You ARE Being Watched!

USA - More security cameras per capita in the US than in China: Silicon Valley whistleblower: Americans today seem to be mostly oblivious and unconcerned that they are being watched, listened to, and recorded every day by the Big Tech Globalists.

The birth of the biostate

UK - While each of Beveridge’s “Five Giants” — want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness — remains unslain, one in particular retains the power to cripple entire nations with the stroke of a pen. The past three years have revealed many things, the most disturbing being the extent to which Beveridge’s notion of public health has been perverted. Not only is the NHS falling short of its original aim of providing free and adequate healthcare for all, but, as something meant to liberate human beings from the threat of disease, public health is slowly being transformed into an instrument of social control.

Who Is Killing The Crypto Millionaires?

RUSSIA - Are some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most important pioneers being targeted by someone? We just learned that a 53-year-old cryptocurrency billionaire named Vyacheslav Taran has died, and he is the third big name to suddenly meet his maker in recent weeks. So is this just one giant coincidence, or is there some common denominator that links all three of them? There is so much that we don’t know right now, but it is interesting to note that all three of these deaths have happened at a time when the cryptocurrency community is going through an unprecedented amount of turmoil. The collapse of FTX is threatening the legitimacy of the entire industry, and many that were once crypto millionaires on paper have had their fortunes completely wiped out.

‘Hundreds Of Billions, If Not Trillions Of Dollars Wasted’

USA - Representative James Comer (Republican for Kentucky) promised that the House Oversight Committee would target waste, fraud, and abuse in the new Congress. Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Comer told host Chuck Todd that the Republican-led committee would investigate the hundreds of billions of dollars in COVID-related funding while accusing Democrats of misusing it to focus on left-wing social issues. “We believe that there have been hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars wasted over the past three years – that spans two administrations - in the name of COVID,” Comer continued.

Macron: “We Need A Single Global Order”

THAILAND - French President Emmanuel Macron advocated for a “single global order” in his speech at the Apec summit in Bangkok, where leaders from around the world were present. While considering the possibility for war and the power interests of Russia and China, Macron made the remarks. “We are in a jungle and we have two big elephants becoming more and more nervous,” he said. “If they become very nervous and start a war, it will be a big problem for the rest of the jungle. You need the cooperation of a lot of other animals, tigers, monkeys and so on,” added Macron.

A step too far?

UK - As one of the most anticipated events in the global fashion calendar, the British Fashion Council’s annual awards ceremony in London is a magnet for the biggest names in the industry. But with only a few days left before this year’s glittering red-carpet event at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, a dark and disturbing cloud has been cast over proceedings, a scandal which, no doubt, has left both organisers and well-heeled guests gnawing at their manicured nails.

'The Fedcoin is HERE'

USA - While Americans were preparing for Thanksgiving last Wednesday afternoon, the Federal Reserve moved forward with its "Central Bank Digital Currency" program, and that wasn't the only controversial policy that was rolled out while you weren’t watching. On the radio program, Glenn Beck reviewed the latest financial stories you may have missed over the holiday weekend…

A snapshot of modern Britain

UK - Census shows fewer people in England and Wales describe themselves as white and under HALF are Christian for the first time EVER, while two-thirds of Londoners are from an ethnic minority. England and Wales are becoming less white and Christian, new official data reveals today. The number of people in England and Wales identifying their ethnic group as white has fallen by around 500,000 over a decade, the Office for National Statistics said.

Godless Britain

UK - Some 46.2 per cent of the population of England and Wales described themselves as Christian on the day of the 2021 census, down from 59.3 per cent a decade earlier, the ONS said. This is the first time the proportion has dropped below half. The percentage of people saying they had no religion jumped from around a quarter in 2011 (25.2 per cent) to over a third in 2021 (37.2 per cent). There were increases in the proportion of people describing themselves as Muslim (up from 4.9 per cent to 6.5 per cent) and as Hindu (from 1.5 per cent to 1.7 per cent).

Calls grow to disestablish Church of England

UK - Census results revealing that England is no longer a majority-Christian country have sparked calls for an end to the church’s role in parliament and schools, while Leicester and Birmingham became the first UK cities with “minority majorities”. For the first time in a census, less than half of the population of England and Wales – 27.5 million people – described themselves as “Christian”, 5.5 million fewer than in 2011. It triggered calls for urgent reform of laws requiring Christian teaching and worship in schools and Church of England bishops to sit in the House of Lords.

Daughter 'brainwashed' by college's woke agenda

USA - New York City pharmaceutical heiress Annabella Rockwell is claiming that her mother paid a $300-a-day "deprogrammer" after believing her daughter had been "brainwashed" by attending an all-female elite liberal college that left the young woman "totally indoctrinated" and estranged from the parents who raised her. "I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad," Rockwell, now 29, recently told the New York Post. "I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood. I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and automatically assuming that all White men were sexist. My thoughts were no longer my own."

Over half of Germans oppose boosting military aid for Ukraine

GERMANY - Soaring energy prices driven by sanctions on Russian oil and gas are not even the primary factor behind German reluctance to help Ukraine in the ongoing conflict, according to a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post. Instead, the outlet found that a general aversion to military intervention – which took hold after the country’s defeat in World War II is behind the mood. While the vast majority – 91% – of German respondents expressed sympathy for Ukraine, more than half (54%) said their country was doing either enough (37%) or too much (17%) in terms of military and humanitarian aid, according to the poll.

Disney Christmas Series Shows Children Holding Signs “We Love You Satan”

USA - Disney’s new Christmas series called Santa Clauses is receiving backlash after a scene in the movie depicts children holding signs reading “We Love You Satan”. The Santa Clauses is a new children’s tv series on Disney+ and is a reboot of the film Santa Clauses starring Tim Allen.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)