Chirac speaks of inequalities leading to riots
Associated Press - 11/11/2005

PARIS, FRANCE - French officials say violence abating, but risk remains.

Half of South Asia quake dead were likely children: UNICEF
AFP - 11/11/2005

MUZAFFARABAD, PAKISTAN - Children likely make up half of the 74,000 people who died in the South Asian quake, the United Nations said on Friday, confirming fears that the disaster had claimed a "lost generation."

Bird flu battle's 3-year cost is put at $1.5 billion
AP - 10/11/2005

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Fighting the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry and preparing for the next human flu pandemic will cost about $1.5 billion over the next three years, experts estimated Wednesday.

Jordan's trust in security shaken
BBC - 10/11/2005

JORDAN - In a region shaken by violence, Jordan has thrived over recent years as a safe haven - not least for Iraqis fleeing the mayhem in their own country.

Torture is a blight on America's image
Gulf News - 10/11/2005

USA - On October 6, Glen Beck, the host of a US syndicated radio show, received a call from a former "intelligence officer" called Mitch, who claimed to have personally tortured foreign detainees by burning their retinas with high-powered Halogen lamps and bursting their eardrums using high-pressure water and air.

China trade surplus grows.
China Daily - 30/10/2005

CHINA - China's trade surplus will probably widen to $90 billion this year from $32 billion in 2004 because of surging exports from the world's biggest maker of mobile phones, clothes and steel, the Ministry of Commerce said.

Geologists visit quake zone to check on possible volcano
Associated Press - 25/10/2005

PAKISTAN - Pakistan's army was flying geologists to an isolated northwestern valley Tuesday to investigate reports of possible volcanic activity after the massive October 8 earthquake that killed about 80,000 people, an official said.

Iran threatens to hold back oil sales
The New Zealand Herald - 20/10/2005

IRAN - Iran, the world's fourth biggest oil producer, may hold back on oil sales if its nuclear programme is referred to the UN Security Council, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said.

Death toll in Pak quake nears 40,000; rain compounds misery
AP - 16/10/2005

BALAKOT, PAKISTAN - The death toll from Pakistan's earthquake rose sharply to nearly 40,000, with the president warning the numbers could jump still higher as relief teams reach more villages in the endless folds of the Himalayan mountains.

Quake death toll soars to 18,000
The Scotsman - 09/10/2005

PAKISTAN - The death toll from a huge earthquake that struck Pakistan, India and Afghanistan has rocketed to 18,000 as rescuers struggle to free victims.

Tropical Storm Stan kills 276 in Central America, Mexico
AFP - 08/10/2005

GUATEMALA - Devastating Tropical Storm Stan has killed at least 278 people in Central America and Mexico after lashing the region for days with relentless rain, authorities said on Friday.

Huge earthquake hits South Asia
MES ONLINE - 08/10/2005

PAKISTAN - A massive earthquake rocked South Asia today, causing devastation across a wide area of Pakistan, northern India and Afghanistan.

Five million face death as famine grips Malawi
The Observer - 02/10/2005

MALAWI - Famine is once again stalking Africa's poorest nations as new figures released on Friday show that the food crisis in Malawi is much worse than anticipated.

El Salvador volcano kills two, thousands flee
Reuters - 02/10/2005

PALO CAMPANA, EL SALVADOR - El Salvador's largest volcano erupted for the first time in a century on Saturday, killing two people and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

Dozens killed, wounded in Bali blasts
Aljazeera - 01/10/2005

BALI, INDONESIA - Three near simultaneous blasts on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, triggered by human bombers, have killed at least 25 people and wounded more than 100, including many foreign tourists.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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