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World Tomorrow
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Grace vs License
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Being Mentally Prepared
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News Review - 12 Jul 2024
Revealed Truth

Without it you cannot understand any purpose for human life…
Without it you are left devoid of the knowledge of reality…
With it comes true understanding…

It is…

Revealed Truth

Once we commit to God’s way of life - and obey Him - and we receive His Holy Spirit…

  • We can then grasp the truth about Satan
  • We can grasp the truth about why we are here
  • We can grasp the truth about God’s Holy days
  • We can grasp the truth about REAL life… eternal life
  • We can grasp the truth about the return of Christ…
  • We can grasp the truth about our future in God’s Kingdom
  • We can grasp the truth about the future of mankind – all the way from Adam and Eve to the end of this part of God’s plan – when there will be a new heavens and a new earth.

We are told to “…Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Note the first piece of armour listed: “Stand therefore, having your loins girt about WITH TRUTH…” (Ephesians 6:11, 14)


Jesus Himself gave us this warning: “Take heed that no man deceive you…” (Matthew 24:4). Keep in mind that any deception is likely to be a mixture of truth and error but this passage is specifically talking about religious deception (verse 5).

A “love of the truth” is the key to spotting such deception. Without a love of the truth, a person can, and will be, deceived.

“…And with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because THEY DID NOT RECEIVE THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved.” (II Thessalonians 2:10 NKJV)

Satanic Deception

Let’s look at Satanic deception in action - both in the Church of God, and in the most powerful nation on earth. We will start with the Church - a classic case of deception. Note that the first thing that the Apostle Paul warns of when talking about the Falling Away is deception:

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first…” (II Thessalonians 2:3). But many were deceived, and the Church shattered!

The “Falling Away”

How the world viewed the falling away.

“Joseph Tkach (died 1995), Armstrong’s appointed successor, became head of the Worldwide Church of God following the founder’s death. Tkach began to move the church toward mainstream Christianity, a process that his son and successor, Joseph Tkach, Jr, carried to its logical conclusion.

By the late 1990s the church had dropped all of Armstrong’s unique doctrines, including his British Israelism and his non-Trinitarian theology. After adopting orthodox Christian beliefs, the church was admitted to the National Association of Evangelicals in 1997.(

The Religious World Was Stunned!

Ruth Tucker, an evangelical leader and an early supporter of the changes which occurred in the WCG, wrote in an article in Christianity Today that:

“‘The changes’ — as they are referred to by insiders — are truly historic. ‘Never before in the history of Christianity has there been such a complete move to orthodox Christianity by an unorthodox fringe church’.

Vern Bullough, a secular humanist and senior editor of Free Inquiry, commented on the significance of the changes noting:

‘The shedding of almost every doctrine the Worldwide Church of God once clung to is a story almost without parallel in American religious history’.(

And Now - The Gaslighting Continues

Recently, a long standing minister made the claim that the Church prospered under the leadership of Mr Tkach.

This is gaslighting in action! God’s Church, under Mr Tkach, returned to orthodox Christianity in just 11 short years. (1986-1997)

Here’s How It Happened

Let’s refresh our memories by quoting from an Update entitled "The “Falling Away” published in January 2010.

“Mr Armstrong died in 1986. Then the changes started!


The first major doctrinal change on healing was introduced.


Two of the leading evangelists who had assisted Mr Armstrong get the Church back on track were sent away from Pasadena.


Many of Mr Armstrong’s older booklets were phased out.

It was announced that Ambassador College in Pasadena would be moved to Big Sandy.

Birthday celebrations were allowed.

They said that Luke 21:36 does not refer to watching world events but watching our spiritual growth.

When the Berlin Wall came down, people said it didn’t matter.

The Plain Truth Magazine said nothing of this momentous event.


It was announced that the end of the Sabbath was when it became dark, and not at sunset

The teaching on Passover was changed.

The last real article on Prophecy appeared in the Plain Truth.

Mr Tkach said that ‘he wouldn’t trade the true gospel for a “ten nations/save your skin” gospel’ .

Prophecy continued to be de-emphasised.

‘Mystery of the Ages’ was discontinued, because it contained ‘too many errors’ .

‘The Incredible Human Potential’, ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow’ and ‘Missing Dimension In Sex’ were discontinued.

It was announced that Ambassador College would seek accreditation.

Interracial marriage was allowed.

