Preacher Ordered Not to Post Bible Verses Offending LGBTQ Crowd

USA - A Tennessee street preacher is challenging an Oklahoma court order threatening him with arrest and potential prison time if, over the next five years, he posts Bible verses condemning homosexuality on social media. Rich Penkoski is the leader of Warriors for Christ, an organization of street preachers that, among other things, attempts to combat the LGBTQ agenda. Its home page, for example, displays a map of the United States indicating “all establishments that have had events that target children for grooming.” One of those establishments is, of all things, a church in Oklahoma, and taking note of it is what has Penkoski in hot water.

Penkoski used social media to express his moral and religious concerns about a church that endorses same-sex marriage and a public drag queen performance in front of children. In one of Penkoski’s posts, he shared the church’s public photo of a same-sex wedding involving leaders of an LGBTQ organization and quoted Bible verses describing God’s judgment of sin. In a second post, Penkoski criticized the church’s publicly shared photos of children celebrating Pride Month. In a third post, Penkoski weighed in on a regional effort to ban adult-oriented entertainment in public spaces.

Needless to say, this did not go over well with the LGBTQ activists, who believe they have the right to do as they please without being criticized. They petitioned a Washington County, Oklahoma, court for a restraining order against Penkoski — and succeeded.

“Although there was no evidence that Penkoski ever contacted, spoke to, tagged, or met the public figures leading the LGBTQ group, the trial court — based upon claims that the LGBTQ leaders felt terrorized and harassed by Penkoski’s three social media posts on religious and political issues — imposed a five-year protective order against him,” wrote the Rutherford Institute.

That order requires Penkoski to refrain from any conduct that might cause the LGBTQ leaders to fear for their safety, which presumably includes citing Bible verses they don’t like. Failure to comply could result in Penkoski’s arrest and jailing for up to one year.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

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