Britain is the new capital of anti-Israel hate

UK - I have spent recent weeks in Israel, and goodness knows this is a country that has plenty of challenges. But one question I have been asked a lot by an alarmingly wide array of Israelis is: “What happened to Britain?” Generally, I get protective after this question, and reassure people that Britain is still Britain and that our core of decency remains as it always was. But the response is always the same: “But these marches?” Now perhaps they will say “...and the vote?” It amazes most Israelis – as it amazes me – that Britain has seen some of the worst scenes of all the anti-Israel marches across the world. And I say “anti-Israel” for a reason. The first protests in London happened before Israel had even begun its military response to October 7. Rallies were held within hours of the massacres. To most Israelis this is nearly unfeasible.

What other country would see 1,400 of its citizens slaughtered, 240 kidnapped and countless more wounded for life, and not be allowed even a day to mourn? What other country, having suffered a set of atrocities hardly superseded in the whole history of violence wouldn’t get even one day of sympathy?

Only the Jewish state. And everybody in Israel knows as much. Pakistan is currently in the process of forcibly deporting two million Afghans. Nobody cares. Bashar al-Assad is in his twelfth year of killing Muslims in Syria and the world’s cameras turned away long ago. Only Israel, when involved in any military action, or even when it is simply on the receiving end of extreme violence, cannot rely even on the world’s understanding.

And it is in this light that Israel notices the British politicians calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The ignorance of a large number of figures in British political life, from Humza Yousaf to Jess Phillips, can hardly be exaggerated. As it happens, a ceasefire of a kind existed in Gaza. Israel withdrew from Gaza unilaterally, and very painfully, in 2005 – removing every Jew from the strip. They handed over the land and got rockets in return. In my view, Israel can look after itself. Watching the unity of this nation at war assures me of that. But as I watch hooligans clamber over our war memorials and statues and hold our city centres hostage, I wonder whether it isn’t Britain that is the one in real trouble here.

Our comment

Peter Hitchens, writing about the state of the world in the Daily Mail on 10th of this month noted: “...too much passion and rage are loose in the world. Shouting, angry demonstrations fill the streets. The desire for sane compromise seems to have left us.” He concluded by lamenting: “I fear we are now living in a pre-war age…”

Since Covid, the world has descended into chaos. Lawlessness has dramatically increased, and the land IS full of rage. The article above notes: “The first protests in London happened before Israel had even begun its military response to October 7.” Before any response from Israel about the 1,400 people who had been killed and over 200 taken as hostages, anti Israel protests had already begun.

Similar demonstrations are occurring over in the USA. Are we seeing the prophecy in Isaiah 9:21 starting to be fulfilled?

“Ephraim, Manasseh: and they together shall be against Judah.” (Isaiah 9:21)

This Middle East war could well be a game changer. The focus is on Israel – the ‘ground zero’ of end time events!

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Just what is an Apostle?

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