The ‘Good News’ was cancelled

They said that ‘the Church of God does not have a commission to proclaim that 10 nations are rising in Europe… or that Germany is regaining power’ .

When East and West Germany re-united, people said it didn’t matter.

The Church now believed in the ‘full divinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit’.

They finally removed ‘The United States and Britain in Prophecy’ booklet.


According to a statement by a long standing minister, this was the high point of the work.

Look at the slide into apostasy that had started in 1987 - barely a year after Mr Armstrong died - and by 1991 it was all downhill !

The Church announced that we are ‘born again’ at baptism.

They said that God’s Kingdom is here now in the church.

The 32 lesson Bible Correspondence course was reduced to 5 lessons.

They said that the church no longer believed that it was possible for Christ to sin and His victory was a foregone conclusion.

They said that prophecy had little to do with the Gospel.

They said that God was not a family.

They said that God was not reproducing Himself.

They said that The Mark of the Beast was no longer believed to be Sunday-keeping.

They stated that the church believes in grace by faith alone.


The new ‘ God Is ’ booklet stated that ‘God is NOT a family - God is not reproducing Himself - the Holy Spirit is a DISTINCT ENTITY from the Father and the Son and that God does not have a body’.

They debunked the 7,000 year plan of God.

They said that the teaching in the ‘USA & and Great Britain in Prophecy’ was based on myth, folklore and legend.


Mr Tkach introduced of a series of changes to many of the church’s fundamental doctrines, and had the ministry listen to 27 hours of tapes outlining their heresy.

The teaching on Divorce and Remarriage was dramatically liberalised.

They said that the 7 eras of the Church were no longer to be taught.

They allowed people to wear crosses.

They said that voting was allowed.

Marriage with unbelievers was allowed.

They said that 90% of prophecy was not for our time.

They said that the events of Genesis 1 & 2 were ‘metaphorical’ and happened ‘over millions of years’ .

The church adopted the doctrine of the Trinity.


They killed the ‘Spirit in man’ doctrine.

The ‘World Tomorrow’ telecast was terminated.

Mr Tkach said that there were many true Christians in other Protestant organisations.

They said that the Sabbath was not a sign that identified God’s people.

They started to preach the Protestant heresy of ‘grace by faith alone’ .

They said that we are to ‘follow Christ and not the law’ .

When Mr Tkach gave a sermon on the 17th December, 1994, where he introduced the ‘new understanding’, People said it didn’t matter...


Mr Tkach announced a ‘new’ understanding of the Old and New Covenants.

The United Church of God was formed over the weekend of April 30th–May 2nd..

Mr Tkach announced that it was OK to work on the Sabbath.

Mr Tkach announced that first and second tithe and the Holy Days are all voluntary.

Mr Tkach announced that eating unclean foods is no longer a sin.

Mr Tkach died.

They said that it was alright to keep Christmas.

They changed the name of the Feast of Tabernacles to the Feast of Faith.


When Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute, a cult-busting organization reveals that they played a pivotal role through closed-door meetings with WCG leaders in changing all the previous major doctrines of the WCG, People said it didn’t matter…


When the church was accepted as a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, People said it didn’t matter…

When the name – Church of God – was changed to ‘Grace Communion International’, People said it didn’t matter…

(The Falling Away - January 2010)

When they finally completed the transformation of the Church of God into a mainstream protestant church, some people finally woke up, but for around 50% of the Church, it was too late!

It didn’t matter to them, because THEIR VIEW OF REALITY HAD BEEN TOTALLY CHANGED!

They were victims of satanic Gaslighting!

Those Who Lead You…

“O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (Isaiah 3:12)

The Leadership Was Off-Track

The Apostle Peter warned about these men: “…there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies…” (II Peter 2:1)

Look at Mr Tkach Junior’s record:

“Dr Tkach’s training included attending Ambassador University from 1969 to 1973, where he received a master’s degree in theology. In 1984 he earned a degree in business administration from Western International University in Phoenix, Arizona. In May 2000, he received a PhD in theology from Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California.

He is the Pastor General of Grace Communion International - the new name for those who left the original Church.

He is on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals.

He serves on the American Bible Society’s church council.

For Mission America, he supports and coordinates a Christian network…

He also serves on the doctoral committee of Azusa Pacific University.” (

This Is Satan In Action

The Apostle Paul gave us this warning:

"...and with all unrighteous deception among those who [are perishing] because they DID NOT RECEIVE THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved.

