to Britain's undertakers. The past decade has seen public attitude towards funerals reach an "all-time low", they claim.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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