Russia threatens to cut gas to Georgia
AP - 21/12/2006

Russia's state-controlled natural gas monopoly threatened to cut off supplies to Georgia if it does not agree to a 125 percent increase in the price of gas imports, a company official said Wednesday

Ahmadinejad: Israel would be "wiped out" - 21/12/2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday Israel would one day be "wiped out" at the end of a conference which "cast doubt on the Holocaust."

Venezuela, Oil Producers Buy More Euros as Dollar, Oil Slump - 18/12/2006

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is directing a growing share of the country's oil profits into euros as the dollar and crude prices fall. The dollar, down 9.4 percent against the euro this year, may face more pressure in 2007 because Venezuela and oil producers from the United Arab Emirates to Indonesia plan to funnel more money into the single European currency.

Iran to replace dollar with euro - 18/12/2006

The Iranian central bank is to convert the state's foreign dollar assets into euros and use the euro for foreign transactions.

US church splits over sexuality
BBC - 18/12/2006

Two church congregations in the US have voted to break away from the Episcopal Church because of its decision three years ago to consecrate a gay bishop.

Real U.S. Budget shortfall: $4.6 trillion in red - 18/12/2006

The real 2006 federal budget deficit was $4.6 trillion, not a previously reported $248.2 billion, according to the 2006 Financial Report of the United States Government as released by the Treasury Department Friday. Taxing 100% of all wages, salaries, corporate profits would not eliminate a deficit of this magnitude!

Where Holocaust denial is welcomed
BBC - 16/12/2006

Iran has been severely criticised for hosting a conference questioning the Holocaust. Delegates included not only some of the world's best-known Holocaust deniers, but also white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Japan alters pacifist stance - 16/12/2006

Japan's government has moved to alter the country's pacifist stance, requiring schools to teach patriotism and upgrading the defence agency to a full ministry for the first time since World War II.

Interreligious Leaders Urge Bush Toward Peace - 15/12/2006

An interreligious initiative promoting peace has asked President George Bush and the newly elected Congress to make Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace a top priority of U.S. foreign policy.

Iran: Israel 'will end like USSR'
BBC - 13/12/2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told a conference in Tehran questioning the Holocaust that Israel's days are numbered. "Just as the USSR disappeared, soon the Zionist regime will disappear," he said to the applause of the participants. The two-day conference provoked widespread international outrage. German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the forum and British Prime Minister Tony Blair called it "shocking beyond belief".

London stock trader urges move to 'amero' - 12/12/2006

In an interview with CNBC, a vice president for a prominent London investment firm yesterday urged a move away from the dollar to the "amero," a coming North American currency, he said, that "will have a big impact on everybody's life, in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico." Steve Previs, a vice president at Jefferies International Ltd., explained the Amero "is the proposed new currency for the North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico."

The aim, he said, according to a transcript provided by CNBC to WND, is to make a "borderless community, much like the European Union, with the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso being replaced by the amero."

Why are Jews at the 'Holocaust denial' conference?
BBC - 12/12/2006

Why are Jews attending a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran at which star guests include deniers of the genocide? Clue: they also want an end to the Israeli state. A handful of Orthodox Jews have attended Iran's controversial conference questioning the Nazi genocide of the Jews - not because they deny the Holocaust but because they object to using it as justification for the existence of Israel.

Ombudsman calls for boost in EU German usage - 12/12/2006

The European Ombudsman has turned to MEPs in Brussels to seek support for a request that German be considered as a language choice on EU presidency websites, while accusing EU member states of "maladministration" for dismissing such a request.

What next for Palestinians after killings?
Reuters - 12/12/2006

Palestinians have been shocked by the drive-by shooting of the boys, aged between 6 and 9, outside their school on Monday. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, the first time children have been targeted in such a way. One senior official from Abbas's Fatah faction blamed people very close to Hamas, the governing Islamist movement. Hamas has angrily denied the accusations and denounced the shooting. The killings come as tensions between Fatah and Hamas reach breaking point over failed efforts to form a unity government.

Why the Dead Sea is dying
BBC - 12/12/2006

From dust it came, and to dust it is returning. In what used to be a busy Israeli campsite, the road ends with a jagged scar of tarmac, disappearing into a 20ft crater. Cracks tear the earth and new holes appear underfoot without warning, dragging an abandoned hotel into the crumbling soil.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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