And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (II Thessalonians 2:10-12, NKJV)

Or as the Apostle Peter was inspired to write:

“They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.

And when people escape from the wickedness of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then get tangled up and enslaved by sin again, they are worse off than before.

It would be better if they had never known the way to righteousness than to know it and then reject the command they were given to live a holy life. They prove the truth of this proverb: ‘A dog returns to its vomit’ (Proverbs 26:11). And another says, ‘A washed pig returns to the mud’.(II Peter 2:19-22, NLT)

Mr Armstrong:

“We Need To Realize This TRUTH! Too Many In God’s Church DON’T!”

“In Ephesians 2:2 is a very crucial statement. It is one of the most important in the Bible! It says Satan is ‘…THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR. THE SPIRIT THAT NOW WORKETH IN THE CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE.’

Many of God’s people will read right over the fact that Satan is the PRINCE of the POWER of the air – not really UNDERSTANDING it, and since Satan is now working IN the ‘children of disobedience,’ WE SUPPOSE THAT EXCLUDES US – SO WE NEED HAVE NO CONCERN ABOUT IT!

Once you are converted and become a begotten CHILD OF GOD – once you become a member of GOD’S CHURCH, THAT DOES NOT DISCONNECT YOUR BRAIN AND SPIRIT FROM SATAN’S WAVELENGTH. YOU ARE STILL TUNED IN – if you are willing to yield and LISTEN to Satan.

But LISTEN CAREFULLY! A DECEIVED man does not KNOW he is deceived. He THINKS he is RIGHT. If he KNEW he was deceived, he would not be, would he? Satan is MORE POWERFUL, and, in addition, MORE CUNNING, MORE CLEVER, MORE SUBTILE, THAN ALL OUR MINISTERS PUT TOGETHER!

I say to you ministers! You may feel you have grown so great in the ministry that you are greater than I and so strong you can overpower Satan. THAT’S PRECISELY WHAT SATAN WANTS YOU TO THINK! No, you ministers – directly or indirectly my CHILDREN in the Lord – better teach your flocks what I am teaching them here – what CHRIST teaches them.

THIS CHURCH HAS GOT TO GET BACK ON THE OLD PATHS OF GOD’S TRUTH, from which in some ways it has tended in recent years to stray. There is too much desire to be worldly – to be secular – to be like the churches of SATAN!” (The Good News – August 28, 1978)


Destruction - From the Inside - AT THETOP

Using this same method, Satan knows that he is on to a winner. He can gaslight a whole nation! President Obama promised to “Fundamentally transform America”. Again, the American way of life was attacked - from the inside, at the top. America was being transformed from Capitalism to Socialism! Socialism is marked by governments spending other peoples’ money. During Barack Obama’s presidency, the US total outstanding debt increased by almost $8.34 trillion, the biggest dollar increase of any president.

If people had been given an honest assessment of Mr Obama, things might have worked out differently.

What follows are some quotes from an Update that appeared back in 2009, ‘The Transformation Of America’:

“Because Americans have become ‘ridiculous over political correctness’ here is the end result! The following article was written by Matt Bruce - a 2-time combat wounded US Army Vietnam Veteran. He also is a retired 25 year Fire-Rescue Captain and recipient of the Fire Department’s Highest Award For Heroism, ‘The Medal of Valor’.

‘When [Mr] Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank, (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist. People said it didn’t matter…

When he admittedly, in his book, said he chose Marxist friends and professors in college, People said it didn’t matter…

When he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach black liberation theology, People said it didn’t matter…

When he surrounded himself in the White house with advisors who were pro gun control, pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage, anti-capitalism, anti-free markets, pro government control over everything and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, People said it didn’t matter…

When he aired his views on abortion, homosexuality and a host of other issues, People said it didn’t matter…

When his background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, People said it didn’t matter…

When his first act as President, literally within 5 minutes of taking office, he signed executive order #13489 that sealed his own records, People said it didn’t matter…

When the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, and continues to spend millions in court to keep the material sealed, People said it didn’t matter…

When he stood before the nation and told us that his intentions were to ‘fundamentally transform this nation’ into something else, People said it didn’t matter…

When he travelled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, People said it didn’t matter…

When he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, People said it didn’t matter…

When he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, People said it didn’t matter…

When he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, People said it didn’t matter…

When he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State, people finally woke up, but it was too late…

Any one of these things, in and of themselves does not really matter. But when you add them up one by one you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that our [Mr] Obama is determined to make America over into a Marxist/Socialist society. All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily.

