Yuan value rises against dollar
chinadaily.com.cn - 08/11/2007

The yuan, China's currency, climbed 225 basis points to break the 7.43 mark on Thursday, with the central parity rate at 7.4251 yuan against one US dollar, according to the Chinese Foreign Exchange Trading System.

'US afraid of an Israeli strike following Iranian announcement'
jpost.com - 08/11/2007

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's announcement Wednesday that Iran had 3,000 working centrifuges raised FEARS IN WASHINGTON THAT ISRAEL WOULD RESPOND TO THE STATEMENT WITH A PREEMPTIVE MILITARY STRIKE, the Times reported Thursday.

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
telegraph.co.uk - 08/11/2007

The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation

Sterling hits $2.10 as dollar is dumped
telegraph.co.uk - 08/11/2007

Sterling has pushed through the $2.10 barrier for the first time in 26 years after the Chinese government indicated it is prepared to diversify some of its huge foreign-exchange reserves.

Are Pakistan's Nukes in Safe Hands?
time.com - 08/11/2007

Whenever the question of the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal comes up, the official U.S. response has been that the weapons are in safe hands.

Stocks Plunge With Dollar
AP - 08/11/2007

Stocks Fall Sharply As Dollar Sinks to Fresh Lows, Credit Concerns Grow, Financial Stocks Drop

Sarkozy Says Dollar Drop Risks Triggering Trade War
bloomberg.com - 08/11/2007

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told a joint session of the U.S. Congress the Bush administration must stem the dollar's plunge or risk triggering a trade war.

FAO sees prolonged food shortages, higher inflation
reuters.com - 08/11/2007

Shortages of basic foodstuffs and rising food price inflation will last for years because of growing demand for biofuels and meat and record energy prices, a senior analyst with the U.N. world food body said on Wednesday.

Gold Rises to 27-Year High on Oil; Silver Gains to 26-Year Peak
bloomberg.com - 07/11/2007

Gold reached a 27-year high as record oil prices deepened concern that inflation will accelerate, and a slumping dollar boosted the appeal of precious metals as an alternative investment. Silver also gained to a 26-year high.

GM Posts $39B Loss
AP - 07/11/2007

General Motors Corp. posted a $39 billion net loss in the third quarter, as an accounting shift involving deferred tax credits brought an abrupt end to a string of three profitable quarters for the nation's largest automaker.

Beijing, Moscow sign nuke energy pacts
chinadaily.com.cn - 07/11/2007

China and Russia Tuesday signed four agreements on nuclear energy collaboration, looking ahead to a post-hydrocarbon world. The two countries also signed deals in the finance, science and technology, and trade sectors.

Trust me, I'm a junior doctor
telegraph.co.uk - 07/11/2007

Abortion is allowed yet euthanasia is illegal - our medical ethics are flawed, says Max Pemberton

Dollar Slumps to Record Low
bloomberg.com - 07/11/2007

The dollar slumped to a record low against the euro after a Chinese official said the government will favor stronger currencies as it diversifies $1.43 trillion of foreign-exchange reserves.

Oil Rises to Record Above $98 a Barrel
AP - 07/11/2007

Oil prices jumped to a trading record above $98 a barrel Wednesday amid expectations of declining U.S. supplies and following news of an attack on a Yemeni oil pipeline.

Israel this week
Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post - 07/11/2007

Events making headlines in Israel this week.

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