The Dark Side of Vaccines By David Kupelian - 12/06/2007

It wasn't until right after the little girl had received her third and final pertussis shot that all hell broke loose. One of five children in a Christian homeschooling family I know well, the child suffered an extreme and life-altering reaction to the common childhood vaccine.

Tick disease warning to doctors
BBC - 12/06/2007

Doctors have been warned to look out for a tick disease which is thought to be on the increase in Britain.

Milk price soars as drought hits dairy industry - 11/06/2007

The price of milk is soaring worldwide as a drought-stricken dairy industry struggles to meet surging demand for milk products in China and the Middle East.

Brown faces EU backlash two days into reign - 11/06/2007

GORDON Brown's premiership could begin with an explosive row over a European treaty set to be agreed by Tony Blair next week.

Rabbis: Peres 'existential danger' to Jewish state - 11/06/2007

JERUSALEM - A group of hundreds of prominent Israeli rabbis today urged Knesset members here against electing former prime minister Shimon Peres for president, calling Peres an "existential threat" to the Jewish state.

Drought reduces grain output
Xinhua - 10/06/2007

TAIYUAN, June 10 -- Drought is affecting 26.7 million hectares of farmland and reducing China's grain output by around 30 million tons each year, a senior agricultural official said.

Australia storm death toll rises
BBC - 10/06/2007

At least nine people have been killed by heavy storms that are continuing to lash eastern Australia, officials say. Gale-force winds and rising flood waters have forced the evacuation of thousands of people in New South Wales.

Half of China on flood alert, 23 dead
Xinhua - 10/06/2007

Millions of people are suffering and at least 23 have been reported dead as violent rainstorms plague nearly half of the provinces in China.

Blair 'may become a Catholic deacon'
Daily Mail - 10/06/2007

Tony Blair has discussed becoming a Roman Catholic deacon when he quits office. The revelation comes as he prepares to meet the Pope amid speculation that he will use the audience in the Vatican to announce his conversion.

China destroys U.S. imports on safety grounds
International Herald Tribune - 09/06/2007

BEIJING: Raisins and health supplements imported from the United States failed to meet Chinese safety standards and have been returned or destroyed, the country's food safety agency said Friday.

Olmert offers Golan Heights to Syria - 09/06/2007

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered Syria the Golan Heights if the Damascus regime cuts its ties with Iran and ends support for Palestinian terror groups, the Israeli media reported today.

Bush in Italy for talks with Pope
BBC - 09/06/2007

US President George W Bush has arrived in Rome, for talks with Italian leaders and his first meeting with the Pope.

US scientists discover new, potentially deadly bacteria - 08/06/2007

In a dramatic case of microbial sleuthing, US scientists said they have discovered a new, potentially deadly strain of bacteria previously unknown to medicine.

London Cops Check Fuel Tankers for Bombs - 07/06/2007

LONDON -- Gasoline tankers and chemical trucks entering London are being stopped at roadblocks to check for bombs, police revealed Wednesday, but officers said the operation is not in response to any indication of a specific plot.

Robot teddy bear is new US weapon - 07/06/2007

A robot could soon be a soldier's best friend on the battlefield under a proposal being developed by the Pentagon.

“Just what is an APOSTLE?”
Just what is an Apostle?

Today we find the Church of God in a “wilderness of religious confusion!”

The confusion is not merely around the Church – within the religions of the world outside – but WITHIN the very heart of The True Church itself!

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