Eco-protester unfurls 'Protect our Rivers' banner on BBC's Newsnight

UK - The BBC's Newsnight descended into chaos last night after an eco-protester unfurled a 'protect our rivers' banner before she was cut off by host Victoria Derbyshire. Angela Jones claimed the River Wye is 'on the verge of ecological collapse' after she was handed a microphone as Derbyshire turned the topic towards pollution in the last minutes of the programme. Jones then staged a protest by unfurling a banner - before Derbyshire politely cut her off by saying 'thank you Angela'. Jones was handed the mic before saying: 'Hello, my name is Angela Jones, I live in Monmouthshire. My river is the Wye river and the Usk river.

'I've been swimming in the Wye over 40 years, I have a business on the Wye taking people wild swimming and adventures. And this river is on the verge of ecological collapse. It's the nation's favourite river and through agricultural pollution and sewage hitting our river it's in a diabolical state.

'For the last six years I've been campaigning for this river and the River Usk but all rivers in the UK are in a terrible state. Can I just bring in farming? I'd love to say there are some good farmers out there doing it the right way and protecting our environment.

'But then you've got the intensive poultry units and the big farmers that have got no respect whatsoever for our rivers and our wildlife, and we need to bring attention to that. Water is life. If we haven't got clean water, we have got no life.'

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