Never before in the history of America have we been confronted with problems so huge that the very existence of our country is in jeopardy. Don’t rely on most television news and what you read in the newspapers for the truth. Search the internet. Yes, there is a lot of bad information, lies and distortions there as well, but you are smart enough to spot the fallacies.

Newspapers are a dying breed. They are currently seeking a bailout from the government. Do you really think they are about to print the truth? [Mr] Obama praises all the television news networks except Fox who he is currently waging an open war against. There must be a reason. He does not call them down on any specifics, and he has failed to refute any facts presented – because it is all true. If they lie, he should call them out on it but he doesn’t. PLEASE, FIND THE TRUTH; IT WILL SET YOU FREE…”

(The Transformation Of America - December 2009)

Original Changeless Truths

Writing in the Good News Magazine in August 1978, Mr Armstrong was focusing on getting the Church back on track:

“THIS CHURCH HAS GOT TO GET BACK ON THE OLD PATHS OF GOD’S TRUTH, from which in some ways it has tended in recent years to stray. There is too much desire to be worldly – to be secular – to be like the churches of SATAN!



(The Good News – August 28, 1978)

Pastor’s Report - 5 Jul 2024
'Peter' Deception

The "Peter" Deception

"And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Matthew 24:4,5)

Unity via Catholic Deception

The need for some kind of unifying force within modern day Europe can be clearly recognised. God's description of "iron and clay" in Daniel chapter two is an exceedingly accurate picture of what we see today among these carnal nations – nations who have fought each other for millennia. There is no common language. There is no common ethnic background. There is no common work ethic. Their cultures and customs vary widely between the member states. Yet such nations are ostensibly to come together, albeit as iron and clay, as an end-time power that is destined to lead the USA and English peoples captive and fight against Jesus Christ on His return. And the key to that fragile cohesion is prophesied to be the Roman Catholic Church and its spiritual leader at that time – who will undoubtedly draw much of his "authority" from earlier medieval claims such as "Unam Sanctam" discussed in the news review of 14th June.

That spiritual leadership is destined to become the real "power behind the throne" within Europe. The Catholic (world-appealing) whore is to ride the Beast (Revelation 17:3) – controlling it, guiding it with her words. And the spirit or breath behind those deceptive words will flow from the father of lies, the prince of the power of the air, the dragon himself – Satan the Devil (Revelation 13:11).

False Claim of Authority

Although we are told that the false prophet is to "deceive them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do" (Revelation 13:14), his words will of necessity also have a certain ring of truth about them if they are to sway the entire European continent with the divine authority he claims. For that to be the case, there is a single passage of scripture that the Catholic Church will rely on – one she has used historically to justify her claims. That scripture is found in Matthew chapter 16...."

  • And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
  • And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:18-19)

Although the apostle Peter was neither given the position of Pope – or Father – nor the position of vicar (or substitute) to Christ, he was indeed given the position of chief apostle under Christ to whom the other apostles were to look for strength against Satan. (Luke 22:31-32) But was he ever in Rome?

This is the crucial aspect that counters the Catholic claim – that all the evidence shows that Peter (the chief apostle) was NOT in Rome as the Catholics maintain, destroying all substance to their idea that he was the first pope. Note the following 10 facts that destroy the Catholic argument:

Galatians 2: Peter was commissioned to go to the circumcision.

  • But contrariwise, when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me, as the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter;
  • (For he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles:)
  • And when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship; that we should go unto the heathen, and they unto the circumcision. (Galatians 2:7-9)

II Timothy 1: Paul was commissioned to go to the gentiles

  • Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. (II Timothy 1:11)

Romans 15: Paul was commissioned to go to Rome

  • Nevertheless, brethren, I have written the more boldly to you on some points, as reminding you, because of the grace that is given to me of God,
  • That I might be the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, ministering the gospel of God, that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:15,16 NKJV)

Romans 15: and II Corinthians 10: Paul never built on another man's foundation

  • Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation:
  • But as it is written, To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand. (Romans 15:20-21)
  • We, however, will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed usa sphere which especially includes you.
  • For we are not overextending ourselves (as though our authority did not extend to you) for it was to you that we came with the gospel of Christ;
  • not boasting of things beyond our measure, that is, in other men’s labours; but having hope, that as your faith is increased, we shall be greatly enlarged by you in our sphere,
  • to preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s sphere of accomplishment. (II Corinthians 10:13-16 NKJV)

Paul greets 27 by name in Romans 16 and does not mention Peter ...

