Middle East Atomic Programs 'Apocalyptic'
The Jerusalem Post - 11/11/2007

Egyptian and Saudi Arabian intentions to begin or revive their nuclear programs in the face of Iran's continued race toward nuclear power present an "apocalyptic scenario" for Israel as well as for the rest of the world, Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman told The Jerusalem Post.

Gloom envelops world markets
ft.com - 11/11/2007

Stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic concluded their worst week in months on Friday as deepening economic gloom raised expectations that the US Federal Reserve would be forced to cut rates again in the face of mounting credit losses.

Philippines to resume peace talks after breakthrough
Reuters - 11/11/2007

The Philippines will resume official talks with the country's largest Muslim rebel group next week after agreeing to compromise on the size and wealth of a proposed homeland, the government said on Friday.

WEST AFRICA: High prices of food imports may leave people hungry.
Reuters - 11/11/2007

Food monitors are concerned that people in West African countries who rely on international imports of wheat and rice are going to struggle to buy enough to eat this year due to high commodity prices.

Yellowstone Volcano Rising
Reuters - 11/11/2007

A big blob of molten rock appears to be pushing up remnants of an ancient volcano in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, scientists reported on Friday.

Food price protests
reuters.com - 11/11/2007

NOUAKCHOTT - Violent protests against food price increases in Mauritania spread on Friday to the capital Nouakchott, where police fired tear gas to disperse about 1,000 stone-throwing demonstrators, witnesses said.

Next Wave of Market Crisis?
Reuters By Mike Dolan - Analysis - 11/11/2007

Just as renewed waves of forced asset sales and bank write-downs risk turning this year's credit market turmoil into a vicious circle, the Japanese yen looks set to deliver ANOTHER SHOCK TO GLOBAL MARKETS.

The new "Armageddonites"
fpif.org - 09/11/2007

Millions of Americans, the richest people in history, have a death wish. They are the new "Armageddonites," fundamentalist evangelicals who have moved from forecasting Armageddon to actually trying to bring it about.

Al Gore's Oscar Award Should be Rescinded.
Press Release: New Zealand Centre For Political Debate - 09/11/2007

Dr Muriel Newman, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, has written to the President of the Academy Awards, requesting that the Oscar presented to Al Gore for the Best Documentary film, 'An Inconvenient Truth', be rescinded.

'Definitely Some Inaccuracies' in Gore Film
media.newsbusters.org - 09/11/2007

CNN Meteorologist Rob Marciano clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Finally," in response to a report that a British judge might ban the movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' from UK schools because, according to 'American Morning,' - "IT IS POLITICALLY BIASED AND CONTAINS SCIENTIFIC INACCURACIES."

'The Greatest Scam in History'
media.newsbusters.org By John Coleman - 09/11/2007

"I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM."

Tony Blair to become Catholic 'within weeks'
telegraph.co.uk - 09/11/2007

The former prime minister will be received into his new church in a mass at the private chapel of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

National Debt at Record $9 Trillion
AP - 09/11/2007

WASHINGTON - The Treasury Department, which issues a daily accounting of the debt, said Wednesday that the debt subject to limit was at $9 trillion on Tuesday.

Tidal wave heading for English Channel poses 'extreme danger to life'
dailymail.co.uk - 08/11/2007

A three-metre tidal wave is predicted to surge down the English Channel in the next 12 hours posing an "extreme danger to life and property", experts have warned.

China overtaking US as biggest Japan export market
chinadaily.com.cn - 08/11/2007

China is set this year to replace the United States as Japan's biggest export destination for the first time in modern history, likely cushioning the blow to the Japanese economy from a US slowdown.

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Just what is an Apostle?

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