Greed: John Deere rolls out work to Mexico

USA - US workers at John Deere plants have accused the company of acting on “greed” as America’s most famous agricultural equipment company plans to shift more production to Mexico. The company – famous for its green tractors and leaping deer logo – has announced layoffs of several hundred workers over the last several months with more layoffs planned for later this year. “We get wind of more layoffs daily, it seems, and it’s causing uncertainty all over,” said a longtime John Deere worker at the Harvester Works plant in East Moline, Illinois, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. “The only reason for Deere to do this is greed.” They cited the company’s recent profits. John Deere reported a profit of over $10 billion in fiscal year 2023 and its CEO John May received $26.7 million in total compensation.

Walmart store closures are a warning sign of retail apocalypse

USA - Walmarts are closing across the country - and retail experts say the cuts are signals of a bleak future for shoppers. The multi-million dollar corporation has closed nine stores so far this year, which could be a warning sign for other retail giants. Walmart, which operates 5,000 stores in the US, is also reportedly laying off hundreds of corporate employees as the company urges remote workers to come into work. "The blunt truth is that while stores remain a vital part of the retail mix, they are not quite as relevant as they used to be," the expert told the outlet. "Walmart's decision is part of a larger shift that will be played out across all parts of the retail sector over the coming year and beyond."

The green energy ‘transition’ is simply not happening

UK - Few energy analysts enjoy the level of global respect accorded to Vaclav Smil, a distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba and a best-selling author of 47 books. Whenever Smil publishes something new, people in the energy space pay attention. That’s certainly the case with his latest publication, a 48-page report titled “Halfway Between Kyoto and 2050: Net Zero Carbon Is a Highly Unlikely Outcome.” In the report, Smil details efforts to date by global governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and finds them wholly inadequate to achieve the goal of net-zero by 2050.

Want to pay cash? That’ll cost you extra

USA - When Noa Khamallah recently tried to pay cash for popcorn and soda at Yankee Stadium, his almighty dollars struck out. The stadium’s concession stands no longer take cash. An employee directed him to a kiosk that could convert his greenbacks into plastic. Khamallah, 41 years old, fed $200 into the reverse ATM, which subtracted a $3.50 fee and spat out a debit card with a balance of $196.50. Paying for anything in New York is expensive already, said Khamallah, who lives in the city. “If you add on top of that extra fees for being able to pay for food, that’s not right,” he said. Paying with cash used to be a way to get a discount. These days it can often cost an extra $1 to $6 — the sort of transaction fees once limited to swiping a credit card or using an out-of-network ATM.

Outrage as Army regiment ignores D-Day and flies rainbow flag

UK - A Royal Artillery Regiment ignored the 80th anniversary of D-Day yesterday choosing to fly a rainbow flag at its HQ in honour of Pride Month instead. The HQ Battery at 47 Regiment Royal Artillery has chosen to support the gay and transgender community every day in June. The move angered some servicemen and women at the regiment's base at Larkhill in Wiltshire with one saying: "The Army has become so woke it's ridiculous." The flag is being raised every morning at Horne Barracks and features a white, pink and blue triangle for the transgender community and brown and black chevrons representing the "Black, Indigenous and People of Colour" or BIPOC community.

US Military Implodes; Navy Seals Celebrate “Pride” Month

USA - Fox News tells the tale: Official US Navy Special Forces page draws backlash for ringing in Pride month: ‘Navy SEALs have gone woke’: The official Facebook page for the US Navy SEALs and Naval Special Warfare Command was mocked this weekend for marking the start of “pride month.” Backlash to the post surged when it was highlighted on the popular “Libs of TikTok” page on X, formerly known as Twitter. The post had no caption and included a photo with rainbow designs that read, “NSW. Dignity. Service. Respect. Equality. Pride.” Libs of TikTok shared the post to X on Saturday, writing, “The Navy SEALs have gone woke. Our elite special forces. This is terrifying.”

Brutal heatwave cooks US south-west

USA - With the official start of summer still weeks away, a record-setting heatwave is cooking the south-western US, causing dangerous conditions far earlier than normal. More than 34 million people were under heat alerts on Thursday afternoon, as warnings were issued from the southern tip of Texas across Arizona and Nevada, and up through the center of California to the northern part of the state. The brutal conditions are expected to linger through Friday, according to the National Weather Service, as communities across the region brace for days of potentially life-threatening temperatures. Parts of California, the Great Basin and the south-west are forecast to break daily-high temperature records on Thursday and Friday, as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, hit 110F for the first time this year.

