Ukraine War Leaves Chinese Farmers with Fertilizer Shortage

CHINA - The China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association warned on Friday that coronavirus lockdowns could jeopardize the spring corn and soybean planting season by disrupting the supply of fertilizer to farms in northeastern China. Reuters explained that Chinese farmers normally stockpile fertilizer in early April, but controls on the flow of goods and people across the country imposed after the coronavirus outbreaks of the past few months have shuttered factories and interfered with shipments.

Furthermore, the global supply of fertilizer has been disrupted by sanctions imposed against Russia, the world’s largest exporter. Fertilizer chemical prices are spiking by 30 to 40 percent around the world, from the United States to China.

While Chinese state media insisted the situation is under control and adequate supplies of fertilizer will somehow be delivered in time for planting at the end of April, China hedged its bets by purchasing a huge volume of corn from the United States on Monday. Unfortunately, the US Department of Agriculture said last week that American farmers are also planning to reduce their corn planting this spring, although demand is high, because the price of fuel and fertilizer has skyrocketed.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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