  • Phebe; Priscilla; Aquila; Epaenetus; Mary; Andronicus; Junia; Amplias; Urbane; Stachys; Apelles; Aristobulus’ household; Herodion; the household of Narcissus; Tryphena; Tryphosa; Persis; Rufus and his mother; Asyncritus; Phlegon; Hermas; Patrobas; Hermes and the brethren which are with them; Philologus; Julia; Nereus and his sister; Olympas and all the saints which are with them ...
  • ... but no Peter!!

Acts 28: In 54AD brethren came to meet Paul - but no Peter

  • And from thence we fetched a compass, and came to Rhegium: and after one day the south wind blew, and we came the next day to Puteoli:
  • Where we found brethren, and were desired to tarry with them seven days: and so we went toward Rome.
  • And from thence, when the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii forum, and The three taverns: whom when Paul saw, he thanked God, and took courage. (Acts 28:13-15)

Acts 28: The Jews and others in Rome knew very little of Christianity

  • And it came to pass, that after three days Paul called the chief of the Jews together ...
  • And they said unto him, We neither received letters out of Judaea concerning thee, neither any of the brethren that came shewed or spake any harm of thee.
  • But we desire to hear of thee what thou thinkest: for as concerning this sect, we know that every where it is spoken against.
  • And when they had appointed him a day, there came many to him into his lodging; to whom he expounded and testified the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus, both out of the law of Moses, and out of the prophets, from morning till evening.
  • And some believed the things which were spoken, and some believed not ...
  • And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.
  • And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house, and received all that came in unto him,
  • Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him. (Acts 28:17,21-24,29-31)

In the "prison epistles" - written from Rome - there is no greeting from Peter.

See... Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, II Timothy

II Timothy 4: "All have forsaken me". Could that realistically include Peter?

  • At my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me: I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge. (II Timothy 4:16)

II Tim 4: Only Luke was with him - not Peter.

  • Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me:
  • For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia.
  • Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry. (II Timothy 4:9-11)

However, we also need to keep in mind that there was indeed another Simon Peter who arrived at Rome around 45 AD, near the time the Catholic Church claims, but this was not God's chief apostle at the time, but the exact opposite! Simon Magus took the name "Peter" or "Pater" as the "father" of his gnostic religion and is almost certainly the source of the bones discovered beneath St Peter's Basilica in Rome – attributed to the apostle Peter by Pope Paul in the 1960s and exhibited to the public by Pope Francis in the last decade. It is ironic, but around the same time the pope was "confirming" the authenticity of the relics, God was leading His True Church to a greater breadth of historical understanding about the matter.

I will copy below an article that appeared in the July 1964 Good News that shows some of the historical aspects the Church was led to understand. Just one caution however: The writer of the article is Dr Ernest L Martin - someone who left the Church to form his own group when Mr Armstrong was still alive – less than a decade after writing the article. The historical aspects he brings out remain valid. But where he says at the bottom of the article, "Christ ... told the Apostle Peter and the other Apostles that they were to have the "keys of the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 16:19)" please be aware that he is misquoting the passage – reflecting his own subsequent leanings in this area. Dr Martin rebelled against the role God gave to Mr Herbert Armstrong personally as our chief apostle – and instead elevated his own ideas and scholarship. He therefore conceals the fact that Christ gave this authority to Peter personally as the chief apostle – and not to the other apostles – as Christ repeatedly uses the singular pronoun "thee", not the plural "you" in the passage he cites.

So, please be very careful indeed whenever you read articles written by people other than Mr Herbert Armstrong – even when from the PT or GN. Understand that I reproduce the article below purely for the historical information contained – certainly not as any sanction to Dr Martin.

What is going to come out of the present chaotic Europe is not yet clear. But eventually a power is going to arise "and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is." (Revelation 17:8) Part of the assertion of the spiritual whore who is to ride and control this Beast power will be a claimed succession from the apostle Peter down to the end-time individual. I hope the above ten points – and the article below – give clear evidence from scripture as to what the truth really is.

Transcript - 31 May 2022

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