Israeli president threatens war on Hezbollah

ISRAEL - As fighting in Gaza continues, a second front looms in the north. The world should not be surprised when Israel responds to “terrorism” from the north, President Isaac Herzog has said, suggesting that West Jerusalem is preparing to escalate the conflict with the Lebanon-based Hezbollah. Herzog brought up Lebanon at Wednesday’s ceremony in Jerusalem, which marked the 57th anniversary of Israel taking control of the entire city during the 1967 conflict with Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Herzog claimed that Israel has been attacked “by Iran’s proxies in Lebanon” on a daily basis and that now was not the time to stand by and allow things to escalate. “This terrorist aggression must be stopped,” he said. Hezbollah official Naim Qassem told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that the group doesn’t consider Israeli threats to be serious. “We have decided not to widen the battle and we do not want an all-out war.

Israel Is Burning

ISRAEL - Large swaths of northern Israel, already rendered uninhabitable by months of Hamas rocket fire, are now ablaze. Nearly 100,000 Israelis who were forced from their homes in October have been living as “displaced persons” for almost eight months. Hezbollah has also succeeded in carrying out a number of ground incursions into Israeli territory in “October 7 style,” though fortunately all civilian communities have been evacuated. After three quarters of a year, the Israeli people are asking: when will we go back home to the north? This week may finally provide our answer: amidst rumors of a June IDF ground operation into Lebanon, Israel has just called up 350,000 reservists: nearly the entire reserve corps. Yet this war will be unlike anything we’re used to.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has always been a battle of hope versus hate

MIDDLE EAST - A journey back in time to February 18, 1947, when there was no occupation, no settlements, no Nakba, no refugees. Simply put, there was no Israel. On that day, Ernest Bevin, the UK foreign minister, stood up in Parliament to explain why the British government had succeeded in creating Arab states in Iraq and Jordan but failed to find a solution in Palestine that was acceptable to Arabs and Jews. Bevin told the House of Commons that His Majesty's government had been thwarted because the conflict in the land was "irreconcilable".

UN chief sounds nuclear war alarm

UNITED NATIONS - Technological advances and escalating geopolitical tensions are imperiling the global population with the highest risk of a nuclear conflict since the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned. “Humanity is on a knife’s edge,” Guterres said in a recorded speech presented on Friday at the annual Arms Control Association meeting in Washington. “The risk of a nuclear weapon being used has reached heights not seen since the Cold War.”

$517,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hit US Banking System

USA - Unrealized losses in the US banking system are once again on the rise, according to new numbers from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In its Quarterly Banking Profile report, the FDIC says banks are now saddled with more than half a trillion dollars in paper losses on their balance sheets, due largely to exposure to the residential real estate market. Unrealized losses represent the difference between the price banks paid for securities and the current market value of those assets. Although banks can hold securities until they mature without marking them to market on their balance sheets, unrealized losses can become an extreme liability when banks need liquidity. “The number of banks on the Problem Bank List, those with a CAMELS composite rating of ‘4’ or ‘5’ increased from 52 in fourth quarter 2023 to 63 in first quarter 2024."

Zombies: Ranks of world’s most debt-hobbled companies are soaring

USA - They are called zombies, companies so laden with debt that they are just stumbling by on the brink of survival, barely able to pay even the interest on their loans and often just a bad business hit away from dying off for good. An Associated Press analysis found their numbers have soared to nearly 7,000 publicly traded companies around the world — 2,000 in the United States alone — whiplashed by years of piling up cheap debt followed by stubborn inflation that has pushed borrowing costs to decade highs. And now many of these mostly small and mid-sized walking wounded could soon be facing their day of reckoning, with due dates looming on hundreds of billions of dollars of loans they may not be able to pay back.

Is Fast Food Affordable Anymore?

USA - From 2014 to 2024, average menu prices have risen between 39% and 100% — all increases that outpace inflation during the given time period (31%). McDonald’s menu prices have doubled (100% increase) since 2014 across popular items — the highest of any chain we analyzed. Popeyes follows McDonald’s with an 86% increase, and Taco Bell is third at +81%. Menu prices at Subway and Starbucks have risen by “just” 39% since 2014 — the lowest among chains we studied. These are also the only restaurants where prices have risen by less than 50%. The restaurants we evaluated raised prices by 60% on average between 2014 and 2024. That means they’ve raised prices at a rate nearly double the national rate of inflation. Five different restaurants — McDonald’s, Popeyes, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Jimmy John’s — raised their prices at more than double the actual inflation rate. McDonald’s raised prices so much that their average menu prices increased more than three times the national rate of inflation.

Germany Approves Plan for War

GERMANY - The German government has finalized new plans for a potential war, including reinstatement of compulsory military service and deployment of NATO troops on its eastern flank, citing rising concerns over perceived threats from Russia. The country’s new defense framework was approved by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet on Wednesday, replacing guidelines that dated back to 1989. “As a result of Russian aggression, we have a completely changed security situation in Europe,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said in a statement.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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Listen to Me, You who know righteousness, You people in whose heart is My Law: …I have put My words in your mouth, I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, and say to Zion, “you are My people” (Isaiah 51:7,16)